September 2009

30. Registration for NEEO conference is now open to all interested

A website has been created during the summer months for the NEEO final conference. You are invited to register for Subject-Repositories: European Collaboration in the International Context on 28-29 January 2010 in the British Library Conference Centre, London via our conference website.We hope to see you there!

July 2009

29. NEEO released test version 1.4.2 of the NEEO portal

NEEO is working hard on the design and functionalitites of the NEEO portal and has just released test version 1.4.2.At the moment the test version is only open to researchers at NEEO partner institutes. The final version 2.0 will be presented to the public in 2010.

June 2009

28. NEEO welcomes three new partners

Neeo is pleased to announce that three new partners have just joined the group to showcase their work and contribute to providing more material open access online. They are: Université catholique de Louvain (B), Université de Genève (CH), Universität Konstanz (D). The Neeo consortium now numbers 21 partners.

May 2009

27. NEEO Final Conference 28-29 January 2010: Subject Repositories 2010: Economists Online – a new step in European collaboration

The provisional programme for the NEEO final conference includes top names in the areas of libraries, information and repositories:

Hans Geleijnse
President of LIBER, Director of Library & IT Services
Chief Information Officer at Tilburg University

Jean Sykes
Nereus Chair & Chief Information Officer at LSE

Cathrine Harboe-Ree
University Librarian
Monash University

Chuck Henry
President of the Council on Library and Information Resources

Dr. Paul Ayris
Vice-President of LIBER & Director of UCL Library Services

Cliff Lynch
Director of the Coalition for Networked Information

April 2009

26. NEEO to host a conference on subject repositories in London 2010
To mark the launch of Economists Online, the NEEO Project will be holding its final conference at the British Library Conference Centre on 28-29 January 2010. The conference will provide speakers from differing perspectives (i.e. the funder, researcher, subject repository partner) with an opportunity to consider the benefits and challenges in establishing such a service.

High profile speakers will place the Economists Online service into context through regional comparisons of subject repository development worldwide, before casting their eyes to the future. Workshops will discuss success factors and challenges in the areas of content recruitment, infrastructure and interoperability, multilingual tools, intellectual property rights, data sets and usage statistics.

We hope you will be able to join us in London in the New Year. Further information, including speakers, the programme, how to register, local information (hotels and travel arrangements), will be available shortly.

March 2009

25. Economists Online asking for feedback from researchers
On 2 February 2009 a mid project questionnaire was launched to gather early feedback on the design and functionalities of Economists Online and to allow further refinements of the service. We aim to model the next and public version (to be launched in autumn 2009) on researcher feedback. We would appreciate it if you took about 15mins to fill in thisonline questionnaire. The questionnaire closes on Tuesday 31 March 2009.

February 2009

24. New Economists Online portal goes live for NEEO partners
Economists Online went on air on 2 February 2009. This is a cross-searchable portal with a focus on quality economics research results. It includes profiles of hundreds of leading authors and their comprehensive publication lists with links to many full texts free of charge. Over 300 researchers from 6 top economics institutions (The London School of Economics, Tilburg University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Maastricht University, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) are currently feeding this first phase of the service.

Feedback from the NEEO project participants and their researchers will be considered for the design of the next version of the service. The public can expect access to the second version, which will cover access to the direct research results of over 800 researchers in some 20 prestigious economics institutions (e.g. the universities of Oxford, Warwick and Carlos III Madrid) in autumn 2009.

January 2009

23. NEEO chooses Dataverse software
During the NEEO WP4 Dataset meeting at Sciences Po in Paris on 15 January 2009, the NEEO partners decided to use the software from theDataverse Network Project. This software will store the datasets available through open access for researchers participating in the NEEO project.

The DVN software is already popular among some well known research institutions and archives. Dataverse is easy to use and it contains features that effectively promote datasharing among scholars. Dataverse enables the citation of datasets, local branding of the software, tracking download statistics and it includes customizable DDI data description templates. Partners can choose whether they upload the datasets or decide to store the datasets locally and provide links to the data in the DDI metadata. In 2009 all NEEO partners will be actively collecting datasets that are underpinning scholarly publications.

22. Two new partners for NEEO
NEEO welcomes the European University Institute (EUI) and Columbia University, as its first partner from the United States. NEEO is now beginning to branch out to include partners from outside Europe.
NEEO’s newest partners are presently exploring what content will be aggregated for the Economists Online service. We hope to see data online in EO from them in 2009/10.

December 2008

21. NEEO returns from a successful EC mid-term review NEEO had its mid-term review at the European Commission at its offices in Luxembourg on 4 December 2008. The EC concluded that NEEO was a good project, with particular strengths in project management, up2date technical solutions, and content delivery. The EC also posed a number of questions, ranging from asking about the stability of the system, sustainability of the service after the end of the project, and partner participation. The EC also made additional helpful comments such as alerting us to the value in our comprehensive metadata stock which puts us at an advantage compared to any publisher. If you have any ideas on what kinds of other services we could develop based on our metadata apart from our automated publication lists, please let us know by mailingv.m.proudman@uvt.nl

November 2008

20. A NEEO JEL Dictionary of economics terms DOWNLOAD

October 2008

19. NEEO Executive Summary DOWNLOAD

18. The NEEO Technical Guidelines have been finalised DOWNLOAD

September 2008

17. The Mid Term Project Meeting was held on 4 September 2008 in London at University College London (UCL). In total, 38 NEEO project participants were present to review the work executed, results achieved and challenges made in the first year.
NEEO Group Photo

16. NEEO published a public Annual Report on year 1 with detailed information on the project’s progress. DOWNLOAD

August 2008

15. NEEO facts and figures after 1 year:
892 profiled authors are participating in NEEO
The following is already available through NEEO:
11,232 full text open access records
(= 140% of the target for year 1)
2,569 current content (= 103% of the target for year 1)
33,066 metadata records (= 220% of the target for year 1)

July 2008

14. Over 800 authors collaborating in NEEO
Recently, the two esteemed French universities of Université Toulouse I Capitole and L’Université Paris-Dauphine delivered over 75 new names of authors who will contribute open access full text to the NEEO Project and Economists Online service. This makes a total of over 829 researchers, which far exceeds the original target of 500.

June 2008

13. Interim content results
By the end of May 2008 (month 9 of the project), 12 of the 16 NEEO partners had aggregated 6,516 full text publications into their repositories. This is 89% of the target for year one. 6 partners are ahead of schedule and are already filling IRs with content. Almost 2,000 journal articles, 3,500 working and discussion papers, and153 chapters related to economics are open access via partner repositories to date.
This material will be published via the new NEEO portal and other information services of importance to the economist in late 2008 and in 2009.

May 2008

12. The Meresco open source software suite. (of the company Seek You Too ) has been chosen as the basis for thetechnical infrastructure of the NEEO Gateway

April 2008

11. Final NEEO SOA Architecture Design DOWNLOAD

March 2008


9. NEEO User Requirement Report – DOWNLOAD

February 2008

8. NEEO Technical Guidelines (working document) DOWNLOAD <pclass=”font_columntext”>7.NEEO leaflet DOWNLOAD

January 2008

6. Participation on a panel at the Academic Publishing in Europe: Quality & Publishing Conference: 22-23 January 2008
NEEO presentation, 23 January as part of the panel: Visible or Invisible? What Tools do Academics need? DOWNLOAD

5. Presentation at the First DRIVER Summit, 16-17 January 2008
NEEO presentation, 17 January 2008: DOWNLOAD

4. Economists Online SOA architecture design. DOWNLOAD

December 2007

3. NEEO Survey launched to gather views about Economists Online
This survey will address the lack of integration of academic output amongst premier European economists institutions.
Please tell us what you think

November 2007

2. NEEO Project Presentation (PowerPoint) DOWNLOAD

October 2007

1. NEEO Project Flyer. DOWNLOAD

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