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Recent Scientific Investigations of the Laser for Hair Removal

Recent scientific investigations of the laser for permanent hair removal

There has been a lot of research in the field of scottsdale laser hair removal in the last few years and there will be much more in the future. These investigations have covered many aspects of laser hair removal, including how to permanently remove unwanted hair with such technique, equipment safety issues, side effects and comparison of different types of lasers in different types of skin. Most of this research has been carried out in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but to date there has not been much new research on the laser for hair removal. But if there have been many studies and reports on the laser, they have been published in magazines and books related to laser hair removal. Many of these reports are free on the Internet for your query in the form of a summary, but to get all the information about the results of the study requires payment of a fee to see the full report. Many of these reports have focused on increased equipment safety and effectiveness, pain relief and minimizing side effects in treatments, as well as more effective laser hair removal procedures for all skin types. Below you can read for free some of the complete reports that have been carried out on the laser and the equipment for the laser hair removal:

Recent Scientific Investigations of the Laser for Hair Removal

  • “Clinical Study of Diode Laser” by Dr. Hilario Roblero: The super long pulse (PSL) combined with the cooling of the epidermal surface has been designed to produce an effective and permanent hair removal, associated with the use of high fluences, without epidermal damage And no alterations of pigmentation in all photo skin types.
  • “The long-lasting Nd: Yag laser for hair removal” by Dr. Hilario Robledo & Dr. Inés Aguirregomezkorta: Many lasers have been proposed and have been clinically tested for use in excessive or unwanted hair removal. When choosing the characteristics of the wavelength and pulse, the tissue interactions mediated by the laser light must be analyzed. The long pulse Nd: YAG laser can provide advantages over other wavelengths currently in use.
  • Dr. Tony Ghidorzi’s “Unwanted Hair Laser Hair Removal with Alexandrite Gentlelase” : The GentleLASE combines the largest spot size available with the most effective epidermal cooling method, a device with unparalleled speed and safety.
  • “Hair reduction by safe and effective long-term laser hair removal in tanned patients using an 800nm ​​Diode laser” by Dr. Valeria B. Campos: Eleven women and one man were tanned (skin types III And IV Fitzpatrick) with LightSheer diode laser (Lumenis, Inc). All patients had been exposed to the sun the week before treatment.
  • “GentleYag and the treatment of depilation in dark and tan skin” by Dr. Simon Ourian: GentleYag seems to be an exceptional modality for the long-term hair removal of unwanted hair in all types of skins including tanned. The post-treatment effects are minimal and the risk of scarring is very low.

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