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Project Designer bathtubs and bathtubs with hydromassage of last generation

If you are reading this article it is because evidently and just as happens to us, the world of design bathtubs interest you . In case you did not see it or could not read it, last week we presented you with a first selection of the 9 bathtubs that most caught our attention in the last edition of ISH in Frankfurt . Today we continue presenting five additional models that will not leave you indifferent.

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Bathtub Meisterstück Emerso de Kaldewei

KALDEWEI EMERSO bath-tub, designer bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The bathtub Meisterstück Emerso is another of the models of author of the signature Kaldewei, designed in this case by Arik Levy. A separate bathtub, combining luxurious ergonomics and design . One of its strengths is its comfortable edge, with an undulating shape that acts as a headrest. In addition, its conical exterior and totally vitrified, gives it a sculptural style, as if it were a work of art. The Emerso model is ideal to combine with the steel sinks made by the firm, creating a decorative set perfect for contemporary spaces.

Duravit Paiova 5 Bathtub

Bathtub PAIOVA 5 by DURAVIT, designer bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The model Paiova 5 comes from the German firm Duravit. In order to respond to the needs of our body, which vary according to our physical or psychological state, the design of this tub is based on the so-called individualized comfort . Created by the EOOS study, its engineering is based on a dynamic conception of the moment of the bath, thanks to its two different dorsal inclinations, which allow the user to choose between an ergonomic seated position and a lying position, perfect for relaxing baths.

Its interior ergonomics combines in a pentagonal geometric form the advantages of an exempt bathtub with those of a corner. A perfect model of three-dimensional volume, if you are looking to save space in the bathroom in a smart, without sacrificing quality design.

Cape Code de Duravit Bath

CAPE CODE by DURAVIT, designer bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

Philippe Starck is the creator of the model Cape Code, also of the company Duravit, a bathtub that takes as a starting point the relaxation of the user. Its specific shape, with a smooth soft modeling to rest the head, offers a sensation of lightness and unique comfort . Its one-piece design is manufactured with a new material called DuraSolid, which offers the bath a luxurious appearance accompanied by a pleasant and soft touch. The Cape Code model is available in an exempt version, front wall, as well as left or right corner. And if you are looking for a more exclusive format, you can incorporate an air whirl system or even music. Ergonomic shapes and exclusive aesthetics, with a spectacular value for money. What more could you want?

Skin Touch, Kaldewei Hydromassage

Hydromassage SKIN TOUCH by KALDEWEI, modern whirlpool bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The German firm Kaldewei innovates in the hydromassage universe with its exclusive Skin Touch, a sophisticated system focused on aesthetics and skin care . A creation of great physical beauty that in turn enhances the appearance of the dermis, thanks to its excellent ability to exfoliate. This is achieved through the action of small air bubbles, 50 to 100 times smaller than those of a conventional whirlpool. In this way, the water concentrates up to 70% more oxygen, regenerating and softening the skin in a spectacular way through the effect of the micro fine bead. A luxury for the senses, ideal for the Avantgarde baths and Kaldewei Environment, which is completed with light effects, giving way to a unique experience of disconnection and relaxation. Visit Website here.

Hydroline, Hydromassage of Teuco

Hydromassage Hydroline by TEUCO, modern whirlpool bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The signature Teuco brings a plus of sensory experience to the world of the traditional hydromassage, with the new Hydroline. In this model, the massage is done by waves and is accompanied by the surrounding sound of water and the pleasurable effects of light, in their different relaxing tonalities. In addition, the classic mouths that expel the jet of water, are replaced by small slots barely imperceptible, flush with the bath. An aspect that brings not only aesthetic minimalism, but also a greater comfort since they can be turned and directed according to the needs of the user.

So far these two articles in which we have shown you unique models of short breaks with hot tubs born of the hand of the best international manufacturers, who work motivated by the innovation, design and adaptation of each product to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated customer And demanding .

If you want to see these baths live and choose the one that fits most harmoniously in your project, we invite you to contact us in our showroom of bathrooms and baths in Barcelona , where our team of specialized professionals will be happy to advise you.

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