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PicB Project grows portraying smiles

The franchise, which already has 12 franchises distributed in different states, is dedicated to the photo booth hire sydney for parties where guests can take photos unlimitedly with fun accessories; Although they are also hired as a marketing strategy.
photo booth where guests can take photos unlimited for four hours is what PicB offers. Pablo Prieto and Daniel Cebada started with this service since 2009, which is now considered ‘trendy’.

Before the company existed, there were no photo booths in Mexico that could lead to social events, as happened in the United States or in other countries, so the partners thought it would be a good idea, they developed the software and they were the First company in this business in the country, assured the entrepreneurs.

“In itself, a photo booth in a social event was only in the United States and in other countries, but in Mexico we had never seen an experience as such, We inspired those companies and tropicalized ours, “said Prieto, partner of PicB.

Prieto and Cebada, along with some developers, designed the software of the cabins, which only requires an installation and input of data to personalize the photos of each event.

The event market is very large and the partners seek to exploit it to the maximum, cover all kinds of events, from 15 years, until weddings, also attend commercial events.

“We collaborated with advertising agencies that hire us for their clients’ events, we worked with the Museum of Fine Arts, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Forever 21 and others,” said Cebada.

Because they could not meet the market 100 percent, they decided to work under the franchise scheme.

They manage their unit in the Federal District, but support the franchisees in case they require more booths.

In four years have added more than 1,800 events and have 12 franchises distributed in different states, the first of which settled in Querétaro.

“Now it’s something ‘trendy’, it’s kind of fun to have the booth inside the party; People throw the house out the window when it comes to organizing their parties, so we think it is a very large and very fruitful market, “said Prieto.

To acquire a PicB franchise requires an initial investment of 140 thousand pesos and monthly royalties are given for 5 thousand 500 pesos, the contract lasts six years.

The return on investment goes from 6 to 12 months, Depending on the number of events that the franchisee can schedule and the profit on sales is 50 to 60 percent, said the executives.

“Every time we seek to innovate more in our field of work, besides we are the only registered in the Mexican Association of Franchises,” said Cebada.

The service per party costs 12 thousand pesos. The photos are delivered on a disc to the contractor, also uploaded to the company Facebook and the photo of each person is sent to your mail.

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