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How to open a business of fork truck or forklift

How to mount a forklift, crane or forklift truck business

The forklift, sometimes mistakenly called Mule, is a wheeled vehicle powered by diesel engines, electric motors or gas engines. Is mainly used for handling and andlifts of heavy in warehouses or logistics warehouses goods. They are also used for the loading or unloading of goods transportation, such as trucks.

Freight (forklifts, forklifts) is configured as a key service that contributes to all other sectors of the economy. Without a transport of cargo, products do not reach the hands of consumers, industries would not produce and vendors would not deliver.

See, then, through this simple guide, divided into short and effective steps, how to open a business of forklifts,  where can i get a forklift certification.

Market or customers

Major customers in this sector are people and companies that wish to make residential or commercial transportation. They are also configured as clients, retailers, distributors, auto parts, industries of manufacturing, tire, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, building materials, and others that do not have vehicles to this task and / or need to make deliveries more quickly located.


The definition of the ideal location to set up a business forklifts and small cargo transportation it is fundamental for its success, largely due to the impact that a little appropriate decision may have on the costs of logistics, i.e. the costs related to the transportation of goods. Before taking that decision, companies must identify their potential customers, the main routes to travel, the number of deals that are made, thereafter to establish the most suitable location for its headquarters.

It is recommended that the company install near points of demand or strategically position in relation to the market area, where the service will be offered. It is also suggested that the venue is in areas where industry and trade to the retail are active, or in the vicinity of large residential areas with prospects for growth and emergence of new constructions.


In the search for the property to install the enterprise, it is necessary to take into account some aspects that may be useful to set up a forklift business activities. The vehicle needs an office equipped with the infrastructure for the sale of its services, equipped with telephone, fax and suitable furniture.

You also must have large garages and appropriate premises for parking vehicles used in the transport safely services, and still have space for washing and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance when these services are not outsourced.



A forklift business is usually carried out by professionals with low levels of education.

It is essential that the responsible professional to steer the vehicle hoists has license appropriate for the type of vehicle and load.

In this segment, the need to hire labor grows with the increase in demand. Therefore, the entrepreneur must be prepared to meet demand peaks, since in certain times of the year or at certain times of the day demand increases considerably. In these cases, it is suggested that employers keep a record of independent professionals who can be hired in these periods.

Distribution channels

The services provided by the company can be divided into:

  • Local deliveries.
  • long-distance deliveries.
  • Interstate deliveries.

In Intercity and Interstate delivery operations should be careful planning way for that in the course of the route, you can make several stops for loading and unloading goods, which reduces operating costs.

Very long routes is also necessary to see if the way back you can make loading and unloading intermediate so that the path is not carried out in an empty vehicle, which can increase the costs of operation.


Forklift business is an activity that has significant operating costs. As a result, the entrepreneur should seek constantly to reduce them in order to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of its activities. The variables related to the costs of a forklift business, they include:

  • Rent of Headquarters – 1,000 euros.
  • Advisory accounting – 400 euros. (Not necessary)
  • Vehicle lifts – from 4000 to 6000 euros.
  • Insurance of vehicles 400 euros. (Not necessary)
  • the property taxes, license and compulsory insurance – 300 euros.
  • Maintenance 2,000 euros (occasionally)
  • The electricity, telephone, water and internet 500,00 euros (from time to time)
  • fuel and maintenance vehicles of 1,500 euros.

Fixed costs are those that, for the purposes of calculation, do not depend on the speed of the vehicle. And variable costs are calculated according to the mileage for the vehicle while performing service.

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