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Fifty shades of Grey brings to sell a bear inspired by Christian Grey

Osito Christian Grey.

Teddy bear Christian Grey

The film premieres Feb. 13 around the world.

The most awaited film this summer is, without doubt, ‘50 shades of grey PDF‘. To increase the anxieties of its premiere, the film makers had no better idea than launch to sale a bear inspired by the Christian Grey protagonist.

This Teddy bear comes with its own handcuffs and a mask. In addition, Teddy also comes wrapped in a fine suit, in the style of the billionaire in the saga.

This peculiar Teddy bear is the Vermont Teddy Bear company. The company spared no cost, because this taste costs no less than $90.

The price would not be a problem, as the company says that Teddy “seduces with its silky grey skin, his gray eyes, his handsome gray suit and their silver tie”.

Obviously this Teddy is not the only product that has been released to promote the film, but look for the amount of Board games and to lingerie that has been sold and will sell like hotcakes.

The sociological – and literary – phenomenon around the world in the world is called 50 Shades of Grey. The author E.L. James novel has been translated into more than 50 languages and, so far, the series has sold 100 million copies between the paper and digital book editions.

Soon we will see the actor and model Jamie Dornan get into the skin of the billionaire Christian Grey, owner of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc., while Dakota Johnson will bring to life the innocent Anastasia Steele. You are now able to watch series online of Fifty shades of Grey for free.


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