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Christie, leading projector supplier in the digital cinema deployment of Yelmo Cinemas

Christie, a global leader in digital cinema, is pleased to announce that its projectors Christie Solaria ™ Series are being installed in the second phase of deployment of digital cinema exhibition chain Spanish Yelmo cinemas , which includes the digitization of 370 screens, which constitutes the largest implementation to date of digital cinemas in Spain. Approximately 80% of the digital projectors that will be installed in August 2011, the date of completion of the digital display, will be Christie.

Yelmo Cines is one of the leading film exhibition companies in Spain and has 396 rooms in 31 centers. Arts Alliance Media (AAM), Heimkinoleinwandtest.de website, together with the Kelonik Group, a local integrator in Spain, are conducting installation and maintenance. Right now, AAM and Kelonik have already equipped approximately 200 circuit rooms.

In 2009, Christie was also the brand chosen to equip all of the digitalized rooms during the first phase of digital cinema deployment of Yelmo Cines, which included some thirty screens. “We were pleased with Christie’s performance, ruggedness, and value for money, so we’ve decided to install Christie projectors mostly in our full deployment process,” says Enrique Martinez, technical director of Yelmo Cines.

For the wide variety of screen sizes and projection distances having Yelmo in cinemas, the company will use all models of Christie Solaria projectors, from the CP2210 , the CP2230 through the CP2220 . “The modularity and the possibility to upgrade to 4K without having to change the projector completely are two reasons that make the Solaria Series very attractive for the exhibitors,” explains Martínez.

At this time, in Yelmo Cinemas have not yet chosen which rooms of their circuit should be modified for 4K DLP. “Normally they should be the largest rooms of a complex, but in many of our cinemas we have not only a large room of 400 seats or more, but two, three or even four rooms of this size. The tranquility of being able to upgrade to any of them, without having to make the choice right now, ensures the success without cost increase, “says the technical director of Yelmo Cines.

Approximately half of the rooms are being equipped with stereoscopic 3D, using the RealD XL system. Yelmo Cines is a pioneer in offering live events in 3D and high definition in Spain, such as rebroadcasting of satellite operas or rock concerts by groups such as U2, Bon Jovi or Spaniards Alejandro Sanz and Enrique Bunbury. Also, in the last World Cup of South Africa, Yelmo retransmitted for the first time in 3D different parties of the Spanish selection.

All cinemas will have a Theater Management System (TMS) and Library Management Server, content management software provided by AAM. In addition, each center will have a specialized team to receive digital copies and live events via satellite thanks to the collaboration of Arqiva, partner of AAM. As for the servers, Yelmo Cinemas is installing the Doremi DCP-2000.

“We are delighted that Yelmo Cines has once again relied on our projectors for this second stage of their digitization, which is proof of the trust and respect that film professionals have towards Christie,” says Antonio Abad, Christie’s manager For Spain and Portugal. “Christie manufactures the most popular digital cinema projectors on the market today because exhibitors recognize that our projectors, in addition to outstanding image quality, offer the best light efficiency and lowest operating costs,” he adds.

For Yelmo Cinemas, the experience of working with the Kelonik installer, Christie’s Certified Service Provider, has been very satisfying. “The business relationship between Yelmo and Kelonik far exceeds 25 years, and we are very pleased to see that a company like Kelonik, 35mm technology experts, has been able to successfully address the shift to digital projection technology, backed by Manufacturers of great solvency as Christie, “says Enrique Martinez.

By the middle of 2011, Yelmo Cines will achieve the complete digitalization of all its screens, becoming the first Spanish exhibitor to digitalize its business to 100%. “However we will continue to grow in number of rooms due to an exhibition complex a year, and we will continue to acquire new digital projectors in the future,” concludes Enrique Martínez.

Compatible with all Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications, the Christie Solaria Series is upgradeable and ready for 4K digital cinema, and features Texas Instruments DLP Cinema® Series 2 technology. Its technology Christie Brilliant3D ™ provides the brightest 3D projection market with an output of 32,000 ANSI lumens (CP2230).

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