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Business and prostitution, relationship taboo and “frequent” in the business world

Concerning the trial for proxenitismo against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Carole ponders the pimping that several businessmen are involved.


They considered me a VIP and I offered as gifts to businessmen or politicians“: Carole, a west london escorts, confirms a practice common in the business world, until the trial opens in France by proxenitismo against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.”

The former International Monetary Fund (IMF) appear on Monday along with 13 other people before a court in Lille (North), by a matter of pandering in which several entrepreneurs are involved. 

Carole, who converses c under a false name, says that it is usual in this environment to offer a prostitute as a thank you or to willingness to customers, in order to promote the contracts.

This 41-year-old woman left prostitution in 2013 after three years in “champagne bar” and houses of appointments in Belgium. Meanwhile exempresaria, explains, “I reserved for a clientele of high level”, that is, business men or local politicians from the North of France.

Carole charged the managers of these premises. The companies, sometimes large international structures came to see them to ask that it be offered to a girl as a gift” to someone specific. Remember the case of a company from the automotive industry that wanted to “sign a contract for the sale of three trucks” with the head of a local company. “You should do everything you need signing.”

“It is a taboo practice, but which exists to maintain a good environment,” confirms Yves Charpenel, President of the Fondation Scelles, fighting against prostitution. He cites the example of the Italian designer Francesco Smalto, sentenced in 1995 for pimping by having delivered with ‘call-girls’ clothes to the Gabonese President Omar Bongo.

“Room with pillow” or “room” are expressions to designate these “escorts”, prostitutes in wealthy areas.

‘A matter of men’

Who are they? Most of these women does not work on the street, but in “networks of houses of appointments or ‘escorting’ on the internet and although the price is high, 75% of this is it is the pimp“, Charpenel said.

Eric Dupond-Moretti, lawyer for one of the defendants in the trial of Lille, David Roquet, President of a subsidiary of the Eiffage construction group, confirms that “80%, maybe 70% of the cases, use call-girls” when it comes to closing a deal.

Is widely supported in the business world to conclude a contract by an offer of prostitution“, emphasizes Grégoire Théry, movement of the nest, helping prostitutes.

This is also another obstacle to equality between men and women in companies. “When it is concluded a contract in a brothel or in a hotel room”, it is “a matter of men”, adds Théry.

It is above all “common” there “where there is corruption and bribery”, accurate Jean-Sebastien Mallet, European expert on prostitution, citing the sectors of “construction, the import-export, the oil sector…”. And abroad, “in some Arab countries, an entrepreneur who does not have ‘Pillow’ in your room will reject a contract”.

But the sex is also used to press. Thus, a leader of a French multinational found once a girl in his hotel room in Romania, according to Mallet. “Output it. ‘” How can one negotiate then? “If you accept, you have caught ‘, I said”.

Carole confirms that sometimes tend to entrepreneurs “traps”. “We sent to a bar, a restaurant, where white was alone or with colleagues. We had to seduce him, so he made a mistake”and thus be able to blackmail him.

“Companies are turning to ‘escorts’ judged them are very little“, deplores Charpenel, that are “difficult” cases, unless, rare thing, “a girl to renounce it or accept to testify”.

For the trial on Monday, in which the movement of the nest accompanies some of these women, Thery denounces a “real pressure so that they do not provide testimony”.

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