Become a locksmith and earn a lot by being an entrepreneur

We have commented several times that one way to start a new project is to channel one’s skills through a trade . This is a key word in the environment that surrounds us, and that you will see and hear more and more from civil society: The need to recover the trades . Today we present the opportunity to become a Locksmith and live as an authentic entrepreneur .

And this locksmith is really a great opportunity. There are few and most of them are self-employed, some have agreements with home insurance companies and farm managers, but the sector is disorganized.

On the one hand we see that robberies in homes and commercial premises are going up, and a lot. There is no week that one does not hear that they have entered or stolen in such a place. As the judicial system of this country does not solve the insecurity of citizens and the police can not cope with the innumerable volume of complaints, locksmiths are the new protagonists of this avalanche of fear and fear. They go to them to re-close the premises and home in question, lest they enter again.

And the locksmith’s visits are usually very expensive. Even if you have the best insurance, you always end up with the expensive lock or the anti-theft support that makes it difficult for later criminals to enter. The cost of a repair of these does not fall below € 300. And if above the thief has had the need to “break” the door of both the house and the building, then the charge is double since the community of neighbors will also have to change or repair your lock (well the insurance company).

So you see that the visit of the locksmith stays in the not inconsiderable 600 € for about two hours of work and travel.

The preparation to be a locksmith is not very intense. It is enough with skill, dexterity, a lot of honesty (highlight this since it seems that many have forgotten they are fixing a brown!) And a good job as a trade that is. But we want to highlight today the need to incorporate this service (some already have it) customer service . It’s about offering more than the lock change. The situation of helplessness and stress that a newly robbed or assaulted is not used by locksmiths to win over a customer for life.

With such actions, more loyalty and recognition, references and would put into operation the so-called and needed “word of mouth” that facilitates the recruitment of new potential customers .

And to start being a heidelberg locksmith, you do not need any degree. The most important thing is to have references so it would not hurt to start as an assistant to one who is already exercising it, as a measure of learning, to gain experience and learn the trade from the hand of a professional. As did the craftsmen of yesteryear.

If we recommend a web page when it is already actively operating in the market as it would attract large customers and companies, as well as help to present the best dresses to farm managers and insurance companies.

Progesterone research may be key to preventing recurrent miscarriage

For women who suffer multiple pregnancy losses in the first four to six weeks of gestation, the hormone progesterone could offer hope for a successful birth, according to a new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers and their colleagues at University of Centreville.

The results are published in the current issue of Fertility & Sterility, the international journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Fetal death, or intrauterine fetal demise (IUFD), affects 30,000 women each year in the United States. About 25% of all women who become pregnant have a first-trimester loss. But for some women, every pregnancy results in a loss. The researchers studied the effects of micronized plant-derived progesterone in 116 of these women who had experienced two or more pregnancy losses.

To determine whether a woman’s endometrium (uterine lining) is healthy and can sustain the embryo, the research team used the endometrial function test (EFT®), which was created by study co-author Dr. Harvey J. Kliman, director of the Reproductive and Placental Research Unit in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at  Centreville OBGYN of Medicine. An abnormal EFT is associated with pregnancy failure, while a normal EFT is associated with pregnancy success. Kliman and the team focused on the ncyclinE molecular marker as a way to assess patients with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Women in the study with an abnormal nCyclinE level were prescribed progesterone two days after ovulation, when the uterine lining matures in preparation for a possible pregnancy.

The researchers believe that the progesterone caused the patients’ endometrium to produce more endometrial secretions. “The endometrium feeds the baby up until the eighth week of pregnancy. Then at 9 to 10 weeks the mother’s blood takes over to feed the embryo,” said Kliman.

“In this subset of women experiencing multiple early miscarriages, we assume that their embryos were literally starving to death,” Kliman added. “They attached, but they were not getting enough food. When we give progesterone back to these women, the endometrium makes more nutrients and prevents their pregnancy loss.

Kliman said he initially created the Endometrial Function Test (EFT®), which uses the nCyclinE marker, to identify women with infertility. “This study has shown that the EFT can also be an important tool for patients with recurrent pregnancy loss,” he said.

Kliman worked with lead author Dr. Mary Stephenson, the Dr. Theresa S. Falcon-Cullinan Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and director of the University of Illinois Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program.

“We are very pleased to find that these results reinforce the evidence that progesterone could be a very beneficial, inexpensive, and safe treatment for many women with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss,” said Stephenson. “The positive results show us that next we need to study progesterone as a treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss with a prospective randomized trial to validate the findings.”

The three phases of Research School to lose weight

Conventional diets do not work , you have to forget them.” This is the one described by Time magazine, as the “anti-obesity activist” David S. Ludwig , who focuses his research on how foods affect metabolism , hormones, body weight and well-being. Instead he explains three phases that we must follow to lose weight and not to go through calamities and that he develops in his book ‘Why I’m always hungry’, which also gives the reasons why traditional diets do not work. Further,

“Eating too much does not make you fat, but it is that process that makes you overeat . Fat cells play a key role in determining how much weight you gain or lose. Low-fat diets work against you , Since they cause fat cells to self-supply with more calories , leaving very few for the rest of the body, “says Ludwig.

This ‘ hungry fat’ activates a dangerous chain reaction that always leaves you feeling hungry , while your metabolism slows down and, in the end, you end up gaining weight , even if you eat less,” he explains.

Overcome Cravings

During this first phase you should eat a lot of fat, at least 50% of the total calories you eat , around 25% of carbohydrates and 25% of protein. For two weeks you should eliminate all products derived from cereals, potatoes and added sugars.

Dried fruits, foods high in fat or whole dairy are welcome. And as in all phases of this plan, high quality proteins are essential. This phase is the strictest , but according to its creator, “is not nearly as severe as low- carbohydrate diets and intermittent fasting, whose priorities are to eliminate main nutrients almost completely.You can take whole and natural carbohydrates such as fruit, Legumes or vegetables without starch, “says the expert.

It is designed to give you a boost to weight loss . “Already in the following phases there is more flexibility, variety and adaptation to the preferences of each,” says Ludwig.

Reprogram fat cells

It is the basic diet from, which you can return to whenever you want. In this second phase you should reduce the amount of fat , but not in excess, only 10% less, increasing the carbohydrate intake to 35% and adding brown rice, oats, quinoaor starchy vegetables (not potato) and continuing with The same proportion of proteins as in the first stage.

Eating in excess does not make you fat, but it is that process that makes you ingest more

“By doing this you will retrain your fat cells so that your weight gradually decreases until it stabilizes at your new lower optimum. The process may take a few weeks or months ( depending on each person and their initial weight ).”


Market study on the use of gyms and vitamin supplements

Analysis of the market study on the use of gyms and food supplements

At each beginning of the year, one of the purposes that is repeated in many people is to “join a gym” and start “a healthier way of living”.

The gyms have become one of the favorite options for Mexicans to exercise, as the insecurity and lack of sports facilities in good shape border those seeking to improve their physical condition to enroll in these.

We went to the task of conducting a market study on the use of gyms and food supplements in Mexico to learn about how the behavior and frequency of use of Mexicans in them. Here are some of the conclusions:

What is the Mexican looking for in a gym?

In our survey on the use of gyms, we ask : What is the main reason for going to these places? one 41.1% coincided with the search for better health is paramount to register , although 33.0% answered that having a better physique is the reason why they enter the gym.

How often do you go to the gym?

The market study on the use of gyms and food supplements revealed that the majority of Mexicans do not yet consider this discipline as a daily act, since when asked how often do they go to the gym? the 36.4% replied that only goes from 2 to 3 times a week , which does not reach to complete a routine where results are seen.

It is noteworthy that to this same answer the 26.8% says to go from 4 to 6 times a week , which would be the most recommendable if you are looking for results and a good discipline of the sport.

For the gym no matter how much, it matters where

It is always important to know what Mexicans value most when deciding on a service, so in our review on the use of gyms we ask the question of What is the most important reason to choose a gym? The 33% of respondents said that being close to home is the main reason for choosing a gym, well above the option in which the main thing is the cost of servicewhich only obtained a 18.7%

We can conclude that the Mexican begins to take discipline in relation to attending a gym, looking over all things the proximity to his house to choose between the options and his main motive is to improve his health, situations that increasingly approach reducing the Rates of obesity and physical inactivity that so much afflict the Mexican people.

Attending a gym improves social relationships and standards of quality of life making it a very good option for us.

Below you can find the results of the survey on the use of gyms and food supplements in Mexico that we launched at Gym.

PicB Project grows portraying smiles

The franchise, which already has 12 franchises distributed in different states, is dedicated to the photo booth hire sydney for parties where guests can take photos unlimitedly with fun accessories; Although they are also hired as a marketing strategy.
photo booth where guests can take photos unlimited for four hours is what PicB offers. Pablo Prieto and Daniel Cebada started with this service since 2009, which is now considered ‘trendy’.

Before the company existed, there were no photo booths in Mexico that could lead to social events, as happened in the United States or in other countries, so the partners thought it would be a good idea, they developed the software and they were the First company in this business in the country, assured the entrepreneurs.

“In itself, a photo booth in a social event was only in the United States and in other countries, but in Mexico we had never seen an experience as such, We inspired those companies and tropicalized ours, “said Prieto, partner of PicB.

Prieto and Cebada, along with some developers, designed the software of the cabins, which only requires an installation and input of data to personalize the photos of each event.

The event market is very large and the partners seek to exploit it to the maximum, cover all kinds of events, from 15 years, until weddings, also attend commercial events.

“We collaborated with advertising agencies that hire us for their clients’ events, we worked with the Museum of Fine Arts, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Forever 21 and others,” said Cebada.

Because they could not meet the market 100 percent, they decided to work under the franchise scheme.

They manage their unit in the Federal District, but support the franchisees in case they require more booths.

In four years have added more than 1,800 events and have 12 franchises distributed in different states, the first of which settled in Querétaro.

“Now it’s something ‘trendy’, it’s kind of fun to have the booth inside the party; People throw the house out the window when it comes to organizing their parties, so we think it is a very large and very fruitful market, “said Prieto.

To acquire a PicB franchise requires an initial investment of 140 thousand pesos and monthly royalties are given for 5 thousand 500 pesos, the contract lasts six years.

The return on investment goes from 6 to 12 months, Depending on the number of events that the franchisee can schedule and the profit on sales is 50 to 60 percent, said the executives.

“Every time we seek to innovate more in our field of work, besides we are the only registered in the Mexican Association of Franchises,” said Cebada.

The service per party costs 12 thousand pesos. The photos are delivered on a disc to the contractor, also uploaded to the company Facebook and the photo of each person is sent to your mail.

The importance of bookkeeping, accounting research

We need to rethink the courses of accounting theory and not try in a
semester students fill of interesting documents; Each text takes meaning according to context and time.
It is not the same to read when the profession of accountant begins that when it is
in the middle of race and finishing the thinking the looks are different, since the
realities are changing and demand of the
student a constant articulation
from his thought

To give more importance to the Accounting theory since it is in essence considered that accounting is not reduced only to accounting theory but also to practice without foundation. Acquire knowledge that will help us to interpret and perform the different accounting tasks in order to keep control of our income within the new role of accountant in society.
Set the intentionality of new theoretical applications / practices in the development of accounting
concept and definition
accounting research, first measure pursues the creation of knowledge through reflections related to the object of study, the method, the nature of accounting, including others.
Accounting discipline is not just accounting theory. Neither accounting discipline is anything other than accounting professional practice. “One could not be a good professional but has a clear mastery of the discipline, and on the other hand, it would not be a good professional that theorist who does not know the practices of the same.” In essence it is considered that accounting is not reduced to theory alone Accounting, but also to practice without foundation.

Main Foundations and Advances
In Colombia in the 1970s, specifically since 1974, an
interest in articulating
public and private universities in different areas of the human and social sciences,
accounting theory and research among other. Cubides (1993: 103) mentions the
purpose of change of objectives: with this integration, attempts are made to overcome
the strong anti-intellectual components, up to that time traditional in the

Development and evolution
The development of accounting research is studied from the Identification of the problems and hypotheses chosen by the members of the Center in their publications of the last twenty-three years.

These hypotheses are classified according to the taxonomy proposed by Tua Pereda, which is a result of historical exploration on the development of accounting research in the world. This taxonomy offers a comparative reference to identify the hypotheses that are supported from their epistemological criterion and which of them, descriptively, approach this status, and if there are empirical tests that support them or arguments that logically and analytically support them.

The intention of the bookkeeping Brisbane research is to train updated professionals, creative, with alternatives of solutions to the problems of the country, with a conceptual location of its discipline, with capacity to generate changes, with an ethics based on freedom, autonomy and neutrality between others.
It is important not to deny anyone new accounting developments, but emphasizing the investigative process of covering the background of the problem to be investigated in order to have an updated theoretical framework with the latest developments in accounting science and, therefore, Scientific inquiry requiring a correct understanding of knowledge within the concrete circumstances of the advance of human

Recent Scientific Investigations of the Laser for Hair Removal

Recent scientific investigations of the laser for permanent hair removal

There has been a lot of research in the field of scottsdale laser hair removal in the last few years and there will be much more in the future. These investigations have covered many aspects of laser hair removal, including how to permanently remove unwanted hair with such technique, equipment safety issues, side effects and comparison of different types of lasers in different types of skin. Most of this research has been carried out in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but to date there has not been much new research on the laser for hair removal. But if there have been many studies and reports on the laser, they have been published in magazines and books related to laser hair removal. Many of these reports are free on the Internet for your query in the form of a summary, but to get all the information about the results of the study requires payment of a fee to see the full report. Many of these reports have focused on increased equipment safety and effectiveness, pain relief and minimizing side effects in treatments, as well as more effective laser hair removal procedures for all skin types. Below you can read for free some of the complete reports that have been carried out on the laser and the equipment for the laser hair removal:

Recent Scientific Investigations of the Laser for Hair Removal

  • “Clinical Study of Diode Laser” by Dr. Hilario Roblero: The super long pulse (PSL) combined with the cooling of the epidermal surface has been designed to produce an effective and permanent hair removal, associated with the use of high fluences, without epidermal damage And no alterations of pigmentation in all photo skin types.
  • “The long-lasting Nd: Yag laser for hair removal” by Dr. Hilario Robledo & Dr. Inés Aguirregomezkorta: Many lasers have been proposed and have been clinically tested for use in excessive or unwanted hair removal. When choosing the characteristics of the wavelength and pulse, the tissue interactions mediated by the laser light must be analyzed. The long pulse Nd: YAG laser can provide advantages over other wavelengths currently in use.
  • Dr. Tony Ghidorzi’s “Unwanted Hair Laser Hair Removal with Alexandrite Gentlelase” : The GentleLASE combines the largest spot size available with the most effective epidermal cooling method, a device with unparalleled speed and safety.
  • “Hair reduction by safe and effective long-term laser hair removal in tanned patients using an 800nm ​​Diode laser” by Dr. Valeria B. Campos: Eleven women and one man were tanned (skin types III And IV Fitzpatrick) with LightSheer diode laser (Lumenis, Inc). All patients had been exposed to the sun the week before treatment.
  • “GentleYag and the treatment of depilation in dark and tan skin” by Dr. Simon Ourian: GentleYag seems to be an exceptional modality for the long-term hair removal of unwanted hair in all types of skins including tanned. The post-treatment effects are minimal and the risk of scarring is very low.

Project Designer bathtubs and bathtubs with hydromassage of last generation

If you are reading this article it is because evidently and just as happens to us, the world of design bathtubs interest you . In case you did not see it or could not read it, last week we presented you with a first selection of the 9 bathtubs that most caught our attention in the last edition of ISH in Frankfurt . Today we continue presenting five additional models that will not leave you indifferent.

Design baths, whirlpools for bathrooms, Tono Bagno

Bathtub Meisterstück Emerso de Kaldewei

KALDEWEI EMERSO bath-tub, designer bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The bathtub Meisterstück Emerso is another of the models of author of the signature Kaldewei, designed in this case by Arik Levy. A separate bathtub, combining luxurious ergonomics and design . One of its strengths is its comfortable edge, with an undulating shape that acts as a headrest. In addition, its conical exterior and totally vitrified, gives it a sculptural style, as if it were a work of art. The Emerso model is ideal to combine with the steel sinks made by the firm, creating a decorative set perfect for contemporary spaces.

Duravit Paiova 5 Bathtub

Bathtub PAIOVA 5 by DURAVIT, designer bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The model Paiova 5 comes from the German firm Duravit. In order to respond to the needs of our body, which vary according to our physical or psychological state, the design of this tub is based on the so-called individualized comfort . Created by the EOOS study, its engineering is based on a dynamic conception of the moment of the bath, thanks to its two different dorsal inclinations, which allow the user to choose between an ergonomic seated position and a lying position, perfect for relaxing baths.

Its interior ergonomics combines in a pentagonal geometric form the advantages of an exempt bathtub with those of a corner. A perfect model of three-dimensional volume, if you are looking to save space in the bathroom in a smart, without sacrificing quality design.

Cape Code de Duravit Bath

CAPE CODE by DURAVIT, designer bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

Philippe Starck is the creator of the model Cape Code, also of the company Duravit, a bathtub that takes as a starting point the relaxation of the user. Its specific shape, with a smooth soft modeling to rest the head, offers a sensation of lightness and unique comfort . Its one-piece design is manufactured with a new material called DuraSolid, which offers the bath a luxurious appearance accompanied by a pleasant and soft touch. The Cape Code model is available in an exempt version, front wall, as well as left or right corner. And if you are looking for a more exclusive format, you can incorporate an air whirl system or even music. Ergonomic shapes and exclusive aesthetics, with a spectacular value for money. What more could you want?

Skin Touch, Kaldewei Hydromassage

Hydromassage SKIN TOUCH by KALDEWEI, modern whirlpool bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The German firm Kaldewei innovates in the hydromassage universe with its exclusive Skin Touch, a sophisticated system focused on aesthetics and skin care . A creation of great physical beauty that in turn enhances the appearance of the dermis, thanks to its excellent ability to exfoliate. This is achieved through the action of small air bubbles, 50 to 100 times smaller than those of a conventional whirlpool. In this way, the water concentrates up to 70% more oxygen, regenerating and softening the skin in a spectacular way through the effect of the micro fine bead. A luxury for the senses, ideal for the Avantgarde baths and Kaldewei Environment, which is completed with light effects, giving way to a unique experience of disconnection and relaxation. Visit Website here.

Hydroline, Hydromassage of Teuco

Hydromassage Hydroline by TEUCO, modern whirlpool bathtub, Tono Bagno, Barcelona

The signature Teuco brings a plus of sensory experience to the world of the traditional hydromassage, with the new Hydroline. In this model, the massage is done by waves and is accompanied by the surrounding sound of water and the pleasurable effects of light, in their different relaxing tonalities. In addition, the classic mouths that expel the jet of water, are replaced by small slots barely imperceptible, flush with the bath. An aspect that brings not only aesthetic minimalism, but also a greater comfort since they can be turned and directed according to the needs of the user.

So far these two articles in which we have shown you unique models of short breaks with hot tubs born of the hand of the best international manufacturers, who work motivated by the innovation, design and adaptation of each product to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated customer And demanding .

If you want to see these baths live and choose the one that fits most harmoniously in your project, we invite you to contact us in our showroom of bathrooms and baths in Barcelona , where our team of specialized professionals will be happy to advise you.

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Christie, leading projector supplier in the digital cinema deployment of Yelmo Cinemas

Christie, a global leader in digital cinema, is pleased to announce that its projectors Christie Solaria ™ Series are being installed in the second phase of deployment of digital cinema exhibition chain Spanish Yelmo cinemas , which includes the digitization of 370 screens, which constitutes the largest implementation to date of digital cinemas in Spain. Approximately 80% of the digital projectors that will be installed in August 2011, the date of completion of the digital display, will be Christie.

Yelmo Cines is one of the leading film exhibition companies in Spain and has 396 rooms in 31 centers. Arts Alliance Media (AAM), website, together with the Kelonik Group, a local integrator in Spain, are conducting installation and maintenance. Right now, AAM and Kelonik have already equipped approximately 200 circuit rooms.

In 2009, Christie was also the brand chosen to equip all of the digitalized rooms during the first phase of digital cinema deployment of Yelmo Cines, which included some thirty screens. “We were pleased with Christie’s performance, ruggedness, and value for money, so we’ve decided to install Christie projectors mostly in our full deployment process,” says Enrique Martinez, technical director of Yelmo Cines.

For the wide variety of screen sizes and projection distances having Yelmo in cinemas, the company will use all models of Christie Solaria projectors, from the CP2210 , the CP2230 through the CP2220 . “The modularity and the possibility to upgrade to 4K without having to change the projector completely are two reasons that make the Solaria Series very attractive for the exhibitors,” explains Martínez.

At this time, in Yelmo Cinemas have not yet chosen which rooms of their circuit should be modified for 4K DLP. “Normally they should be the largest rooms of a complex, but in many of our cinemas we have not only a large room of 400 seats or more, but two, three or even four rooms of this size. The tranquility of being able to upgrade to any of them, without having to make the choice right now, ensures the success without cost increase, “says the technical director of Yelmo Cines.

Approximately half of the rooms are being equipped with stereoscopic 3D, using the RealD XL system. Yelmo Cines is a pioneer in offering live events in 3D and high definition in Spain, such as rebroadcasting of satellite operas or rock concerts by groups such as U2, Bon Jovi or Spaniards Alejandro Sanz and Enrique Bunbury. Also, in the last World Cup of South Africa, Yelmo retransmitted for the first time in 3D different parties of the Spanish selection.

All cinemas will have a Theater Management System (TMS) and Library Management Server, content management software provided by AAM. In addition, each center will have a specialized team to receive digital copies and live events via satellite thanks to the collaboration of Arqiva, partner of AAM. As for the servers, Yelmo Cinemas is installing the Doremi DCP-2000.

“We are delighted that Yelmo Cines has once again relied on our projectors for this second stage of their digitization, which is proof of the trust and respect that film professionals have towards Christie,” says Antonio Abad, Christie’s manager For Spain and Portugal. “Christie manufactures the most popular digital cinema projectors on the market today because exhibitors recognize that our projectors, in addition to outstanding image quality, offer the best light efficiency and lowest operating costs,” he adds.

For Yelmo Cinemas, the experience of working with the Kelonik installer, Christie’s Certified Service Provider, has been very satisfying. “The business relationship between Yelmo and Kelonik far exceeds 25 years, and we are very pleased to see that a company like Kelonik, 35mm technology experts, has been able to successfully address the shift to digital projection technology, backed by Manufacturers of great solvency as Christie, “says Enrique Martinez.

By the middle of 2011, Yelmo Cines will achieve the complete digitalization of all its screens, becoming the first Spanish exhibitor to digitalize its business to 100%. “However we will continue to grow in number of rooms due to an exhibition complex a year, and we will continue to acquire new digital projectors in the future,” concludes Enrique Martínez.

Compatible with all Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications, the Christie Solaria Series is upgradeable and ready for 4K digital cinema, and features Texas Instruments DLP Cinema® Series 2 technology. Its technology Christie Brilliant3D ™ provides the brightest 3D projection market with an output of 32,000 ANSI lumens (CP2230).


Increasingly, the world of landscape garden design melbourne requires more professionalism. Clients, owners of large or small landscaped spaces, demand that the exterior spaces of the building conform to the architecture of their home. The garden must convey its personality and style, just like the house.

From this idea, the professionalism in the field of landscaping and gardening must become the fundamental pillar for a segment of work that had fallen into the most negligible. Anyone could say, ‘I’m a gardener’ and this was credible ‘per is’. With all due respect: It is already well! We can not continue allowing this office to lose status because of intrusiveness. We must try to demand those professionals in whom I will entrust something as personal as the insides of my house, that have the sufficient preparation and capacity, so that they express in outer space, my seal, my style.

With this starting data we must understand that the construction of gardens requires a professional project, just as a housing project requires. It is obvious to think that the whole wheel will start to spin as long as the customer understands this concept, and is not reluctant to pay for a garden project. The concept of housing is no longer restricted, or should not be restricted, to residential construction, if not housing a broader concept encompassing all the interior space to the boundaries of the plot.

The landscaping project becomes inevitable in order to show the property what it is going to do, how it will be done and what it will cost. To do this, a document should be prepared to collect all these points. It should contain the following headings:

Memory Project: it is a summary of how it will be defined the gardening project, where data from the project site, weather site, soil data of the soil profile that will house the project, traces of design is located is gathered under Which defines the same, existing species, acting on them, incorporation of new species, infrastructures that incorporates the project, facilities that it specifies …… and a review of everything that will be done in general lines.

Pliego Conditions: a document outlining how they will carry out the work. We must present a special specification of supply of species and another about maintenance of the garden. If for example it were a project of importance for the planting of unique specimens, it should include another one on the plantations, and so with each point of interest.

Annexes to mind: are documents detail of each of the strengths of the project. If for example it were a water garden, there should be an appendix of aquatic species where it would be described in detail how the builder should face it. The normal thing is that there is an annex of ornamental species, another one of installations (irrigation, drainage and electricity), another of soil, another of plantation … and all that is necessary for the development and later implantation of the project.

Plans: all graphic documents necessary for project implementation.Needless to say, prior to the execution of the project, we must present to the client the design of the space in question and for this we will use floor plans, profiles, photomontages, 3D perspectives … and presentations in general layout the project idea .

Budget: It is the document that collects the cost of implementing the garden to detail, including the costs of the project document itself.

Doctor or businessman? The enigmatic doctor who exhibited premature babies for 25 cents

At the Luna Park fair in Coney Island, New York, these “incubator babies” were part of a semi-permanent exhibition that charges a 25 cent deposit.

It opened in 1903 and was maintained for 40 years.

But behind the eccentric ballot boxes was more than a businessman: Dr. Martin Couney, a pioneering neonatologist who offered desperate parents a novel alternative when hospitals gave their babies for evictees.

Beth Allen shows a photo taken by her father from the entrance to the premature baby exhibit in incubators in Coney IslandImage copyrightAP
Image captionBeth Allen shows a photo taken by his father input display premature babies in incubators in Coney Island in 1941.

An out-of-system doctor

Martin Couney became known in his day for his work to keep preterm infants alive.

He trained in Germany and then in Paris with Dr. Pierre Budin, who pioneered the theory of closed incubators, designed to keep babies warm and protect them from germs.

But his knowledge at that time did not fit most hospitals.

Dr. Martin Couney holding Beth Allen, one of the premature babies who was born in 1941 and participated in his exhibition in Coney Island, New York. Image copyrightAP
Image captionDr. Martin Couney offered to desperate parents a novel alternative when hospitals gave their terminally ill premature infants.

With the money from the entrance to the exhibitions Couney could offer the parents of premature babies a free care.

According to Jeffrey P. Baker in his article on the historical perspective of incubators, during his career Couney complained that he was described as a mere businessman.

He said that he was doing “propaganda for the good care of premature babies”.

In fact, Baker valued, exhibits incubator babies early twentieth century provided a technological standard of care that no hospital in the era could match.

In their samples the babies were attended by doctors and nurses who took turns.

The Family Doctors Kirwan himself estimated that between 1903 and 1943 he kept alive 7,500 of the 8,500 infants who passed through their exhibition incubators.

One of those surviving babies is Beth Allen, who was born prematurely in 1941 along with a twin sister who died in childbirth.

Beth Allen, born in 1941, is one of Dr. Couney's incubator babies who survived. Image copyrightAP
Image captionBeth Allen, born in 1941, is one of the incubator babies who survived Couney doctor.

It was his father who took these photographs of the time, including the one that appears in the arms of the own doctor Couney, published above.

In an interview with the AP news agency, Allen says his mother initially did not want to put her daughter in one of the Coney Island incubators, but her father convinced her.

The woman, who is now 74 years old and lives in New Jersey, considers the show of premature babies astonishing, which today would be unthinkable.

“The more I grow older, the more I appreciate the opportunity I was given so that I could be here today talking to you and living the wonderful life I had.”

“I think it weighed only about 900 grams”

Lucille Horn, born in 1920, is another of the premature babies who survived.

My father told me it was so small that I could hold with one hand , ” she tells her own daughter during an interview with StoryCorps, a national project in the United States for recording audio personal stories.

Lucille Horn, one of the Image copyrightAP
Image captionLucille Horn, one of the “incubator babies” Dr. Martin Couney, who survived despite being born in 1920 with only about 900 grams.

“I think it weighed only about 900 grams and that I could not live by myself. I was too weak to survive,” he says in the recording.

Horn was also twin with another baby who died at birth and in the hospital did not give him any hope of life.

But he says his father did not want to give up, so he wrapped it in a towel and took it by taxi to Coney Island, where Dr. Couney had his premature exhibit.

A nurse at Queen Mary Hospital in London cares for two babies in an incubator.  Photo of 1927.Image copyrightGETTY
Image captionA hospital nurse London Queen Mary takes care of two babies in an incubator. Photo of 1927.

And there was Lucille for six months.

The nonagenarian now says that when she was a teenager returned to show freaks to see the babies and seeing the doctor in person Couney decided to run .

“And there was a man standing in front of one of the incubators looking at his baby,” says Horn.

“And Dr. Couney came up to him and touched him on the shoulder.”

“Look at this young woman,” Horn tells him. “It’s one of our babies, and that’s how your baby is going to grow.”

50 years until popularized in hospitals

The invention of the incubator in 1880 gave way to decades of popular and medical enthusiasm, but its development was very slow over the next 50 years.

A group of volunteers were trained in the care of preterm infants and the use of incubators at the maternal hospital in Leeds, England, in 1939. Image copyrightGETTY
Image captionA group of volunteers is formed in the care of premature babies and the use of incubators in the maternity hospital in Leeds, England, in 1939.

An article in 2000 in the journal Journal of Perinatology appreciates that it is interesting to consider the process not so much from a technological perspective and from the perspective of responsibility for the newborn and how it was changing from mothers to obstetricians and Time to pediatricians.

Dr. Couney died in 1950, shortly after the use of incubators became common in hospitals.

Today according to the World Health Organization 15 million children are born prematurely each year (before 37 weeks of gestation, over 40).

About a million of them die.

Many of the deaths of premature babies can be avoided by just keeping warm.

The temperature of a baby’s body falls as soon as it is outside the controlled environment of the mother’s uterus. For this reason, it is important to regulate its temperature after childbirth.

But premature babies have very little body fat, so they are not able to.

To stay alive, these newborns need incubators, medical equipment that still certain hospitals in the world can not afford.

10 movies that every entrepreneur should see


No one said that being an entrepreneur would be easy.

It seems that each day there are one million of new obstacles. Critics and financial problems often are sufficient for a normal person decides to surrender.

But you are not one of the lot; you’re an entrepreneur, and that means that even in difficult times, you will keep looking ahead and moving forward.

However, when all this undertaking becomes overwhelming, it takes a break and looking for some inspiration, and what better way to find inspiration that watching films on xmovies8?

A gripping adventure, an irreverent comedy or a documentary that invite reflection, a film can inspire and motivate a tired business man.

With that in mind? Watch Now, here are 10 movies that every entrepreneur should watch series:

1. the Social Network

No one was surprised that The Social Network was a box office hit when they premiered it on 2010. After all, everyone wanted to know how it is that Mark Zuckerberg went from being a student of Harvard to launch the most popular social network in the world.


Why should we see it? Don’t worry if the film is rather dramatic. History gives the public a better idea of how achieve to start a business in the hands of qualities like flexibility and resistance. Whenever I see this film it motivates me to be a better entrepreneur.

2 Glengarry Glen Ross

Based in David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, this film explores the ruthless world of real estate of Chicago. Glengarry Glen Ross offers a closer look at the lies and betrayals that people supported, only to succeed in business.


Why should we see it? Unfortunately, the business world can be brutal, anything you could learn even as seller, and this 1992 film illustrates how vicious that might be.

3. Pirates of Silicon Valley

This was a film made for television premiered in 1999, which portrays the first days of the onset of technological fever in the country and the eventual emergence of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The documentary-style film offers an interesting perspective on the lives of the founders of Microsoft and Apple.


Why should we see it? Employers are still looking for inspiration from these two emblematic “pirates”. It definitely leaves more than one teaching.

4. The Citizen Kane

Even if you’re not a businessman, you should see this masterpiece of Orson Welles’s 1941. The film revolves around the life of a fictional Charles Foster Kane, based on Tycoon William Randolph Hearst press and their quest for fortune and power.However, in the end Kane manages to understand what really matters in life.


Why should we see it? Launch a successful business is the goal of every entrepreneur, but it is not the only goal in life.

5. in search of happiness

Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, this film by Will Smith from the year 2006 shows one of the most poignant stories and reasons for entrepreneurs. It is impossible not stirs them the battle between Chris and his son to fulfill his dream.


Why should we see it? While he was homeless and fought to keep his son, Chris never stopped pursuing his dream. That passion and sacrifice is something that every entrepreneur must be willing to accept.

6. the game of Fortune

It must not be a baseball fan to enjoy the personification of Brad Pitt of Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s. Since the team had no financial means sufficient to spend on players, Beane had to discover a unique way to compete.


Why should we see it? Beane had to be innovative. And that’s one of the most important characteristics of entrepreneurs: find a way to do something better. In addition, Beane never listened to critics and never retracted his vision.

7. Rocky

This is another film that everyone should see at least once. Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in the story of the classic inveterate fighter Rocky Balboa on his way to be heavyweight champion Apollo Creed boxing in category.


Why should we see it? When the world tells you that you will never achieve the success, you should keep fighting. That competitive spirit can take you far. In addition, you challenge to listen the classic Bill Conti and not feel motivated.

8. Wall Street

In 1987, director Oliver Stone made Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), one of the most infamous characters in the history of cinema with its motto “greed is good”. The film focuses on the decisions illegal and unethical made by Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) to become immensely rich as Gekko, a corporate thief.


Why see it? You must not sell himself only for money. Remember, be entrepreneur not only about becoming rich and famous…

9. Jerry Maguire

The main character Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise), had it all: a great career, many friends and a beautiful girlfriend. However, a day has an epiphany: sports agents should worry not only make money, but how to care for its customers. Jerry loses everything and begins a journey to retrieve all what it has lost.


Why see it? When you’re chasing your dreams, everything else will be taking its place both professionally as personal. In the end, Jerry Maguire learned this valuable lesson.

10. office entanglements

This 1999 comedy directed by Mike Judge focuses on Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), who finally discovers how much who hates to sit in a cubicle to receive orders of his creepy boss Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).


Why see it? Every entrepreneur hates to work for someone else, even can reach the end be dismissed. It is not to approve the misappropriation, since it could take you to jail.

11. The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Andrew Lincoln plays the show’s lead character, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a months-long coma to confront an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Grimes reunites with his family and becomes the leader of a group he forms with other survivors. Together they struggle to survive and adapt to a world filled with zombies and some humans who are even more dangerous than the zombies themselves. The first season takes place in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and the second through fourth seasons are set in the surrounding countryside of northern Georgia. Watch this movie online at stream tv.


Surely there are many other films that do not appear in the list. What film do that every entrepreneur should see?

Is it possible to make money as a reseller hosting?

On the Internet there are many options to generate income in different ways. It must be said input that selling is not an easy job. We have to take very seriously that we need build trust and above all be clear that necessary to make an effective sales strategy if we want to succeed. If you think it’s easy to make money online, probably soon discover that it is not so.

First thing is to be clear that this is a business and therefore requires seriousness and professionalism that you may require from any professional. Your goal is to sell a service to people who need it, providing value to your customers and managing to generate confidence that continue acquiring your service.

In the case of the reseller hosting, it is still more important that we implement effective sales techniques to achieve a substantial profit, since there is strong competition between sites devoted to the sale of hosting. Would you like to make money as a reseller hosting? What you can do to get it? In this post, we will give you some tips that you should keep in mind.

Tips to make money as a reseller hosting

The first step to make money as a reseller hosting is that you have your own Nom de domaine Canada or blog where you offer hosting plans. If you don’t clear the difference, a reseller hosting is a person who resells part of a space for hosting with us, or what would be re-alquilar a floor that you have. Therefore, you need to have a website to attract your audience.

The ideal is that web hosting is already assembled and you have a recurrent traffic before you start to seek revenue through reselling hosting. However, this is not mandatory and you can start to resell hosting from a newly created website. The only thing is that at least at the beginning it is very easy that you don’t have any for sale.

Another essential aspect to sell hosting on the Internet is that you know well the hosting service we provide. It is not recommended to resell hosting companies you may not know. Therefore, we encourage you to know to fund our hosting and you can see the quality of our service. One important thing that you have to remember is that when you revendes hosting you are selling a white mark, the customer is not going to find that contract with us.

We recommend that once you know well our hosting, you make a marketing campaign to publicize the hosting that you are reselling. If you have customers who follow you via email, send them a personalized offer so that, if they need it, they point to the hosting plan that need.

Apart from e-mail, it is important that you put a section on your website from which you can see the hosting plans linked to the reseller hosting account and you can get your first clients. Then it creates an article in your blog informing of the hosting services that you are offering and begins to generate value content that will attract potential clients who may subscribe to your hosting service.

Working as reseller will allow you to make money reselling hosting, but you must be clear that the actions of sale you have to you. Hosting services are not sold alone, so it is important that you seek out actively, providing value to the users of your website, but without spam.

A strategy that can work is to use your hosting as an add-on plan for customers who develop web pages or blogs, if you are a programmer. You can also use as a special offer to customers that you already have. Working as a reseller you can earn more revenue that if you simply sell services as an affiliate.

Other ideas for promoting your hosting services is to create a free course of creating web pages or blogs on WordPress or Joomla and that to carry out the course the student has to hire the hosting plan you offer him. You can then promote that course of whatever through Google Adwords to see what results you offers.

Being a course free, you will be easy to get students at first, and then once signed, invite them to hire this hosting because if not they may not develop the website.

Final accounts, which is not impossible to make money reselling hosting, but you must work further to start getting results, and above all, need to start positioning your web site in the top results on Google if you want customers to directly hire your hosting, even while you are sleeping.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller hosting, we invite you to get in touch with us, or if you know anyone interested, share with him this article on social networks Facebook and Twitter for who can be helpful.

The 10 business books that you must read

The online shop presented its selection of the best books of 2014.These are the top 10 in the category of “Business and investment”.
Año con año los editores de Amazon presentan un listado de los mejores libros del año. (Bloomberg)

Every year, the editors of Amazon presented a list of the best books of the year.(Bloomberg)

As every year, the Shop electronic Amazon unveiled its list of best books, based on the opinion of its editors, various sections, ranging from ‘Books for children’, and’ business investments’.

These are the top 10 business books of 2014 that surely you don’t want to stop reading.

1. The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

Author: Walter Isaacson
Price: $21

Described by Amazon as a guide to see how actually is innovation, the author, known for his successful biography of Steve Jobs, makes a count by the factors that led to tempers, investors and entrepreneurs, among them Vannevar Bush, Nill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Larry Page, among many, to succeed and carry out projects that revolutionized the industry.

The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

2. Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future

Author: Peter Thiel
Price: 16.20 USD

Pether as Thiel, entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal, shows that there are still new inventions to explore, which can be exploited beyond the technology industry in Silicon Valley. The employer also shows some of the features that a leader must have. In this sense, his work says that progress or any innovation can be conducted in any industry and business, provided this is unique.

Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future

3. Capital in the Twenty First Century

Author: Thomas Piketty
Price: 23.97 USD

What are the keys to wealth and inequality in the world today? Piketty makes this book a comprehensive analysis to discover economic and social patterns on these two factors.

“Their findings will transform the debate and set the agenda of the next generation of thinking about wealth and inequality,” says Amazon.

According to the author, the deep structures on capital and inequality do not have been modified in the decades after World War II, so it is worthwhile to analyse the consequences that threaten to generate extreme inequalities that arouse discontent and undermine democratic values. According to Piketty dangerous inequalities have slowed in the past and nowadays it can be again.

Capital in the Twenty First Century

4. Girlboss

Author: Sophia Amoruso
Price: 16.17 dollars

How to convert you into a successful or successful entrepreneur without having gone to University, at the time when you are broken or have a mediocre job? That was one of the questions that the author was to be in that situation.

There was Sophia, decided to start selling on eBay vintage clothing and eight years later she is the founder, CEO and Creative Director fromNasty Gal, a $ 100 million company that serves as a distributor of fashion with more than 350 employees.

The book tells the story of the author, who decided to follow his instincts and to break the rules to become a successful entrepreneur.


5.  Delirium

Author: Lauren Oliver

delirium is a dystopian young adult novel written by Lauren Oliver, published on January 1, 2011 by HarperCollins (HarperTeen), about a young girl, Lena Haloway, who falls in love in a society where love is seen as a disease. It is followed by Pandemonium.

Delirium novel.jpg

The service of instant photo booth

El serivicio de cabina de fotos instantáneas

Currently, cabins of snapshots service has greater acceptance in our country. There are several people who request this service for different events such as wedding photobooth or birthday photobooth. Schools, businesses, government agencies and families will have noticed that with this service your guests have a fun plus and can enjoy more at your event or meeting.

Companies such as DIVERBOX , which provide this type of service of snapshot photography, have a team of specialists, that before you start with making funny pictures on the photobooth are responsible for give attendees and/or unique and eye-catching accessories various guests such as wigs, glasses, hats, masks, and other. This special characterization of guests makes photographs the most creative and funny.

It is important to note that much of the cabins of photos used in these events are easy to install and can be placed in different places. In addition, we can place the brand of your product, service, or the name of the company in our cabins, giving it a more personalized touch.

After taking the pictures the guests can pick your printed photos . On the other hand, if you want to have photos in digital format, the company that provided the service will present them web access data so they can download and check the gallery with photos of the event.

No doubt, this new service of snapshot photography is a good choice for fun to attendees of your event or meeting, capture the fun and better images of the different groups of friend and above all to spend some quality time.

Fifty shades of Grey brings to sell a bear inspired by Christian Grey

Osito Christian Grey.

Teddy bear Christian Grey

The film premieres Feb. 13 around the world.

The most awaited film this summer is, without doubt, ‘50 shades of grey PDF‘. To increase the anxieties of its premiere, the film makers had no better idea than launch to sale a bear inspired by the Christian Grey protagonist.

This Teddy bear comes with its own handcuffs and a mask. In addition, Teddy also comes wrapped in a fine suit, in the style of the billionaire in the saga.

This peculiar Teddy bear is the Vermont Teddy Bear company. The company spared no cost, because this taste costs no less than $90.

The price would not be a problem, as the company says that Teddy “seduces with its silky grey skin, his gray eyes, his handsome gray suit and their silver tie”.

Obviously this Teddy is not the only product that has been released to promote the film, but look for the amount of Board games and to lingerie that has been sold and will sell like hotcakes.

The sociological – and literary – phenomenon around the world in the world is called 50 Shades of Grey. The author E.L. James novel has been translated into more than 50 languages and, so far, the series has sold 100 million copies between the paper and digital book editions.

Soon we will see the actor and model Jamie Dornan get into the skin of the billionaire Christian Grey, owner of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc., while Dakota Johnson will bring to life the innocent Anastasia Steele. You are now able to watch series online of Fifty shades of Grey for free.


20 tips before opening a restaurant

We then see a list of 20 tips that we should take before opening a restaurant:

Set the style of the restaurant

Before creating a restaurant must be well clear what will be the type of restaurant we are going to open and what the style or concept that we’re going to give.

We have well to clear if, for example, we are going to open a restaurant type gourmet fine dining, family type, one of fast food, etc.

consejos antes de abrir un restaurante

And most importantly, we need to determine what style or concept that we’re going to give, which must choose based on our personality and our tastes, while still influence us by others, and trying to be a style or distinctive concept that does not exist in other restaurants.

Research the market

As in any business, before opening a restaurant we should research the market well, trying to find out what the preferences and tastes of consumers, and to ensure that I have enough demand as our restaurant successful.

One way of doing this is conducting surveys to people transiting through the area where we will open the restaurant, where we ask them about their preferences and tastes, if they go to a new restaurant of the type that we create, and how much it would be willing to spend on each visit.

Determine the target audience

Within the market research we do, an important point is to clearly define what will be our target audience, i.e., what will be the type of consumer to which we are going to go.

In that way, we can analyze its characteristics and focus on our business and the strategies we will use in this type of consumer. For example, we have to look if you are in a hurry people eating or if they enjoy taking their time, if they are willing to travel a certain distance to go to a nice restaurant, if they are willing to pay a good price for a good dish, etc.

Start with a small menu

If we just started in the restaurant business, it is advisable to start with a small menu, that way, we can specialize in a few dishes, but also so that we can reduce our operating costs.

And later, as it begins to grow the business, can increase the variety of our dishes, but always try to keep the same type of menu.

Visit the competition

Before opening a restaurant we should visit all the restaurants of competition that exist.

This will allow us to see their strengths and weaknesses (and, thus, compete effectively with them), observe their successes and errors (and, thus, learn from them), and observe the preferences, tastes and habits of consumers (and, thereby, orientate our restaurant according to such information).

Work on the competition

A restaurant is a business in which it takes much work and discipline.

If this will be our first experience in the restaurant business, a Council is looking for a job in a restaurant so that, in this way, not only know well the running of the business, but we can also have well clear to what it is to what we are going to spend.

Avoid low prices

When you try to determine the price of our dishes, we must not hesitate if it is that we want to use somewhat high prices.

When it comes to food, people are willing to pay, provided the dishes have good flavor, good presentation, has a total hygiene, and quality customer service is offered.

It doesn’t matter that there are restaurants that use the same inputs and have prices well below ours, consumers will always we choose if we have these characteristics.

Good location

A determining factor in the success of a restaurant is its location, reason why we have to take our time to choose the location of our.

We can choose a central location where we will have the advantage of being in view of a greater number of consumers for example the vancouver waterfront wedding location, but the disadvantages of the high costs of local and having to cope with increased competition.

Or choose a less central place where we will have the advantages of low costs in the lease or purchase of the enclosure, and a lower close competition; but the disadvantage that we will not be in view of consumers, even if our advertising is good and we have a good product, it will not be a problem.

Ample space

In addition to the dining room, in which our customers should feel comfortable and at ease, we must not forget that the restaurant must have a good space in kitchen, where cooks and kitchen staff can perform efficiently and without risk of accident, and where they have room to store supplies.


Also, when choosing the location of the premises of our restaurant, we must not forget that this must have enough parking as to the number of clients that we calculate that you will visit us in their own vehicles.

Reduce investment

As in all business, open a restaurant always must try to reduce investment, but that means having to sacrifice quality.

In the case of restaurants can reduce investment in the decoration of the premises, which consumers usually do not always take into account, and when offered a good product, there is a total hygiene and good care.

Another way to reduce investment in a restaurant is starting to rent the equipment and furniture, or seeking agreements with vendors that we provide these, for example, in Exchange for advertising.

Don’t skimp on expenses

By investing in the creation of a restaurant we must spare no expenses in inputs or range of offerings is concerned; but also in design and furniture concerning, for example, buy second hand furniture when not in a proper state.

Always must remember well the saying that says: “the poor called a lo pobre”.

Quality inputs

If we want to sell quality products, our inputs must also be of good quality.

We must always use fresh products, which, in some cases such as fish, must be purchased on the same day that shall be used.

In addition, we select well to our suppliers. In the case of restaurants, it is advisable to have several suppliers since some of these do not always have fresh produce.

Budget well

In the case of restaurants there are usually many hidden costs, what causes that beginning with the investment it is common until at the end missing money.

So to make our investment budget, we should take our time and posting our costs well and, if possible, try to book a small budget that we will help where we finish missing money.


Another fundamental factor for the success of a restaurant is hygiene.

Maybe that our restaurant is small and that it does not have much decorated, but whether we offer a good product, good care and, above all, show a total hygiene, it is likely that the restaurant will succeed.

Hygiene must be based on an obsessive search. This must be present on the floor in the dining room, in the bathrooms, in the kitchen, in the staff (don’t forget the hair short or tied), and in the uniform of the staff (remember Beanie of Cook).

Select well the Cook

Another important decision on the creation of a restaurant is the selection of the chef, which must not only have a good time, but should also be flexible enough to adapt to the style of the menu that we want for our restaurant.

If the chef tells us that it has worked in luxury restaurants and is not willing to change his season or his style to suit you want to give to our menu, we must then seek another.

Define functions

To our restaurant to run efficiently, we must previously define clearly what will be the roles and responsibilities of our staff.

Some of the functions and responsibilities of a Cook are: be responsible for any loss or deterioration of equipment, do not allow the entry of non-kitchen staff, make the list of requirements of inputs, etc.

Some of the functions of kitchen (Assistant of cooking and cleaning) staff are: help in the decoration of plates, cleaning and maintenance of equipment, daily inventory, etc.

Create expectation

A good strategy of marketing to start a restaurant is to create expectation before opening it, which could consist in designing posters, announcements or flyers where we announce the prompt opening of our restaurant, or send invitations to friends and acquaintances to attend this.

The idea is to create expectation to try the taste of a new restaurant.

Provide a good service to the customer

The service to the customer is one of the determinants of the success of a restaurant.

We must empower our staff offer friendly, be helpful and solicitous, respond quickly, keep a good presentation and personal hygiene, show a smile sincere, politely greet, say “please” and “thank you”.

Patience and dedication

Assemble and manage a restaurant is not a simple task. It is estimated that approximately one-third of the new restaurants go bankrupt or close before completing the first year of operations.

It is estimated that, in the case of restaurants, just starts to get profits from sixth month.

In addition to this, must take into account of that work in a restaurant starts at early hours of the morning (in where you should buy inputs), continues with the preparation of the dishes and preparations for the lunch hour, then with cleaning and preparing for the time of lunch or dinner, and ends late at night with the cleaning and having to leave everything ready for the next day.

And must take into account also that not only restaurant works all day, but every day (including Saturday and Sunday) and, in many cases, including the holidays.

Create and manage a restaurant is not an easy task, but our passion is good food and service people, then should not hesitate to open one.

But yes, must bear in mind that to succeed we will need patience and perseverance (to overcome problems or difficulties that arise), and great dedication and discipline (to cope with all the work managing a restaurant).

Business and prostitution, relationship taboo and “frequent” in the business world

Concerning the trial for proxenitismo against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Carole ponders the pimping that several businessmen are involved.


They considered me a VIP and I offered as gifts to businessmen or politicians“: Carole, a west london escorts, confirms a practice common in the business world, until the trial opens in France by proxenitismo against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.”

The former International Monetary Fund (IMF) appear on Monday along with 13 other people before a court in Lille (North), by a matter of pandering in which several entrepreneurs are involved. 

Carole, who converses c under a false name, says that it is usual in this environment to offer a prostitute as a thank you or to willingness to customers, in order to promote the contracts.

This 41-year-old woman left prostitution in 2013 after three years in “champagne bar” and houses of appointments in Belgium. Meanwhile exempresaria, explains, “I reserved for a clientele of high level”, that is, business men or local politicians from the North of France.

Carole charged the managers of these premises. The companies, sometimes large international structures came to see them to ask that it be offered to a girl as a gift” to someone specific. Remember the case of a company from the automotive industry that wanted to “sign a contract for the sale of three trucks” with the head of a local company. “You should do everything you need signing.”

“It is a taboo practice, but which exists to maintain a good environment,” confirms Yves Charpenel, President of the Fondation Scelles, fighting against prostitution. He cites the example of the Italian designer Francesco Smalto, sentenced in 1995 for pimping by having delivered with ‘call-girls’ clothes to the Gabonese President Omar Bongo.

“Room with pillow” or “room” are expressions to designate these “escorts”, prostitutes in wealthy areas.

‘A matter of men’

Who are they? Most of these women does not work on the street, but in “networks of houses of appointments or ‘escorting’ on the internet and although the price is high, 75% of this is it is the pimp“, Charpenel said.

Eric Dupond-Moretti, lawyer for one of the defendants in the trial of Lille, David Roquet, President of a subsidiary of the Eiffage construction group, confirms that “80%, maybe 70% of the cases, use call-girls” when it comes to closing a deal.

Is widely supported in the business world to conclude a contract by an offer of prostitution“, emphasizes Grégoire Théry, movement of the nest, helping prostitutes.

This is also another obstacle to equality between men and women in companies. “When it is concluded a contract in a brothel or in a hotel room”, it is “a matter of men”, adds Théry.

It is above all “common” there “where there is corruption and bribery”, accurate Jean-Sebastien Mallet, European expert on prostitution, citing the sectors of “construction, the import-export, the oil sector…”. And abroad, “in some Arab countries, an entrepreneur who does not have ‘Pillow’ in your room will reject a contract”.

But the sex is also used to press. Thus, a leader of a French multinational found once a girl in his hotel room in Romania, according to Mallet. “Output it. ‘” How can one negotiate then? “If you accept, you have caught ‘, I said”.

Carole confirms that sometimes tend to entrepreneurs “traps”. “We sent to a bar, a restaurant, where white was alone or with colleagues. We had to seduce him, so he made a mistake”and thus be able to blackmail him.

“Companies are turning to ‘escorts’ judged them are very little“, deplores Charpenel, that are “difficult” cases, unless, rare thing, “a girl to renounce it or accept to testify”.

For the trial on Monday, in which the movement of the nest accompanies some of these women, Thery denounces a “real pressure so that they do not provide testimony”.

Use software to manage your business

Technology tools help manage all the information about sales, customers or quantities of made production habits. Thus the employees, suppliers and manager shave that information easily. An exhaustive control of all these data, which is essential to achieve the expected benefits to the proposed market share can be set with the software services.

These programs allow you to store,  ad agency project management, process, and communicate information and activities of the organization. To choose what program will prove to be suitable for the management of the business and not get lost among the different computer terms should be an analysis of the different services. For this reason, portals can be used as, a comparison of software installed in Spain and Latin America.

It is also advisable to know what are the most practical and common among companies that incorporate them:


  • Cloud computing: through these techniques, managers can share and exchange information on the enterprise in the cloud. This, for example, allows a companyinformed providers of production details.
  • CRM: Is a management model to manage the relationship with customers. Theobjective is to gather data on the consumption habits of the public to create a link inthe long term and to increase your satisfaction. This helps, for example, do marketingto reach customers more directly.
  • ERP: It is a set of information systems that integrate a company‘s activities, such as production, inventory, accounting and logistics.
  • SaaS: These tools allow the user to use an online service. Thus, the work of processing and storage is done on a remote server can access the professionals easily.
Google Docs is an example of this type of platforms.

How to open a business of fork truck or forklift

How to mount a forklift, crane or forklift truck business

The forklift, sometimes mistakenly called Mule, is a wheeled vehicle powered by diesel engines, electric motors or gas engines. Is mainly used for handling and andlifts of heavy in warehouses or logistics warehouses goods. They are also used for the loading or unloading of goods transportation, such as trucks.

Freight (forklifts, forklifts) is configured as a key service that contributes to all other sectors of the economy. Without a transport of cargo, products do not reach the hands of consumers, industries would not produce and vendors would not deliver.

See, then, through this simple guide, divided into short and effective steps, how to open a business of forklifts,  where can i get a forklift certification.

Market or customers

Major customers in this sector are people and companies that wish to make residential or commercial transportation. They are also configured as clients, retailers, distributors, auto parts, industries of manufacturing, tire, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, building materials, and others that do not have vehicles to this task and / or need to make deliveries more quickly located.


The definition of the ideal location to set up a business forklifts and small cargo transportation it is fundamental for its success, largely due to the impact that a little appropriate decision may have on the costs of logistics, i.e. the costs related to the transportation of goods. Before taking that decision, companies must identify their potential customers, the main routes to travel, the number of deals that are made, thereafter to establish the most suitable location for its headquarters.

It is recommended that the company install near points of demand or strategically position in relation to the market area, where the service will be offered. It is also suggested that the venue is in areas where industry and trade to the retail are active, or in the vicinity of large residential areas with prospects for growth and emergence of new constructions.


In the search for the property to install the enterprise, it is necessary to take into account some aspects that may be useful to set up a forklift business activities. The vehicle needs an office equipped with the infrastructure for the sale of its services, equipped with telephone, fax and suitable furniture.

You also must have large garages and appropriate premises for parking vehicles used in the transport safely services, and still have space for washing and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance when these services are not outsourced.



A forklift business is usually carried out by professionals with low levels of education.

It is essential that the responsible professional to steer the vehicle hoists has license appropriate for the type of vehicle and load.

In this segment, the need to hire labor grows with the increase in demand. Therefore, the entrepreneur must be prepared to meet demand peaks, since in certain times of the year or at certain times of the day demand increases considerably. In these cases, it is suggested that employers keep a record of independent professionals who can be hired in these periods.

Distribution channels

The services provided by the company can be divided into:

  • Local deliveries.
  • long-distance deliveries.
  • Interstate deliveries.

In Intercity and Interstate delivery operations should be careful planning way for that in the course of the route, you can make several stops for loading and unloading goods, which reduces operating costs.

Very long routes is also necessary to see if the way back you can make loading and unloading intermediate so that the path is not carried out in an empty vehicle, which can increase the costs of operation.


Forklift business is an activity that has significant operating costs. As a result, the entrepreneur should seek constantly to reduce them in order to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of its activities. The variables related to the costs of a forklift business, they include:

  • Rent of Headquarters – 1,000 euros.
  • Advisory accounting – 400 euros. (Not necessary)
  • Vehicle lifts – from 4000 to 6000 euros.
  • Insurance of vehicles 400 euros. (Not necessary)
  • the property taxes, license and compulsory insurance – 300 euros.
  • Maintenance 2,000 euros (occasionally)
  • The electricity, telephone, water and internet 500,00 euros (from time to time)
  • fuel and maintenance vehicles of 1,500 euros.

Fixed costs are those that, for the purposes of calculation, do not depend on the speed of the vehicle. And variable costs are calculated according to the mileage for the vehicle while performing service.

The political SEO, a new positioning strategy


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is called a whole set of techniques that you can use on a web site or blog to help to appear in the top positions in the results of Internet search engines. Political parties in general and the candidates must in particular have great visibility online to generate image positioning and more supporters, however, most attempts observed so far, and only in the period covered by the campaign are paid banners, videos and ads of Google bombing but potential traffic achieved by organic or natural search optimization is wasted.

In small political campaigns generally is not used properly the seo as a cost effective way to convey a message and is preferred to save on spending on online advertising, this lack of planning is a chance of improvement important to their aspirations since SEO  is completely free and without time limit to gain exposure with voters. As any other component of a campaign SEO must be strategically addressed so you can achieve maximum results with the always limited resources of a political campaign. SEO often leads to an increase in followers. However, the key is the deployment of the right strategy.

The threat.

What is worse to not have a web site is to have a website that no one can find, also if your campaign website is not found in the first search results voters will find, no doubt, other information about you and that you might not be information that can control, for example, columns or notes journalistic negative tocertain or not, will be there. The time factor, the most valuable resource in campaigns is also a problem for a proper SEO strategy, for day D – day of elections – already is must master the web with your image and your messages, however, when the candidate decides to participate in the election, although in most countries the period is about three monthsThere may be cases in which it has only a month to begin to make the decision to participate in the contest and the d-day campaign and if we add that the implementation of SEO strategies on political web sites, despite its potential, it is virtually unknown in many communities, the candidates and their campaign managers and their advisors cannot see all the potential of political SEO and let alone recognise it asa viable campaign investment.

The consequence.

Address only to the design and implementation of a web site without a calculated of SEO strategy will not give up fruit on a global political campaignstrategy, fast results always tend to be counterproductive since it will need to allocate more resources to paid advertising by having unplanned time of your web site positioning and the solutions offered by autollamados “SEO consultants” in addition to being faces and professional are penalized by search engines, among these solutions of the so-called Black Hat SEOorSEO Black Hat are buying links, creation of duplicate sites, hidden text, among others and that, in a nutshell, only tries to mislead the search engines than later or early penalize your website and will disappear from search results for a long time affecting drastically the number of visits to your site and therefore your presence on the Internet.

The solution.

EO is the usual practice of the companies and organizations, large and small, working to direct the most selective search engines traffic to your products and services, in rational choice applying SEO techniques to the web sites of political candidates in campaign to help them improve and maintain its position in web search results pages, and thereby achieve greater influence onlinethe true SEO is a permanent job but offering measurable results at all times and the proper control of his image is essential to the success of your campaignand, in general, of his political career. The first page of results in a search about you should include ideally your web site, your user name on Twitter, the address of their Facebook page, YouTube channel, your professional profile on Linkedin, its circles in Google Plus etc., the main articles and positive news about you, your press releases and a Wikipedia entry. This is a joint strategy of SEO and Social Manager hardly achieved in a month but, like political aspirations, these are manifested from months and even years ago so the first step in a comprehensive SEO strategy is proper selection of domain name… his name on the Internet, else is a sequential strategic plan.

How to start a business from home computers repair

To advance the and become more important in the daily of people, the need to repair them continues to rise. If you have love for computers, needed to fix and vision of business, you can start a repair company and earn a substantial income. A computer repair business is one big to begin with, which requires only a small investment. You can start it from your home. You can offer your services to individuals and small businesses. Meet the necessary requirements to start a business from home computers repair made by, you will be placed on the right path towards a professional and successful company management.


1. Apply for a business in your state license. Each State has its own requirements about what type of business need licenses to operate. Even if your State does not require to have a commercial license to operate a computer home repair business, such license will grant your company a professional image.

2. Create a space in your home that serves as a place of work. Your home must have a separate area that is exclusively dedicated to your business. You will also need to do this if you plan to claim a deduction on your taxes.


3. Get an insurance for your business. This will protect you, when your lack, something accidental happens to a client computer. Having insurance also will make customers feel more comfortable, because they know that their computers are protected.

4. Attend training classes to enhance your skills of computer repair. Technology is constantly changing, so it is important that you continue to refine your skills. This will keep you competitive in the market.

5. Research your competitors prices. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to bill customers when you just start your business. Call some of the local computers in your area repair companies, information on the prices charged for similar services.

6. Promote your business. Word of mouth is always a good marketing tool, but you can be more successful by placing ads in the newspaper classifieds section or online. Create a web site that fully explain your business and to provide your contact information.

7. Buy a box of tools. The initial cost of a home computer repair business is low. You don’t have to buy a large amount of supplies, or spend a lot of money on advertising. At first, everything you need is a vehicle to visit your clients, Internet, a phone to attend these calls and a box of tools for computer repair.

Tips and warnings

  • It is considered that your prices are slightly lower than the competition to start your business, to compete with those who are already established.
  • If you don’t need a commercial loan to start your business, a business plan is not necessary, although the complete it will help you to be more organized and keep in mind your goals and future plans.
  • Don’t take work assignments that exceed your experience. It allows your clients to know in advance if you can not complete a task.


The TD Bank of Canada slightly lower some mortgage rates

What is most important is to get the right mortgage for each individual’s situation, said Jason Scott, of the mortgage group.

Las hipotecas de tasa fija a cinco años

Another large Canadian bank reduced slightly some of their mortgage rates when the Royal Bank made an initial reduction in late January.

The TD Canada Trust (TD, on the Toronto Stock Exchange) now has a rate of 3.69 per cent discounts for their five-year fixed mortgage, below the rate of 3.79 per cent which was in force from August of last year.

The Bank also made changes to several of their other rates closed.

TD said via email that check their rates permanently to “maintain competitiveness and offer our customers flexible mortgages and an adequate rate options to meet their individual needs”.

The decision was taken after the RBC reduced 10 points rates several rate mortgages fixed, what your special offer five-year closed at a rate of 3.69 per cent.

Followed them to the Bank of Montreal (BMO, on the Toronto Stock Exchange) and Scotiabank (BNS, on the Toronto Stock Exchange).

Scotiabank reduced its discount rate mortgage closed a five-year term by 10 basis points, or a 3.49 percent, up from 3.59 percent registered on its web site.

The BMO, meanwhile, fell the number of rates between 10 and 20 basis points, including its discount rate to five years that passed from 3.89 percent to 3.69 percent.

The changes occurred until the Bank of Canada said that it was maintaining its rate unchanged at one percent, maintaining a neutral posture on whether plans to raise or lower the rate that keeps from more than three years.

The central bank said that while he sees improvements in the Canadian economy, now expected inflation to be lower than expected initially.

Low rate environment

Experts predicted that other lenders will probably follow to the RBC in reducing their rates, but noted that the changes represent relatively small drops in an environment of low interest rates and therefore should not be of much importance to home buyers.

“From the perspective of a mortgage broker and, probably, from the perspective of many homeowners, the real question not necessarily interest rates”, said in Edmonton, Jason Scott, a runner of mortgage of The Mortgage Group.

“It has more to do with what they will do to the Minister of finance and the Department of finance with respect to how difficult that will be to qualify for a mortgage, if you don’t like the fact that rates are low, and are worried about a possible real estate bubble.”

According to Scott, it is unlikely that a small change in rates has a big impact on home buyers at a time when rates are already very low. With a fixed rate mortgages for five years (a popular choice for owners of Canada), are around 3.5 per cent, and variable mortgage rates (based on a variable interest rate based on premiums) are around 2.5 percent.

Andrew Bodnar, seller of real estate of the Re/Max Condos Plus Corp. brokerage from  toronto mortgage, he said that the Government already toughened requirements for mortgages at the beginning of this year, and added it would surprise you to see any movement in interest rates.

“The situation is stable at the moment, and there are natural forces of supply and demand,” said Bodnar.

“Canadians are pretty conservative. The majority of people does not have a new car with large payments and nor are looking to buy a home that is really outside its boundaries”.

At the end, said Scott, owners who try to get an idea of how rates will have an impact on your mortgage payments will be better keep alert about the strength of the U.S. economy and changes in the bond markets, factors which tend to have a greater impact on interest rates that any incremental changes from a lender.

“In the grand scheme of things, small variations in interest rates aren’t so critical,” he said. “What is most important is to get the right mortgage for the situation of that person.”

26 movies for entrepreneurs

Whether it is a story of adventure, comedy or even a documentary, following tapes can inspire any business owner.

No one said that being an entrepreneur is easy. A million obstacles may be in your way every day. The naysayers and budget problems may be sufficient to make the average person raise the white flag.

But you are not the average person: you’re an entrepreneur. That means that even when times are tough, you’re going to move forward.

Even so, all this talk about starting a business becomes very overwhelming; take a break and looking for more reasons. And what better way to find inspiration by watching movies? Whether a rewarding adventure, an irreverent comedy or a documentary that makes you ponder, a film can inspire and motivate the owner of a business. With that in mind, there are eleven films that every entrepreneur has to do. Thus, click to watch movies online for free full movie.

1. Social Networking (The Social Network)
A success at the box office was no surprise that this film was when it came out in 2010. After all, everyone wanted to see how Mark Zuckerberg went from being a Harvard student to a young man capable of launching the world’s most popular social network.

Why see it? Not take into account that it was overly dramatized. The film gives viewers a better understanding of how make a startup to succeed when displaying certain qualities such as flexible and resistant. Whenever I see this tape, it motivates me to be a better entrepreneur.

2 success at any price (Glengarry Glen Ross)
Based on the winning work of the Davil Pulitzer Mamet, this film explores the ruthless world of real estate of Chicago. Closer look at the lies and betrayals that people only supports to succeed in business.

Why see it? Unfortunately, the business world can be brutal, something that you will learn if you’re a seller. This 1992 film illustrates what so vicious may be the world.

3. Pirates of Silicon Valey (Pirates of Silicon Valley)
This film was made for television and was released in 1999. It covers the early days of the core technology of the United States and the subsequent lifting of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.This film, documentary style, gives us an interesting vision of the founders of Microsoft and Apple.

Why see it? Entrepreneurs are still seeking inspiration from these two iconic “pirates”. It definitely provides points to learn and take into account.

4 Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane)
If you’re not an entrepreneur, you have to see this masterpiece of Orson Wells in 1941. Film touches the life of a fictional character, Charles Foster Kane, a media mogul William Randolph Hearst-based and their quest for fortune and power. In the end, Kane understands what is really important in life.

Why see it? While launching a successful business is the goal of every entrepreneur, it is not the only goal in life.

5. in search of happiness (The Pursuit of Happyness) – sic. The Pursuit of Happiness -
Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, this tape Will Smith is one of the most encouraging and motivating for entrepreneurs. If it doesn’t you nothing seeing Chris and his son strive to achieve their dreams, then probably you are not ready to fight for your dreams.

Why see it? Although he was homeless and struggled to provide for his son, Chris never surrendered it to get what I wanted. That passion and sacrifice is something that every entrepreneur should be willing to give.

6 Moneyball: The game of Fortune (Moneyball)
You don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy the role of Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the general of the Atléticos de Oakland Manager. Since the team did not have funding to spend on players, Beane had to discover a unique way to compete.

Why see it? Beane had to be innovative. That’s one of the best known qualities of entrepreneurs: to realize how to do something better. Beane never ignored the pessimists or abandoned his vision.

7 Rocky
This is another film that everyone should see at least once. Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in the story of Rocky Balboa, a man who fights against Apollo Creed to be heavyweight champion.

Why see it? Although the world tells you that you will never have the opportunity to be successful, it continues to struggle. That competitive spirit can take you far. You challenge to listen the classic Bill Conti and not to motivate you.

8. the power and greed (Wall Street)
In 1987, the director Oliver Stone made Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) one of the characters most infames in cinema history with the phrase “greed is good”. The film focuses on the decisions illegal and unethical made by Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) to become a millionaire as Gekko, a corporate invader.

Why see it? You don’t sell only for the money. Remember, being an entrepreneur is not only about becoming rich and famous.

9. Jerry Maguire, love and challenge (Jerry Maguire)
The main character Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) had it all: a great career, many friends and a beautiful fiancée. One day, had an epiphany: sports agents should not be seeking more money but a way to take better care of their customers. Jerry loses everything and adventure on a trip to recover what they lost.

Why see it? When you follow a dream, everything else will fit perfectly both professionally and personally. Jerry Maguire eventually learn this valuable lesson.

10 tangles of office (Office Space)
This 1999 Mike Judge comedy, focuses on Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), who is eventually given account that hates to sit in a cubicle and taking orders from his terrible boss Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).

Why see it? Every entrepreneur hates working for someone else and can sometimes go to extremes to be fired: I’m not saying that you do something, you could go to jail.

This 2001 documentary follows the rising and falling of a promising startup calledGoveWorks. While there was much noise and financing for the company, the founders had to deal with internal disputes and a sprawl.

Why see it? There are many things that you can get out of this tape. First all, illustrates the damaging it can be when the partners are not on the same page. Another lesson is to know how to handle the budget once you aseguraste the investment.

12 flashes of genius (Flash of Genius)
Greg Kinnear portrays Bob Kearns, the inventor of the windshield wipers. While Detroit manufacturers accepted the idea, Kearns never receives credit for the same. The rest of the tape has its battle against corporate.

Why see it? It will help you see the important thing is that a product or service will improve the lives of others, while not receiving fame and fortune. It emphasizes protecting the idea and intellectual property.

13 death at midnight (Gosford Park)
This mystery of Robert Altman film might not be the most obvious choice, but is it sufficiently entertaining to keep you on the edge of your seat. But most importantly…

Why see it? Do happy people, giving them a great service, it is important in any business. The character of Helen Mirren says it perfectly: “what gift you think that it separates a good servant of others? It is the anticipation. I am a good maid, I am better that good, I am the best, I am the perfect maid. I know when they hunger and the food will be ready. I know when you are tired and the bed is ready. I’ll know it until they know it”.

14 Steve Jobs: one last thing (Steve Jobs: One last thing)
PBS, American public television station, took out this documentary little since Jobs passed away in 2011. Captures the highs and lows of one of the most influential entrepreneurs that has existed.

Why see it? You can never learn enough of the life and career of this great entrepreneur.

15. The Godfather (The Godfather)
Here is another film that everyone should see at least once in your life. Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 masterpiece is one of the best films in the history of cinema.

Why see it? For a moment, you forget the fact that is a tape of organized crime. Instead, learn how Michael Corleone (A Al Pacino) took a small part of the family business and transformed it into one of the most powerful and influential of the country families. The Godfather illustrates perfectly what it takes to get to the top and how to stay there.

16 business risky (Risky Business)
In 1983, Tom Cruise became an icon of pop culture after slipping on the floor with a pair of socks and a shirt’s buttons. Although I was having fun when I had the House for him only, things go control once you star the Porsche his dad.

Why see it? The character of Cruise, Joel, have to think quickly about how to raise money to repair the car. Sometimes the best ideas come when we are desperate.

17 wars of beer (Beer Wars)
This 2009 documentary follows a group of friends trying to overcome the large breweries launched its own beer factory.

Why see it? It is challenging to be successful when you enter an established market. However, the lesson we took from here is to know the audience that your product will be much better than the competition.

18 love nonstop (Up in the Air)
George Clooney and Anna Kendrick were phenomenal in this film. The story focuses on Ryan Bingham, who is hired to travel around United States and lay off people. Kendrick plays Natalie Keener, the person who is trying to change this tactic through technology.

Why see it? Clooney’s character is efficient and is carried away by the idea of not to destroy people. However, the most important lesson (learn the character of Kendrick) is that sometimes it is better to understand the business model before playing with it.

19 session 9 (Session 9)
In this 2009 horror/mystery film, an entrepreneur in the asbestos removal business takes a questionable in an abandoned hospital work, while there is where people facing various situations terrifying and chilling.

Why see it? Sometimes, although the pay is good, you should not accept certain offers.

20. the call of the entrepreneur (Call of the Entrepreneur)
This inspiring documentary of 2007 follows three drivers, a banker, a milk producer, and a refugee from China.

Why see it? Nothing gets better than see these three men from different parts of the world risk all to follow their dreams. If they can by what you don’t?

21 cocktail (Cocktail)
Another Tom Cruise movie. This is a culpable pleasure of 1988 in which follow Brian Flanagan on his trip to open his own bar, despite all the obstacles in the way.

Why see it? To begin with, it is funny. But, as an entrepreneur, there are many things that you are going to love this film. Flanagan tries to follow what the books say, take business classes and read guides on how to start a successful business. But when he really learns something is when it gets behind the bar of the bar and discover what customers want to be the best bartender in the city. It also has a mentor who is not afraid to show you the tricks of the Exchange as well as the difficulties that will face.

22 October sky (October Sky)
Homer Hickman, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and his friends have the goal of building his own rocket after the successful launch of Sputnik.

Unfortunately, it is not supported by the people of the town since it is expected that young people become miners. With passion and help from their teacher (Laura Dern), they reach the stars.

Why see it? You should always pursue your dreams, no matter what you say. You will never go wrong with a mentor that you a push.

23 Tommy Boy
After losing his father, Tommy Callahan (Chris Farley) and an employee (David Spade) leave travel to save his family’s business. Why see it? Tommy never surrenders, no matter what difficult matching things. Although it seems that you’ve lost all hope, Tommy meets its domestic seller and realizes how to save the day. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to want to pay all the time. Don’t do it, go ahead!

24 Something historical
This is a documentary that shows the perspective of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist.

Why see it? Understand the thought process of these capitalists can be a chart useful for when looking for financing.

25. the new American dream (Boiler Room)
You can tell that this is an updated version of power and greed (Wall Street), which means showing the extremes to which people can come to have a fortune, especially when it comes to the stock market. At the end of the tape, however, Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) discovers that having lots of money at the expense of the hard work of others is not a way of life.

Why see it? Again, money is not the most important thing and this film proves that having financial success is not ultimate. It also illustrates that you can trigger your inner seller when you have a goal.

26. the Wolf of Wall Street (the Wolf of Wall Street)
This film directed by Martin Scorsese and it tells the story of the New York broker, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), is perhaps the best example of what greed and excesses can do with a successful person.

Why see it? Noteworthy is the passion of Belfort and their security in itself and in its work.There are countless reasons why this tape is perfect for entrepreneurs, teaches us to sell, to have security as leaders and, among other things, to recognize the talent of the people you know.

3 reasons to hire a business insurance

SMEs are an important part of the country, so they should be protected against any incident with an insurance company . As well as personal insurance such as Personal injury lawyer boynton beach, people do not believe in SMEs protected with a business insurance to protect your assets, lack of culture make sure to avoid economic embezzlement in the pocket, is present in all sectors of our society, Here are three reasons why if you have a business you should hire a business insurance.

  1. Security: 8 out of 10 companies (SMEs) are closed during its first year of operation, mainly due to lack of financial protection against critical situations. There are easily accessible instruments, such as business insurance specially designed to support finance and operation small and medium enterprises there policies that provide coverage for property (fire, wind, theft, etc.), liability (injury of a person in the company or because of their product), suspension of the activities of the company and in some cases, coverage against accidents. The components of each policy are different, therefore, make sure your policy includes all necessary components for your company.
  2. Tranquility: Small and medium enterprises constitute 97% of the companies in Mexico and generate about 79% of all jobs, so the strength of its operations is vital to the functioning of the country. However, 90% of them do not have insurance companies to protect them financially. Today workers can have the comfort of being protected, as several insurers offer insurance designed for enterprise employees, including life insurance, damage for retirement or liability. Like if the strength of the company is in the fleet of cars, there are exclusive choches sure that not only protects the company but also the drivers or people going inside. This type insurance many times cause more loyalty of workers to know they are protected by one means or another. There is also the option of business insurance via payroll that are offered to employees so they can also provide protection for his family, which They will gradually discounting their payroll without being a payment of pocket. These can be life insurance, retirement or medical expenses.
  3. Protection: The 95 percent of small and medium enterprises do not have any type of business insurance that protects your investment in case of theft or a natural disaster there policies tailored to each company, because their characteristics depend on both the turn in which they operate as well as size and location. A business must be protected against fire, explosion, earthquake, weather phenomena like hurricanes, floods besides stormy winds that often occur in parts of the country. Insurance Protection Real Business is a comprehensive plan that adapts to the needs of protection each company or industry against various risks to which they are exposed and the responsibilities arising from its own operation.The assets of the company seek protection against risks such as fire, lightning, explosion, etc. It is convenient to have business insurance professionals. Who perform this function are known as brokers or individuals. These are insurance agents who know the advantages, details and characteristics of the different plans offered by insurers.

Halal food, a business that goes beyond the Muslim world

Cordoba hosts a Conference to address how the halal rite is present in other aspects of life, beyond the food.

Los propietarios de una carnicería 'halal' preparan corderos sacrificados mediante este rito. EFE/Archivo. Robin Townsend
Prepared by the owners of a “halal” slaughter lambs slaughtered by means of this rite. WireImage. Robin Townsend

The term “halal” is still a stranger in Spain, commonly associated with food, although it includes other aspects such as business, economics, and healthy relationships with the environment, and, above all, despite the fact that, in terms of profitability, growing annually at a rate $ 3 trillion. The market, such as abstract entity, does not distinguish in this case of religions, and business halal, which obviously part of the Muslim world, little by little is has been installed in the Western countries and Indonesian food Singapore.

In Spain not so much, but to consolidate it, Cordoba celebrates these days the International Congress “Halal, a global concept”.

“Halal is not just for Muslims, but for people who want in his life parameters of healthy eating and balanced life,” explains the Director of the Institute of Halal, Isabel Romero, who adds that, only in Spain, in addition to the two million Muslims who participate in this lifestyle, there are another 20 per cent of non-Islamic consumers.

Halal: a growing business

Exterior del restaurante cordobés con certificación halal. Foto: EFE / Rafa Alcaide

In fact, only in the Spanish market generates a business volume increased, around 1,000 million euros, and has 300 industries and more than 500 factories, which producemore than 600 products of all kinds, exportable to some 60 countries.

Proof of this is that these days in Cordoba about 70 experts from more than 40 countriesparticipating in a Congress that is conceived as a space for shared reflection from which offer an overview of all the scopes that can deal with halal, as a prelude to future congresses monographs of each of them.

And is made in Córdoba because, according to Romero, this city is “a reference for the world Muslim city of knowledge, science and culture, and it is time again to Córdoba and Islam on those parameters and not others”.

In addition, adds that Cordoba in power can provide virtually everything, besides knowledge through the University, so the city was “the perfect place” from where to boot a halal for Spain project.

The international standardization

These days the speakers are addressing issues such as standardization international market halal, the possibilities of tourism and food in this field, the role of these practices in society and the media, and the behaviour of banking and Islamic finance.

In this last aspect, for example, Islam imposes three prohibitions, the payment of interest, embark on excessive risk-taking and speculation.

Experts believe that even missing a so strong market in-depth projects

“Halal is a way of understanding the economy, more balanced, more solidarity , and just”, specifies Romero, conversa Muslim and President of the Islamic Junta, which believes that by its particular and historical conditions, Spain and Córdoba can be strong in this market, although you miss more strength in one respect, the research.

In this connection, points out that, although in Cordoba and other universities already have been running courses, there are still Fund projects on a so strong market.

Because, until recently, many Muslim tourists did not have spaces in them that eating according to Islamic law, and it was common, therefore, is to bring their certified products in his trips to Spain, as when the Spaniards take ham vacuum in his travels abroad.

Finally and ultimately concludes Serrano, the halal is a “life style”, which has so much to do with what is allowed from a religious point of view, and everything that helps human beings to live better.

Band Saw play an important role in manufacturing industry

Introduction to Band Saws

Introduction of Band Saw



The bandsaw, saw banner, also called huincha saw, is a tool of pedal or electric owning a metal band gear, flexible, long and narrow. The band moves on two wheels that are in the same vertical plane with a space between them. These saws can be used in the works of carpentry and metalwork, as well as to cut different materials, and are very useful in cutting irregular shapes.

This machine is composed of a frame, in the form of gooseneck, supporting two steering wheels balanced and overlapping in the same vertical plane and about which enclosed a sheet saw worm called tape.

Types of band saw

The market offers three types of bandsaw, each with features and specific, according to a type of special work: manual, semi-automatic and automatic, making horizontal, vertical and angle cuts, and which in turn are classified into:

  • Metal cutting band saws: They are those that require a refrigerant to go providing constantly on the band saw blade, while maintaining the saw at low temperature and, in turn, to prevent overheating which cause defects in the courts and shorten the period of useful life of the blade. The lack of refrigeration also produces a slower Court.
  • Band saw blades for wood cutting: It consists of a toothed highly flexible metal sheet that is cut and welded according to diameter of wheels of the machine. It produces cutting continued sliding on the workpiece to be cut.
  • Saws, automated tape: They are those who manage preset power-speed, reverse and clamping of parts. They are usually employed in work environments where it is not convenient to have an operator of machinery for each device. Some of these saws work using a computer numeric control for more accurate cuts.

A band saw parts

The bandsaw comprises seven key parts and these are:

  • Tape: It is that made the cut. It is a sheet with teeth locked up the sides and welded in special machines to the specific length of each machine.
  • Engine: It is which moving machine handwheels, determining the power of them.
  • Flyers: They are balanced in the same plane, which can be horizontal or vertical and which is placed on the saw or blade Auger. The main wheel receives the impulse of the engine and the secondary is dragged by the saw blade screw.
  • Guides: These devices, as its name implies, guide and align the tape when you are in operation with the purpose that does not twist or suffer cracks that might lead to its breakage.
  • Hydraulic pumps: They are which supplied the necessary strength to semi-automatic and automatic machines for packaging presses and cutting head.
  • Cooling pumps: Pump coolant so that this in turn cool and lubricate the tape during the cut.
  • Presses: They exert pressure on the material being cut to make precise cuts.



It is recalled that the entire tape should be protected exposing only the part of the tape that is going to make the cut. The State of the tape should be good and should not be worn. You must use tape for the material that you want to cut.

Belt tension: stress on the tape is very important. When evil pulling the tape on a bandsaw, we will have some problems. In the event that the belt tension is insufficient, we will get bad endings, devious cuts and premature wear of the tape. In the case of envelope stress the tape, can achieve cracking tape. There are tension gauges or monitors of Ribbon leaves, to achieve proper tension.

The use of gloves and safety glasses is fundamental. Verify that the electrical installation is in optimal conditions. The tape must be in excellent conditions, for safety reasons, beyond to achieve a good result.

Soundproofing of premises: first step for the success of the business

Insonorización de locales

Why soundproof a room has to be the first step?

Because for a bar, a restaurant, a pub, a café can develop their activity and become a successful business it is necessary that has the demanded sound insulation that ensures their coexistence with adjoining neighbors to avoid any nuisance by noise to them. It is important to highlight that a room that does not have the appropriate soundproofing corrective measures would transmit noise and vibration to the adjoining rooms (housing, offices and communal areas of buildings, etc.) endangering the continuity of the activity due to the more than possible to order closure of the establishment.

Because to obtain necessary licenses and permits , it is indispensable to perform an acoustic audit that certifying both the soundproofing of the local and the transmission level of noise generated by the activity to comply with the limits laid down in the applicable legislation. To obtain a favourable acoustic audit , it is necessary to do the soundproofing of the premises according to the requirements for each type of activity.

Because If the room is not soundproof and have complaints of residents due to discomfort from noise and vibration or acoustic auditing is not favorable you will need to close and will be obliged to make the sound-proofing of the local to resume activity. In this case the sound-proofing of the local will be much more expensive for several reasons:

First and perhaps the most obvious reason is that you stop generating income due to the cessation of the activity. Furthermore it is possible that you have to continue dealing with part of the costs, for example the local rental.

Another factor to keep in mind is that to soundproofing a room that is already mounted it is to remove it completely or partially. According to the demands of soundproofing for each type of activity, you will need to remove the false ceiling, electrical installation, the installation of air conditioning, the local bar, baths, floor, decoration, etc losing a very important part of the investment that was initially and that also once local soundproofing is made to be able to open it will be necessary to perform.

Because there are many locals who we find that since they have not done the soundproofing initially and have to be done in way obliged with the consequences described above or close down, we recommend performing the soundproofing of the local first to avoid unpleasant surprises and above all unnecessary costs that can jeopardize the viability of the business.

Interior is a secondary glazing company based in London, that is a reliable and recommend address for entrepreneurs who firstly start their business to visit.

Villa for rent – a boom in economy

The real estate boom of recent years was accompanied on villas by a phenomenon of precarious buildings of two or three floors.Progress, coupled with the impossibility of access to decent housing for low-income sectors, enabled the growth of an informal real estate market that regulates access to the villas.

Today, a room with shared bathroom and kitchen in villas in Mauritius ranges between $1,000 and $2,000, while in neighborhoods such as flowers, Constitution, Lugano and Villa Luro by a lower amount can rent a studio apartment with all services.

So you could check it profile in a tour of various real estate properties working with properties of few square meters in some of these areas. The company Brick properties, for example, offers a studio apartment on avenida Entre Ríos, between Venezuela and Belgrano – Congress-to $1,400. The real estate Loria renting a similar apartment in Montevideo to 500 – City Centre – to $1,500. Even lower prices can be found on websites of the sector: the portal Argenprop published properties of an environment from the $ 1,300 in election districts.

According to data from the Annual survey of households, 30% of the inhabitants of the villages are tenants. It is the case of Amílcar González, inhabitant of villas in Mauritius of Retiro, not by choice but because they have no other option. “A warranty I need to go to another neighborhood. As I don’t have it, take advantage with what we charge for a rental, he says resignedly. The case of Amilcar is replicated on hundreds of people who pay amounts greater than $1,500 per room for their families, in general.

“Rents are more expensive near the accesses, because it is the safest area,” said Juan Romero, another neighbor of villas in Mauritius. The variation of prices is mainly, due to the size and location of the piece. In the case of this settlement, the proximity to the city centre and access to means of transport affect the cost of rentals.

The villa does not escape the real estate speculation: in the settlements it is possible to find owners with more than fifty rooms on rent.

A report by the NGO roof says that in the city there are 76.300 families living in 56 villas. The figures reflect the complexity of a problem that worsened during the last few years. In 2008, Habitat for humanity Argentina (HPHA) conducted a study in tenement houses, pensions and hotels. The results showed that tenants paying market value prices homes – in many cases, built without assistance professional-that is driven by the use of precarious materials and lack of services.

“Families have, in some cases, the requirements for such rent in tenement houses include three months in advance, payment of expense, owner warranty of a direct family member and pay stubs with at least six months old,” says Ariel Sosa, program coordinator of HPHA. In addition, if the House is in poor condition or there are debts for services, tenants face charges.

In tenement houses and pensions, the rental of a room of material with bathroom shared round the $ 2,000, while a quarter of wood and veneer costs around $900. In contrast to these places, arrangement for access to a room in a villa does not require any documentation that you endorse the situation of the tenant.

“The problem is not building homes, the problem is to regulate markets,” says Raúl Fernández Wagner, architect specialized in housing technology. And it highlights the need to rethink the distribution of properties. “In Buenos Aires, the housing deficit round 140 thousand households, while, as a counterpart, the last census indicates we have over 340 thousand vacant properties”, he explains. Fernández Wagner raises the need to create a system of subsidized social rentals: “If there is a population that can pay between $1,500 and $2,000 for a quarter, with credit policies and housing appropriate persons could access departments elsewhere”, says the urban planner.

The bad business of life insurance

In the US, the securitization of the benefits of these financial products has not been well received; the great secret of these instruments is that, if you are alive, you will not receive the money to spend.

The baby boomers represent a great market opportunity, and therefore a great opportunity of investment. Some could become very rich over the last six decades (in a very predictable fashion) on investing in companies within the business of clothes for baby, nappies, shoes for child, stationery for school, camping equipment for the summer, University, health centers, plastic surgeries, medical clinics, and finally, in a nursing home. So it should be no surprise that now that the boomers are 60 years of age, the business of death will eventually become a topic of heavy investment.

The securitization of program benefits of death of Wall Street, the cousin of sick program of securitization of mortgages, has not been well received by the media, but individuals have resorted to it. In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that investors bought 12,000 million in insurance to third parties in 2008.

But they are being duped by the banks once more. The journal tells the story of Bruce Porter, an 81 year old man who rushed to the hospital when he thought that he was suffering a heart attack. While recovering (wasn’t a heart attack) visited him his insurance agent, who told him that his poor health was good news, as it had now achieved thatyour life insurance policy of $ 6 million would be very marketable. Mr. Porter had bought the policy with the purpose of selling it to an investor, rather than an investor in particular, just one of the army of experts with open checkbooks ready to collect it after the final judgment.

Fortunately Mr. Porter’s health improved. Instead of finding a buyer for your policy, Porter ended up having to pay overdue premiums of $ 25,000 per month and is tied to a bank loan guaranteed personal of 650,000 dollars that ensures the policy. Now sued its insurance agent, alleging that he was poorly advised on policy and marketing ability.

We don’t know who was the Victor in this sad story. To begin with, is the society that pathetically devalues the lives of its members, to such an extent that make his death trade. As for the regulation of insurance, controlled according to the State, if a person can not buy premium life insurance mississauga to another without a legitimate insurable interest, is purchasing insurance for yourself with the intention of sharing it a fraud?

Seems that Mr. Porter is the main culprit by rushing to invest money in his own death, and history shows that a wave of older people, all with better health than expected, are suing the insurance companies, agents and banks involved in the failed investment in life insurance policies.

The great secret of life insurance is that if you’re alive, you won’t have the money to spend, and if you have the money to spend, are not alive. It is a dilemma that only investment banker can solve.

Capitalize on despair

This market was born from the tragic needs of the terminally ill that had been left without resources. Frequently, the only way to be able to spend his last days with some dignity (and without finishing his family savings) is to sell your policy of life insurance in what is known as per diem agreement.

A policy premium final for an 80-year-old man is far above that of a man of 30 years, and the assistance of agent commissions are much higher, but we wonder if these policies distort the base of insurance forms disadvantageous for other holders of policies. No matter what are the benefits for the insurance industry, this business could be argued as a paradigm of the form in which improper speculation twists the dynamics of the market. Finally, we are surprised that this is not prohibited by law in any State in the United States.

We could defend speculators taking other side of legitimate hedges transactions: contracts in commodities such as sugar, cotton, and soybeans would not be feasible in many cases for the lubricant of speculative money. The first question that the market economists and regulators should be is what is the natural level of prices and liquidity, and how much is distorted in the speculation. The life insurance industry can offer a direct laboratory to see the effects of improper speculation, i.e., speculation in which there are no other legitimate side in the trade.

Bruce Porter did not have a legitimate interest in securing his own life. Its sole purpose was to give his policy to an investor. It’s like people who buy several departments during the housing bubble. Similar to the units under foreclosures clogging the market, these toxic life insurance policies are equivalent to the properties whose owners never intended to live in them: their entire economic value is floating.

Interestingly, sell death benefits produces unique inversion of values that come with a warranty: seller will die. But many people who bought expensive insurance policies to cover his own life are discovering that even in a trade with a guaranteed result, price matters.

The dental clinics in Spain, a business expanding

While the crisis is throwing close to shops in all Spain, increases the supply of dental clinics. A boom they contribute franchises and medical insurers, who do not want to stay on the sidelines.

There is an explanation: Spanishes are more going to the dentist and visit website about cosmetic dentistry. About 80% of the adult population has an oral problem that requires treatment. Went for health and aesthetics. A clear example is the success of the orthodontics among adults; another, the teeth whitening.

That increased interest in health oral addition to an oversupply of professionals across the country, which is finding an outlet in chains franchises managed by business groups.

The profitability factor was decisive in the commitment of insurers, immersed in the past years in a process of opening of clinics, property or franchise. It is a profitable investment, it has nothing to do with the hospital figures, explains Héctor Tafalla, President of the National Association of self-employed dentists (ANDA). Hence the expansion. According to his calculations, mount a standard dental clinic ranges between 150,000 and 250,000 euros, investment exceeding quantities who manage the franchises and may be in the vicinity of the 350,000 euros.

The orthodontics of 21st century industry competes with establishments at street and commercial promotions ranging from free treatment, discounts and advantageous financing. For many, the phenomenon reminds staged that in his day the optics, which evolved from a health concept pure and hard to fashion accessories.

Spain is the fourth market dental in Europe, behind Germany, Italy and France, according to the latest data available, 2012, of the Association of dental deposits in Europe (ADDE). According to this research, dental expenditure in our country stands at 472 million euros, almost five times less than the German and almost half Italian and French.

In reality, no great differences between the rates in a standard clinical and franchise centers, ensures Tafalla, while acknowledging that these have prices lure in certain treatments, for example, cleaning of mouth free, that self-employed dentists cannot compete.

Vitaldent was a pioneer in 1989 to open clinics at street. Today is a multinational with presence in Spain and Italy and near 400 centres across the country. Offers, among other promotions, free diagnosis, guarantees of life and benefits in payment for their services.

Nine years later, Unidental, of the Dentalliance group, opened the first clinic with your brand. Currently the network consists of more than 160 clinics, including 49 own and partner, and the rest franchised. Among other promotions, the company offers flat rates in orthodontics (from 55 euros per month) and implants (18 euros per month) or discounts that reach 30% in treatments, as well as the study and free orthodontic diagnosis.

Dentix, a network consisting of 33 centers of health and cosmetic dentistry scattered across Spain, is one of the most active in opening of clinics. Announces dental implants from 222 euros and offers financing up to 60 months with no input and up to 36 months without input and interests.

Medical insurers have also found a business opportunity in dental health. He is expected that large companies in the industry will increase its offer in 250 clinics until 2015. SegurCaixa Adeslas has invested 31 billion to expand its network in 72 clinics. You sanitas, Meanwhile, has a plan to enhance your dental business in all Spain, which will involve a total investment of 70 million euros until 2014 and will reach the figure of 200 Millenium dental centers this year.

The race has joined DKV, which provides for open 60 centers by 2015. Asisa has also supported dental supply to grow. During 2013 has opened a dozen clinics, own and concerted, in the community of Madrid, as well as a dental Centre in Barcelona. And Mapfre has also made its commitment, with the opening in Madrid at the first two clinics Dental Health 4 2013, entirely dedicated to dental care.

Policies from 10 euro per month

SegurCaixa Adeslas offers discounts of 10% in the insurance Adeslas Dental active policy. By 10.5 euros per month the insured has free access to basic dental services. You sanitas Dental, from 9.90 euro per month, includes more than 50 services and discounts up to 40% in other treatments. DKV Integral includes dental policy, from 32 euros per month. MAPFRE offers policies from 65 euros per year. The policy include dental benefits free for minors of 15 years, except orthodontics. Policyholders in Asisa health products can access its clinics Dental Asisa 7,05 EUR per person and month (9,87 euros for non-members).


Everything you need to know to buy or sell a used car

Todo lo que debes saber para comprar o vender un coche usado

Buy or sell a used car can be cumbersome; First, choose well, then the procedures, prevent fraud, know how much to pay, or ask… Then we give you a few tips that will be useful wing time to buy or sell a used vehicle

1. Always requests a vehicle report:
You can order it at any traffic headquarters, it will cost you € 8.20 and you will jump at the time; or in an agency, where will charge you € 20 and 24 h approximately, will be sent you to your email account.This document appears, among other data, the date in which the car for the first time – was registered it so you can make sure that unit-real antiquity, what ITVs has passed, if you have pending charges, the use for which was registered – private, rental, taxi, of learning or of driving car–and the name of all owners including the current one. For this reason, will serve to check several issues:

A. If the person who sold you the car – and is going to sign the contract of sale – is really the owner. If it is a mere intermediary – it can occur in the case of sales selling a private – car, then not you can claim anything.

B. If the vehicle does not have pending charges, such as:

  1. Reserve domain. It’s a clause, whose existence is very common in cars whose first purchase has been financed, which prevents its sale… until you are not paid full credit to the Bank or financial. “Eye, because if the seller has not canceled it – may be because money still due to the financial or has forgotten to do so-, traffic will not transfer the vehicle on your behalf until you cancel. “The worst thing is that if you buy a car without checking it and the seller does not want to pay what you owe to the financial, you must do it: is the only way that car is put on your behalf”, warns Olga Muñoz, responsible for management of CEA.
  2. The embargo for non-payment of any fines or non-payment of fines very serious – as alcohol, driving reckless…-. If the seller of the vehicle imposed her sanctions for very serious offences and € has not paid them or traffic has come to garnish your account for non-payment of any fine, the car may not be transferred to your name unless the seller pay them.
  3. Payment of the tax on movement of the previous year. I.e. If you want to buy a car in 2014, the seller should be aware of the payment of the tax in 2013. If it is not, the vehicle may not be put to your name, until someone paid it: the seller € or yourself.  

C. If the car has the ITV day. Eye, because although traffic already handles the change in the ownership of vehicles that have not passed the ITV correspondent, if that is the case of the car that you buy, the registration certificate in your name will not be valid until you pass. Do it as soon as possible because that means that if you city that vehicle and you stop, they can punish you for going with the expired ITV – means of sanction – 200e and, also, do so with a registration certificate has no validity – fine-80e.

2 remember who pays according to costs.
Keep in mind that the buyer is usually responsible for payment of the tax for transmission of assets – representing 4% of the value of the car, according to finance-pay rates of sale of a car in the DGT – 52, 8e – and agency – about 120e, costs if the purchase is made through one-; but the payment of these expenses can be negotiated – in addition, if the ITV of the car is about to expire, weighs ask the seller to do you a rebate equal to the cost of the same one.Moreover, the seller will always have to pay the current year municipal road tax: has to pay anyone to date car owner on January 1.

3 – Finally, and it recommended the DGT, never deliver a vehicle without having in your hands the contract of sale or a photocopy of it – if you sell to a particular – or invoice – if you give it to a sale – and a photocopy of the DNl – or NIES if they are natural persons, or CIF, if they are companies.In addition, to avoid problems with potential fines, indicates to the purchaser that, within 15 days, forward you a copy of the registration certificate stating that the vehicle is already to his name. If it does not on that date – and to avoid problems-, go to your headquarters to communicate that you’ve sold the vehicle: you will have to request the printed ´de venta´ notification, pay a fee of € 8.20, and present your ID card and a copy of the contract of sale indicating the ID of the buyer.


If you buy a car to a private individual, you will have to pay, as property transfer tax, 4% of the valuation of this car – the figure provides it finance from own tables; you can find those of 2014 in the Official Gazette. Some individuals prefer to put in the contract priced below markup by Treasury to pay less taxes, but… what usually happens? Maybe that Treasury notified, few months later, which has inspected the contract and paid in taxes is not correct, requesting the buyer the payment of the actual amount… more surcharge – to round 20%-. Why not we advise it you.

Modelo de contrato de compra-venta de coche entre particularesWhat must have, at a minimum, a contract of sale

Online, you’ll find plenty of sales contracts, but eye, because many do not reflect all the requirements that would be desirable – for example, from the DGT recommended to record in the contract of the time at which the vehicle is delivered, so that, if the car is punished the same day, is evidence of a name of who was at the time of the penalty. We provide, so you download it directly – remember to print it by duplicate–one of the most complete sales contracts, carried out in collaboration with the Agency online – information on auto occasion usagé.


  • Least. At the beginning of the contract should include the date of the transaction, both parties – with name, DNI, address…-personal data.
  • What add to avoid problems. It is important that contained the vehicle data that sells: brand and model, displacement, registration, Vin, mileage marks at the time of the sale and, if any, extras that includes.


  • Least. A second section should appear in that the buyer has reviewed the car accepts the State in which it is; any defect – mechanic, painting, any item that is broken or missing…-will be shown in detail.
  • What add to avoid problems. Let a mechanic inspect the vehicle – will cost you from 60e/hour – and detail in a document annexed to the contract and also signed by seller and buyer, the State of the main mechanical elements of the car: bodywork, engine, shift, clutch, address, tires… Thus, as seller will avoid any future claims and as a buyer you have the safety of the car in good condition.



  1. Application: it is a form provided on traffic – free – or that you can download from and which must complete and sign the buyer and the seller.
  2. ID – card or passport or NIES – original photocopy of the document of the seller and the buyer.
  3. Documentation of the vehicle, the sheet and the original of the registration certificate.
  4. Contract of sale with the signature of seller and buyer. Remember that to carry out this management, before you’ve had to go to the Inland Revenue of your ACS. where, by presenting the above-mentioned documentation, you will have to pay the property transfer tax – filling model 620-corresponding to that vehicle.


  1. Photocopy of ID – Passport or NIES – buyer and seller – the Agency ask you the originals to collate them.
  2. Documentation of the vehicle – see ´Si go to trafico´. The contract will be signed in the own agency. In case of agencies online, will request you you send them by e-mail documentation and signed contract. Please note that to go to certain headquarters *, it is necessary to request appointment through“means a delay of approx. 15 days”, says Muñoz. That Yes, if you go to traffic, will facilitate you the final registration certificate; whereas if you go to an agency, you daram interim one: the definitive sent you it to your House “in approximately” one week.

LONG eye: The SCAMS that you should be careful

    Check out the transfer of the company on your behalf car consisting in the contract. If the previous owner – which is the ´vendio´ to the sale – won’t have right to any guarantee, it is ´legalmente´ of a sale between individuals: only cars sold by companies must have, by law, one year warranty.
    It is one of the most common ´despistes´: no record in the contract of the kiloemtros contained in the odometer at the time of purchase. If then you find the odometer was manipuulado – and that the car has more – won’t have any evidence for claim to the seller that you compensate for this… or accuse you of ´estafa´: eye, only you can do this if you consists that it did.
    In recent years, and with the crisis, has become relatively common to ´vendedores pirata´ – individuals who sold cars on the street – intermediaries to make and sell a car which, in reality, his name is not. If you find this case, withdraws from the purchase: not be able claim them nothing, since they do not appear in the contract.


    Any claim must make it directly to her, talking to the commercial. If they ignore you, fill in the settlement sheet of claims and report your case to the body’s consumption of your town hall or community – national consumption Institute web you will find how to do it successfully.
    The situation is complicated: legally, you have six months to claim due to problems in the car that you has not informed the seller – the so-called ´vicios ocultos´ *; but wear and tear elements such as wheels – are excluded. The problem? Give him, so take care of the repair. Therefore, in the majority of cases you will have to go to a lawyer.

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  • What 10 point check before buying a used car
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  • How to choose the V. O. perfect

And if you’re going to sell…

  • Which photos have to do to sell your car before
  • Avoid get ripped off on the internet to buy or sell a used vehicle

And whether you are buyer and seller ncesitaras a tool that will allow you to know the price of all and each of the models of market opportunity. In the Guide Autofacil V.O. You’ll find vehicles classified by brand, model and age – included the month of registration – and show you how you can calculate your price based on your mileage.In addition, each model will find a description and e information about emissions, strengths and weaknesses of each car, the values of purchase and sale to a dealer…

Autofacil V.O. It is made in collaboration with the multinational Iberian DAT. DAT gets more realistic estimations because gets its data at dealerships, for sale on the Internet portals… Even the National Institute of statistics relies on DAT to control the evolution of the prices of the used, and take it into account when preparing the CPI. DAT has been responsible for ratings of all models that are reflected in our guide.

How to attract the ideal job using the law of attraction

atrae el trabajo ideal

Do you motivate your work? Do you wake up every day with the joy of a person who is happy with the job that has? Do you feel accomplished and wanting to continue to prosper?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions is because you have still not found the ideal job, but you can do it if properly apply the Law of attraction. How? In three easy steps.

If you are asking yourself “how to find best jobs near me”

Many people spend hours and hours in search for the ideal job, but don’t realize that are actually attracting the opposite. Why? First of all because what they want is not the ideal job, but find it. So rather than focus on search and search, focus on results, to find. And for that before you must define what you want exactly.

Write down on paper what you are given well do, tasks you do with enthusiasm and total involvement, what kind of work would you like to have. Also scoring to what income you expect, the time that you would like to have free, how would you like to be the relationship with your teammates, you need to feel accomplished and useful… Describes, with every little detail, what is your ideal work. When you know it, it will be much easier to find it.
Then, devote massive attention and focus: take a few minutes each day to visualize that ideal job, made statements that put you on the correct frequency, create your poster of demonstration to change vibration every time you see him… Get everything that is in your hands to convince you that deserve this job and that in fact already is underway.

Keep the right attitude

“Work sweetens the life, but not all sweets like”. That phrase, said Victor Hugo, one of the most important French writers of all time.

Do you think that he hated his work? Do you think working out of obligation and unmotivated? No. And that is just the first step to attract the ideal job: have and keep the right attitude.

There are many people who are unemployed and unable to find work, others who have jobs that fail to motivate them, and others who go to work every day with a big smile and desire to conquer the world. What you think is the difference between these three kinds of people? Indeed: the attitude.

If you don’t have a job and you regret about the situation that you are living, you don’t have a correct attitude. If you think you’re not able to find the ideal job, you don’t have the right attitude. If you have a job that you don’t like and make your tasks with resentment and lame


many, not to have the right attitude. Why? Because we attract what we think, and with that attitude you are paying attention or focus to the problems you are emitting negative vibrations that say to the universe: “give me more than what I already have”.

How to change that? Begins to believe in you, trust in your abilities and possibilities, seeks to work with the certainty that you will find it and not only that: performs the search for your dream job as a necessary process that ensures you to find it.

The right attitude means optimism, think positively, focus on solutions and not think about the problems, believe in the law of attraction and oneself, be sure that you deserve that job and get the right tune.

But the right attitude also involves removing doubts, not thinking of the ways because that already handles the universe want tangible things, not wanting to make a radical economic change in a day, challenge the beliefs and respect other complementary laws such as the law of gestation.

If you know which experiences want to attract and keep the right attitude, you have almost all done. Yes, almost all, because still missing an important step: the action.

To apply the law of attraction: take action

What will you get if you think about the dream job and you think that you can do it but instead you stay sitting on the couch watching TV?

For results, it is essential to take action. Send resumes, train you to be the best candidate, salt to walk or run one hour per day to aerate the mind and relax the body, drink plenty of water to oxygenate the brain and have some clear thoughts, tell your acquaintances and friends work are in process of finding (that will help you to acquire extra motivation and, in addition, may be aware of any work!) move in environments that facilitate you to find work, surround yourself with positive people and business successes, learn from those who already got it… Every small action you take is a path to the ideal job.

Think that the universe is already fulfilling its part, now it’s your turn you fulfill yours. Is waiting… ideal work are going to miss it?
In addition to all these tips, you can read our free report that you will learn much more about the law of attraction and its performance in all areas of your life, including work.

We guarantee that if you apply all of these concepts successfully, you’ll be close by having the job you’ve always wanted. Are you going to put it all into practice? Tell us about your experiences in the comments, glad to know how you will.


The economy of the South of Morocco requires dentists, nutritionists, active tourism and training, according to Hispafrica

The real economy of the South of Morocco demands professional activities such as provision of services at the level of dentistry, trauma, eye doctors, professionals in the tourism sector and specialized training centres, Hispafrica said in a statement.

In this way, the Association explained that these are real the main demands of the economy for entrepreneurs and professionals canarios, according to the report by Canarias-Marruecos 2013 Real economy on the labor market of the Islands.

This document reflects that the “main opportunities are perfect for an entrepreneur entitled Islands you need to create a firm or a query in sectors of health care or in other fields as the active tourism to provide confidence to Canary Island interior tourism getaway or weekend seeking experiences related to the natural environment”.

Also, Hispafrica recalled that the increase in private expenditure on the population of the South of the country after the reforms undertaken in recent years with an economic growth of 5% in terms of GDP.

“Rather than talk about large business corporations, in accordance with the size of Canary firms, have to make the leap to respond to entrepreneurs with crisp, clear information because the entrepreneur is an entrepreneur and playing their money, in multiple cases, incentives from unemployment, i.e. the entrepreneur is not an employee going to poll a market”, said the report on economy Real Canarias-Marruecos 2013.

Furthermore, connectivity, Hispafrica report said that it is necessary that entrepreneurs Canaries lost the stage fright and the area south of Morocco is “ideally suited” for young people or Canaries unemployed by the limited financial ability to execute the implementation of your business.

“Is not intended to encourage emigration, but yes to supplement income since the Canarian market is saturated with such services and, with a good business strategy, quality and communication policy, they are profitable from the first moment,” said the Association.

The text adds that the presence of Royal Air Maroc, Sahara Fly and Binter Canarias bring a competitive edge to make flights prices go down and, therefore, greater mobility of entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneur does not move by boat, does in aircraft and, therefore, must let the shipping business for export; But if it is for a business or an activity that serve three days in week, for example, you need an entrepreneur is air quality, reliable, and agile”, indicates the study of Hispáfrica RSE.

In this sense it suggests that airlines that joined in Canary Islands with Morocco believe a Tarifa undertakes to promoters of business so far in unemployment that allows them, for example, the elasticity needed to travel on a permanent basis and, thus, promote corporate tourism between both markets that, “in the background is the same”.

Coffee economy and economic development in Colombia

Colombians can not forget that coffee has been one of our most important export products. Its production level is so high that commits 590 municipalities and Andean departments.

The area available for cultivation of coffee is about 3.6 million hectares and is grown on 970,000 hectares, employing families who owned the coffee grounds, and thousands of coffee pickers that make up the bulk of workers indirect and indirect situation determines that it is our industry emblem.1 Coffee is the second most valuable commodity in the world, with oil first. Worldwide, there are more than 20 million farmers located in 50 countries. The cultivated area is estimated at 11 million hectares under grain. The largest producing country is Brazil with 45.9 million bags produced in 2008 according to the statistics of the OIC, followed by Vietnam with 18.5 million bags, Indonesia with 9.35 million sacks and Colombia with 8.65 million. World production for coffee year from October to September 2007-08 was 128.5 million bags.

United States carried 26% of world imports, representing more than 130 million regular users. 30% of retail sales are through a distribution chain, and there are more than 10,000 coffee shops institutionalized as having spread the product through hundreds of franchises in the country.

Economy and accounting, their differences

While economics studies how resources are allocated to meet the needs of a company, accounting records financial and economic information. Just so you know a little more, do not miss this note.

Economics and Accounting are career management area, and may be similar. Teachers of the USMP , Walter Bazan the Professional School of Economics and Alonso Rojas of the Professional School of XERO bookkeeping software , you have what are their differences:

What is each?

Economy: It deals with how to allocate resources and analyze the relationship between these resources and social strength of a company. Accounting. He is responsible for managing financial, accounting, economic information and control of companies or organizations Where work their Professional?

Economy: Can work in companies, banks, stock exchange, microfinance, among others.

Accounting: Can work as CEO of any company, as chief accountant in the financial area, etc.
If you are interested in studying these races, you have to know that the economy  and the  Contabilidad  are careers that offer many opportunities for you in the future.

And you know, please write your  questions and comments.

Best Books of 2014 economy, the Financial Times

For ten years, the prestigious British business daily Financial Times awarded prizes to the best economics books of the year, this time in collaboration with McKinsey. And the winner of this year is none other than the volume of everyone speaks, although very few have read. It’s ‘Capital in the XXI century’, the French economist and professor at Harvard University Thomas Piketty.

Although an investigation conducted by the FT itself brought to light the many statistical errors contained in the book, which contradict the main conclusions he reaches Piketty, the jury decided to award the prize for having provoked an intense debate on the growth of inequality and ways to combat it. ‘Capital in the XXI century’ is about the long-term economic inequality, concentration of wealth, the impact of this on economic growth and what, according to the author, should the policy to correct these trends.

Among the winners is Catcher in the rye pdf free. The disturbing work Angwin, investigative journalist, explains how the government, private companies and even criminal organizations use technology to access all of our data, including the most secret, and use this knowledge to their own purposes. For lovers of conspiracy theories.

Very interesting is The Second Machine Age, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.These professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explain the economic consequences of the technological revolution taking place with machines capable of diagnosing diseases or driving cars, and how to incorporate these advances into our lives without causing any deterioration in employment or working conditions.Fundamental to prepare for technological barrage that lies ahead.

In China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa, former correspondent for The New York Times in Western Shanghai and Central Africa, Howard French, brings to light aspects of the strong economic presence, politics China’s human and throughout the ‘Black Continent’ and how it affects people, for better and for worse. For that we leave finding meaning Chinese rule.

The renowned writer and financial journalist Michael Lewis, author of hits like Poker or Liar’s big bet, is also among the winners with Flash Boys: The revolution of Wall Street against those who manipulate the market. In this book, Lewis speaks of a secret financial transactions via computer media, called high frequency trading operations, and the dangers that can be used to manipulate markets. Come, financial conspiracies another story written by an author who know the world of Wall Street and its internals, among other reasons because he worked in the now defunct investment bank Salomon Brothers.

In a very entertaining book entitled GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History, Professor of the Universidad de Manchester Diane Coyle tells why the GDP was invented and how small changes in this indicator may decide the outcome of parliamentary elections, exercise a great influence on the most important or whether a country can still access the credit or, conversely, be thrown into hell of recession policy decisions. Fundamental to understanding the world in which we live and why, for example, the European authorities have insisted both activities meter in GDP as questionable from a moral point of view as prostitution or drug trafficking.

To get to know the energy revolution that is taking place, nothing like the book by journalist of The Wall Street Journal entitled The Russell Gold Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World. The best essay to understand what is happening with the oil and its consequences.

Also on the list of winners is Innovative: The genius who invented the future, Walter Isaacson, world famous for its extraordinary biography of Steve Jobs. This time, Isaacson tells the fascinating story of the people who invented the computer and the Internet, a book destined to become the definitive history of the digital revolution and an indispensable tool for understanding how innovation really happens guide.

The list is completed with Creativity, Inc .: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration, Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace; Hack Attack: How the truth caught up With Rupert Murdoch, written by Nick Davis; book Atif Mian and Amir Sufi House of Debt: How They (and You) Caused the Great Recession, and How We Can Prevent It from Happening Again; Fragile by Design: The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit, Charles Calomiris and Stephen Haber; Shredded: Inside RBS: The Bank That Broke Britain, Ian Fraser; Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty, Daniel Schulman; The Glass Closet, John Browne, and The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers, Ben Horowitz.

Take note of all these titles, because many of those who are no longer available in Spanish can be found in our market soon.