Soundproofing of premises: first step for the success of the business

Insonorización de locales

Why soundproof a room has to be the first step?

Because for a bar, a restaurant, a pub, a café can develop their activity and become a successful business it is necessary that has the demanded sound insulation that ensures their coexistence with adjoining neighbors to avoid any nuisance by noise to them. It is important to highlight that a room that does not have the appropriate soundproofing corrective measures would transmit noise and vibration to the adjoining rooms (housing, offices and communal areas of buildings, etc.) endangering the continuity of the activity due to the more than possible to order closure of the establishment.

Because to obtain necessary licenses and permits , it is indispensable to perform an acoustic audit that certifying both the soundproofing of the local and the transmission level of noise generated by the activity to comply with the limits laid down in the applicable legislation. To obtain a favourable acoustic audit , it is necessary to do the soundproofing of the premises according to the requirements for each type of activity.

Because If the room is not soundproof and have complaints of residents due to discomfort from noise and vibration or acoustic auditing is not favorable you will need to close and will be obliged to make the sound-proofing of the local to resume activity. In this case the sound-proofing of the local will be much more expensive for several reasons:

First and perhaps the most obvious reason is that you stop generating income due to the cessation of the activity. Furthermore it is possible that you have to continue dealing with part of the costs, for example the local rental.

Another factor to keep in mind is that to soundproofing a room that is already mounted it is to remove it completely or partially. According to the demands of soundproofing for each type of activity, you will need to remove the false ceiling, electrical installation, the installation of air conditioning, the local bar, baths, floor, decoration, etc losing a very important part of the investment that was initially and that also once local soundproofing is made to be able to open it will be necessary to perform.

Because there are many locals who we find that since they have not done the soundproofing initially and have to be done in way obliged with the consequences described above or close down, we recommend performing the soundproofing of the local first to avoid unpleasant surprises and above all unnecessary costs that can jeopardize the viability of the business.

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Villa for rent – a boom in economy

The real estate boom of recent years was accompanied on villas by a phenomenon of precarious buildings of two or three floors.Progress, coupled with the impossibility of access to decent housing for low-income sectors, enabled the growth of an informal real estate market that regulates access to the villas.

Today, a room with shared bathroom and kitchen in villas in Mauritius ranges between $1,000 and $2,000, while in neighborhoods such as flowers, Constitution, Lugano and Villa Luro by a lower amount can rent a studio apartment with all services.

So you could check it profile in a tour of various real estate properties working with properties of few square meters in some of these areas. The company Brick properties, for example, offers a studio apartment on avenida Entre Ríos, between Venezuela and Belgrano – Congress-to $1,400. The real estate Loria renting a similar apartment in Montevideo to 500 – City Centre – to $1,500. Even lower prices can be found on websites of the sector: the portal Argenprop published properties of an environment from the $ 1,300 in election districts.

According to data from the Annual survey of households, 30% of the inhabitants of the villages are tenants. It is the case of Amílcar González, inhabitant of villas in Mauritius of Retiro, not by choice but because they have no other option. “A warranty I need to go to another neighborhood. As I don’t have it, take advantage with what we charge for a rental, he says resignedly. The case of Amilcar is replicated on hundreds of people who pay amounts greater than $1,500 per room for their families, in general.

“Rents are more expensive near the accesses, because it is the safest area,” said Juan Romero, another neighbor of villas in Mauritius. The variation of prices is mainly, due to the size and location of the piece. In the case of this settlement, the proximity to the city centre and access to means of transport affect the cost of rentals.

The villa does not escape the real estate speculation: in the settlements it is possible to find owners with more than fifty rooms on rent.

A report by the NGO roof says that in the city there are 76.300 families living in 56 villas. The figures reflect the complexity of a problem that worsened during the last few years. In 2008, Habitat for humanity Argentina (HPHA) conducted a study in tenement houses, pensions and hotels. The results showed that tenants paying market value prices homes – in many cases, built without assistance professional-that is driven by the use of precarious materials and lack of services.

“Families have, in some cases, the requirements for such rent in tenement houses include three months in advance, payment of expense, owner warranty of a direct family member and pay stubs with at least six months old,” says Ariel Sosa, program coordinator of HPHA. In addition, if the House is in poor condition or there are debts for services, tenants face charges.

In tenement houses and pensions, the rental of a room of material with bathroom shared round the $ 2,000, while a quarter of wood and veneer costs around $900. In contrast to these places, arrangement for access to a room in a villa does not require any documentation that you endorse the situation of the tenant.

“The problem is not building homes, the problem is to regulate markets,” says Raúl Fernández Wagner, architect specialized in housing technology. And it highlights the need to rethink the distribution of properties. “In Buenos Aires, the housing deficit round 140 thousand households, while, as a counterpart, the last census indicates we have over 340 thousand vacant properties”, he explains. Fernández Wagner raises the need to create a system of subsidized social rentals: “If there is a population that can pay between $1,500 and $2,000 for a quarter, with credit policies and housing appropriate persons could access departments elsewhere”, says the urban planner.

The bad business of life insurance

In the US, the securitization of the benefits of these financial products has not been well received; the great secret of these instruments is that, if you are alive, you will not receive the money to spend.

The baby boomers represent a great market opportunity, and therefore a great opportunity of investment. Some could become very rich over the last six decades (in a very predictable fashion) on investing in companies within the business of clothes for baby, nappies, shoes for child, stationery for school, camping equipment for the summer, University, health centers, plastic surgeries, medical clinics, and finally, in a nursing home. So it should be no surprise that now that the boomers are 60 years of age, the business of death will eventually become a topic of heavy investment.

The securitization of program benefits of death of Wall Street, the cousin of sick program of securitization of mortgages, has not been well received by the media, but individuals have resorted to it. In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that investors bought 12,000 million in insurance to third parties in 2008.

But they are being duped by the banks once more. The journal tells the story of Bruce Porter, an 81 year old man who rushed to the hospital when he thought that he was suffering a heart attack. While recovering (wasn’t a heart attack) visited him his insurance agent, who told him that his poor health was good news, as it had now achieved thatyour life insurance policy of $ 6 million would be very marketable. Mr. Porter had bought the policy with the purpose of selling it to an investor, rather than an investor in particular, just one of the army of experts with open checkbooks ready to collect it after the final judgment.

Fortunately Mr. Porter’s health improved. Instead of finding a buyer for your policy, Porter ended up having to pay overdue premiums of $ 25,000 per month and is tied to a bank loan guaranteed personal of 650,000 dollars that ensures the policy. Now sued its insurance agent, alleging that he was poorly advised on policy and marketing ability.

We don’t know who was the Victor in this sad story. To begin with, is the society that pathetically devalues the lives of its members, to such an extent that make his death trade. As for the regulation of insurance, controlled according to the State, if a person can not buy premium life insurance mississauga to another without a legitimate insurable interest, is purchasing insurance for yourself with the intention of sharing it a fraud?

Seems that Mr. Porter is the main culprit by rushing to invest money in his own death, and history shows that a wave of older people, all with better health than expected, are suing the insurance companies, agents and banks involved in the failed investment in life insurance policies.

The great secret of life insurance is that if you’re alive, you won’t have the money to spend, and if you have the money to spend, are not alive. It is a dilemma that only investment banker can solve.

Capitalize on despair

This market was born from the tragic needs of the terminally ill that had been left without resources. Frequently, the only way to be able to spend his last days with some dignity (and without finishing his family savings) is to sell your policy of life insurance in what is known as per diem agreement.

A policy premium final for an 80-year-old man is far above that of a man of 30 years, and the assistance of agent commissions are much higher, but we wonder if these policies distort the base of insurance forms disadvantageous for other holders of policies. No matter what are the benefits for the insurance industry, this business could be argued as a paradigm of the form in which improper speculation twists the dynamics of the market. Finally, we are surprised that this is not prohibited by law in any State in the United States.

We could defend speculators taking other side of legitimate hedges transactions: contracts in commodities such as sugar, cotton, and soybeans would not be feasible in many cases for the lubricant of speculative money. The first question that the market economists and regulators should be is what is the natural level of prices and liquidity, and how much is distorted in the speculation. The life insurance industry can offer a direct laboratory to see the effects of improper speculation, i.e., speculation in which there are no other legitimate side in the trade.

Bruce Porter did not have a legitimate interest in securing his own life. Its sole purpose was to give his policy to an investor. It’s like people who buy several departments during the housing bubble. Similar to the units under foreclosures clogging the market, these toxic life insurance policies are equivalent to the properties whose owners never intended to live in them: their entire economic value is floating.

Interestingly, sell death benefits produces unique inversion of values that come with a warranty: seller will die. But many people who bought expensive insurance policies to cover his own life are discovering that even in a trade with a guaranteed result, price matters.

The dental clinics in Spain, a business expanding

While the crisis is throwing close to shops in all Spain, increases the supply of dental clinics. A boom they contribute franchises and medical insurers, who do not want to stay on the sidelines.

There is an explanation: Spanishes are more going to the dentist and visit website about cosmetic dentistry. About 80% of the adult population has an oral problem that requires treatment. Went for health and aesthetics. A clear example is the success of the orthodontics among adults; another, the teeth whitening.

That increased interest in health oral addition to an oversupply of professionals across the country, which is finding an outlet in chains franchises managed by business groups.

The profitability factor was decisive in the commitment of insurers, immersed in the past years in a process of opening of clinics, property or franchise. It is a profitable investment, it has nothing to do with the hospital figures, explains Héctor Tafalla, President of the National Association of self-employed dentists (ANDA). Hence the expansion. According to his calculations, mount a standard dental clinic ranges between 150,000 and 250,000 euros, investment exceeding quantities who manage the franchises and may be in the vicinity of the 350,000 euros.

The orthodontics of 21st century industry competes with establishments at street and commercial promotions ranging from free treatment, discounts and advantageous financing. For many, the phenomenon reminds staged that in his day the optics, which evolved from a health concept pure and hard to fashion accessories.

Spain is the fourth market dental in Europe, behind Germany, Italy and France, according to the latest data available, 2012, of the Association of dental deposits in Europe (ADDE). According to this research, dental expenditure in our country stands at 472 million euros, almost five times less than the German and almost half Italian and French.

In reality, no great differences between the rates in a standard clinical and franchise centers, ensures Tafalla, while acknowledging that these have prices lure in certain treatments, for example, cleaning of mouth free, that self-employed dentists cannot compete.

Vitaldent was a pioneer in 1989 to open clinics at street. Today is a multinational with presence in Spain and Italy and near 400 centres across the country. Offers, among other promotions, free diagnosis, guarantees of life and benefits in payment for their services.

Nine years later, Unidental, of the Dentalliance group, opened the first clinic with your brand. Currently the network consists of more than 160 clinics, including 49 own and partner, and the rest franchised. Among other promotions, the company offers flat rates in orthodontics (from 55 euros per month) and implants (18 euros per month) or discounts that reach 30% in treatments, as well as the study and free orthodontic diagnosis.

Dentix, a network consisting of 33 centers of health and cosmetic dentistry scattered across Spain, is one of the most active in opening of clinics. Announces dental implants from 222 euros and offers financing up to 60 months with no input and up to 36 months without input and interests.

Medical insurers have also found a business opportunity in dental health. He is expected that large companies in the industry will increase its offer in 250 clinics until 2015. SegurCaixa Adeslas has invested 31 billion to expand its network in 72 clinics. You sanitas, Meanwhile, has a plan to enhance your dental business in all Spain, which will involve a total investment of 70 million euros until 2014 and will reach the figure of 200 Millenium dental centers this year.

The race has joined DKV, which provides for open 60 centers by 2015. Asisa has also supported dental supply to grow. During 2013 has opened a dozen clinics, own and concerted, in the community of Madrid, as well as a dental Centre in Barcelona. And Mapfre has also made its commitment, with the opening in Madrid at the first two clinics Dental Health 4 2013, entirely dedicated to dental care.

Policies from 10 euro per month

SegurCaixa Adeslas offers discounts of 10% in the insurance Adeslas Dental active policy. By 10.5 euros per month the insured has free access to basic dental services. You sanitas Dental, from 9.90 euro per month, includes more than 50 services and discounts up to 40% in other treatments. DKV Integral includes dental policy, from 32 euros per month. MAPFRE offers policies from 65 euros per year. The policy include dental benefits free for minors of 15 years, except orthodontics. Policyholders in Asisa health products can access its clinics Dental Asisa 7,05 EUR per person and month (9,87 euros for non-members).


Everything you need to know to buy or sell a used car

Todo lo que debes saber para comprar o vender un coche usado

Buy or sell a used car can be cumbersome; First, choose well, then the procedures, prevent fraud, know how much to pay, or ask… Then we give you a few tips that will be useful wing time to buy or sell a used vehicle

1. Always requests a vehicle report:
You can order it at any traffic headquarters, it will cost you € 8.20 and you will jump at the time; or in an agency, where will charge you € 20 and 24 h approximately, will be sent you to your email account.This document appears, among other data, the date in which the car for the first time – was registered it so you can make sure that unit-real antiquity, what ITVs has passed, if you have pending charges, the use for which was registered – private, rental, taxi, of learning or of driving car–and the name of all owners including the current one. For this reason, will serve to check several issues:

A. If the person who sold you the car – and is going to sign the contract of sale – is really the owner. If it is a mere intermediary – it can occur in the case of sales selling a private – car, then not you can claim anything.

B. If the vehicle does not have pending charges, such as:

  1. Reserve domain. It’s a clause, whose existence is very common in cars whose first purchase has been financed, which prevents its sale… until you are not paid full credit to the Bank or financial. “Eye, because if the seller has not canceled it – may be because money still due to the financial or has forgotten to do so-, traffic will not transfer the vehicle on your behalf until you cancel. “The worst thing is that if you buy a car without checking it and the seller does not want to pay what you owe to the financial, you must do it: is the only way that car is put on your behalf”, warns Olga Muñoz, responsible for management of CEA.
  2. The embargo for non-payment of any fines or non-payment of fines very serious – as alcohol, driving reckless…-. If the seller of the vehicle imposed her sanctions for very serious offences and € has not paid them or traffic has come to garnish your account for non-payment of any fine, the car may not be transferred to your name unless the seller pay them.
  3. Payment of the tax on movement of the previous year. I.e. If you want to buy a car in 2014, the seller should be aware of the payment of the tax in 2013. If it is not, the vehicle may not be put to your name, until someone paid it: the seller € or yourself.  

C. If the car has the ITV day. Eye, because although traffic already handles the change in the ownership of vehicles that have not passed the ITV correspondent, if that is the case of the car that you buy, the registration certificate in your name will not be valid until you pass. Do it as soon as possible because that means that if you city that vehicle and you stop, they can punish you for going with the expired ITV – means of sanction – 200e and, also, do so with a registration certificate has no validity – fine-80e.

2 remember who pays according to costs.
Keep in mind that the buyer is usually responsible for payment of the tax for transmission of assets – representing 4% of the value of the car, according to finance-pay rates of sale of a car in the DGT – 52, 8e – and agency – about 120e, costs if the purchase is made through one-; but the payment of these expenses can be negotiated – in addition, if the ITV of the car is about to expire, weighs ask the seller to do you a rebate equal to the cost of the same one.Moreover, the seller will always have to pay the current year municipal road tax: has to pay anyone to date car owner on January 1.

3 – Finally, and it recommended the DGT, never deliver a vehicle without having in your hands the contract of sale or a photocopy of it – if you sell to a particular – or invoice – if you give it to a sale – and a photocopy of the DNl – or NIES if they are natural persons, or CIF, if they are companies.In addition, to avoid problems with potential fines, indicates to the purchaser that, within 15 days, forward you a copy of the registration certificate stating that the vehicle is already to his name. If it does not on that date – and to avoid problems-, go to your headquarters to communicate that you’ve sold the vehicle: you will have to request the printed ´de venta´ notification, pay a fee of € 8.20, and present your ID card and a copy of the contract of sale indicating the ID of the buyer.


If you buy a car to a private individual, you will have to pay, as property transfer tax, 4% of the valuation of this car – the figure provides it finance from own tables; you can find those of 2014 in the Official Gazette. Some individuals prefer to put in the contract priced below markup by Treasury to pay less taxes, but… what usually happens? Maybe that Treasury notified, few months later, which has inspected the contract and paid in taxes is not correct, requesting the buyer the payment of the actual amount… more surcharge – to round 20%-. Why not we advise it you.

Modelo de contrato de compra-venta de coche entre particularesWhat must have, at a minimum, a contract of sale

Online, you’ll find plenty of sales contracts, but eye, because many do not reflect all the requirements that would be desirable – for example, from the DGT recommended to record in the contract of the time at which the vehicle is delivered, so that, if the car is punished the same day, is evidence of a name of who was at the time of the penalty. We provide, so you download it directly – remember to print it by duplicate–one of the most complete sales contracts, carried out in collaboration with the Agency online – information on auto occasion usagé.


  • Least. At the beginning of the contract should include the date of the transaction, both parties – with name, DNI, address…-personal data.
  • What add to avoid problems. It is important that contained the vehicle data that sells: brand and model, displacement, registration, Vin, mileage marks at the time of the sale and, if any, extras that includes.


  • Least. A second section should appear in that the buyer has reviewed the car accepts the State in which it is; any defect – mechanic, painting, any item that is broken or missing…-will be shown in detail.
  • What add to avoid problems. Let a mechanic inspect the vehicle – will cost you from 60e/hour – and detail in a document annexed to the contract and also signed by seller and buyer, the State of the main mechanical elements of the car: bodywork, engine, shift, clutch, address, tires… Thus, as seller will avoid any future claims and as a buyer you have the safety of the car in good condition.



  1. Application: it is a form provided on traffic – free – or that you can download from and which must complete and sign the buyer and the seller.
  2. ID – card or passport or NIES – original photocopy of the document of the seller and the buyer.
  3. Documentation of the vehicle, the sheet and the original of the registration certificate.
  4. Contract of sale with the signature of seller and buyer. Remember that to carry out this management, before you’ve had to go to the Inland Revenue of your ACS. where, by presenting the above-mentioned documentation, you will have to pay the property transfer tax – filling model 620-corresponding to that vehicle.


  1. Photocopy of ID – Passport or NIES – buyer and seller – the Agency ask you the originals to collate them.
  2. Documentation of the vehicle – see ´Si go to trafico´. The contract will be signed in the own agency. In case of agencies online, will request you you send them by e-mail documentation and signed contract. Please note that to go to certain headquarters *, it is necessary to request appointment through“means a delay of approx. 15 days”, says Muñoz. That Yes, if you go to traffic, will facilitate you the final registration certificate; whereas if you go to an agency, you daram interim one: the definitive sent you it to your House “in approximately” one week.

LONG eye: The SCAMS that you should be careful

    Check out the transfer of the company on your behalf car consisting in the contract. If the previous owner – which is the ´vendio´ to the sale – won’t have right to any guarantee, it is ´legalmente´ of a sale between individuals: only cars sold by companies must have, by law, one year warranty.
    It is one of the most common ´despistes´: no record in the contract of the kiloemtros contained in the odometer at the time of purchase. If then you find the odometer was manipuulado – and that the car has more – won’t have any evidence for claim to the seller that you compensate for this… or accuse you of ´estafa´: eye, only you can do this if you consists that it did.
    In recent years, and with the crisis, has become relatively common to ´vendedores pirata´ – individuals who sold cars on the street – intermediaries to make and sell a car which, in reality, his name is not. If you find this case, withdraws from the purchase: not be able claim them nothing, since they do not appear in the contract.


    Any claim must make it directly to her, talking to the commercial. If they ignore you, fill in the settlement sheet of claims and report your case to the body’s consumption of your town hall or community – national consumption Institute web you will find how to do it successfully.
    The situation is complicated: legally, you have six months to claim due to problems in the car that you has not informed the seller – the so-called ´vicios ocultos´ *; but wear and tear elements such as wheels – are excluded. The problem? Give him, so take care of the repair. Therefore, in the majority of cases you will have to go to a lawyer.

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And whether you are buyer and seller ncesitaras a tool that will allow you to know the price of all and each of the models of market opportunity. In the Guide Autofacil V.O. You’ll find vehicles classified by brand, model and age – included the month of registration – and show you how you can calculate your price based on your mileage.In addition, each model will find a description and e information about emissions, strengths and weaknesses of each car, the values of purchase and sale to a dealer…

Autofacil V.O. It is made in collaboration with the multinational Iberian DAT. DAT gets more realistic estimations because gets its data at dealerships, for sale on the Internet portals… Even the National Institute of statistics relies on DAT to control the evolution of the prices of the used, and take it into account when preparing the CPI. DAT has been responsible for ratings of all models that are reflected in our guide.

How to attract the ideal job using the law of attraction

atrae el trabajo ideal

Do you motivate your work? Do you wake up every day with the joy of a person who is happy with the job that has? Do you feel accomplished and wanting to continue to prosper?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions is because you have still not found the ideal job, but you can do it if properly apply the Law of attraction. How? In three easy steps.

If you are asking yourself “how to find best jobs near me

Many people spend hours and hours in search for the ideal job, but don’t realize that are actually attracting the opposite. Why? First of all because what they want is not the ideal job, but find it. So rather than focus on search and search, focus on results, to find. And for that before you must define what you want exactly.

Write down on paper what you are given well do, tasks you do with enthusiasm and total involvement, what kind of work would you like to have. Also scoring to what income you expect, the time that you would like to have free, how would you like to be the relationship with your teammates, you need to feel accomplished and useful… Describes, with every little detail, what is your ideal work. When you know it, it will be much easier to find it.
Then, devote massive attention and focus: take a few minutes each day to visualize that ideal job, made statements that put you on the correct frequency, create your poster of demonstration to change vibration every time you see him… Get everything that is in your hands to convince you that deserve this job and that in fact already is underway.

Keep the right attitude

“Work sweetens the life, but not all sweets like”. That phrase, said Victor Hugo, one of the most important French writers of all time.

Do you think that he hated his work? Do you think working out of obligation and unmotivated? No. And that is just the first step to attract the ideal job: have and keep the right attitude.

There are many people who are unemployed and unable to find work, others who have jobs that fail to motivate them, and others who go to work every day with a big smile and desire to conquer the world. What you think is the difference between these three kinds of people? Indeed: the attitude.

If you don’t have a job and you regret about the situation that you are living, you don’t have a correct attitude. If you think you’re not able to find the ideal job, you don’t have the right attitude. If you have a job that you don’t like and make your tasks with resentment and lame


many, not to have the right attitude. Why? Because we attract what we think, and with that attitude you are paying attention or focus to the problems you are emitting negative vibrations that say to the universe: “give me more than what I already have”.

How to change that? Begins to believe in you, trust in your abilities and possibilities, seeks to work with the certainty that you will find it and not only that: performs the search for your dream job as a necessary process that ensures you to find it.

The right attitude means optimism, think positively, focus on solutions and not think about the problems, believe in the law of attraction and oneself, be sure that you deserve that job and get the right tune.

But the right attitude also involves removing doubts, not thinking of the ways because that already handles the universe want tangible things, not wanting to make a radical economic change in a day, challenge the beliefs and respect other complementary laws such as the law of gestation.

If you know which experiences want to attract and keep the right attitude, you have almost all done. Yes, almost all, because still missing an important step: the action.

To apply the law of attraction: take action

What will you get if you think about the dream job and you think that you can do it but instead you stay sitting on the couch watching TV?

For results, it is essential to take action. Send resumes, train you to be the best candidate, salt to walk or run one hour per day to aerate the mind and relax the body, drink plenty of water to oxygenate the brain and have some clear thoughts, tell your acquaintances and friends work are in process of finding (that will help you to acquire extra motivation and, in addition, may be aware of any work!) move in environments that facilitate you to find work, surround yourself with positive people and business successes, learn from those who already got it… Every small action you take is a path to the ideal job.

Think that the universe is already fulfilling its part, now it’s your turn you fulfill yours. Is waiting… ideal work are going to miss it?
In addition to all these tips, you can read our free report that you will learn much more about the law of attraction and its performance in all areas of your life, including work.

We guarantee that if you apply all of these concepts successfully, you’ll be close by having the job you’ve always wanted. Are you going to put it all into practice? Tell us about your experiences in the comments, glad to know how you will.


The economy of the South of Morocco requires dentists, nutritionists, active tourism and training, according to Hispafrica

The real economy of the South of Morocco demands professional activities such as provision of services at the level of dentistry, trauma, eye doctors, professionals in the tourism sector and specialized training centres, Hispafrica said in a statement.

In this way, the Association explained that these are real the main demands of the economy for entrepreneurs and professionals canarios, according to the report by Canarias-Marruecos 2013 Real economy on the labor market of the Islands.

This document reflects that the “main opportunities are perfect for an entrepreneur entitled Islands you need to create a firm or a query in sectors of health care or in other fields as the active tourism to provide confidence to Canary Island interior tourism getaway or weekend seeking experiences related to the natural environment”.

Also, Hispafrica recalled that the increase in private expenditure on the population of the South of the country after the reforms undertaken in recent years with an economic growth of 5% in terms of GDP.

“Rather than talk about large business corporations, in accordance with the size of Canary firms, have to make the leap to respond to entrepreneurs with crisp, clear information because the entrepreneur is an entrepreneur and playing their money, in multiple cases, incentives from unemployment, i.e. the entrepreneur is not an employee going to poll a market”, said the report on economy Real Canarias-Marruecos 2013.

Furthermore, connectivity, Hispafrica report said that it is necessary that entrepreneurs Canaries lost the stage fright and the area south of Morocco is “ideally suited” for young people or Canaries unemployed by the limited financial ability to execute the implementation of your business.

“Is not intended to encourage emigration, but yes to supplement income since the Canarian market is saturated with such services and, with a good business strategy, quality and communication policy, they are profitable from the first moment,” said the Association.

The text adds that the presence of Royal Air Maroc, Sahara Fly and Binter Canarias bring a competitive edge to make flights prices go down and, therefore, greater mobility of entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneur does not move by boat, does in aircraft and, therefore, must let the shipping business for export; But if it is for a business or an activity that serve three days in week, for example, you need an entrepreneur is air quality, reliable, and agile”, indicates the study of Hispáfrica RSE.

In this sense it suggests that airlines that joined in Canary Islands with Morocco believe a Tarifa undertakes to promoters of business so far in unemployment that allows them, for example, the elasticity needed to travel on a permanent basis and, thus, promote corporate tourism between both markets that, “in the background is the same”.

Coffee economy and economic development in Colombia

Colombians can not forget that coffee has been one of our most important export products. Its production level is so high that commits 590 municipalities and Andean departments.

The area available for cultivation of coffee is about 3.6 million hectares and is grown on 970,000 hectares, employing families who owned the coffee grounds, and thousands of coffee pickers that make up the bulk of workers indirect and indirect situation determines that it is our industry emblem.1 Coffee is the second most valuable commodity in the world, with oil first. Worldwide, there are more than 20 million farmers located in 50 countries. The cultivated area is estimated at 11 million hectares under grain. The largest producing country is Brazil with 45.9 million bags produced in 2008 according to the statistics of the OIC, followed by Vietnam with 18.5 million bags, Indonesia with 9.35 million sacks and Colombia with 8.65 million. World production for coffee year from October to September 2007-08 was 128.5 million bags.

United States carried 26% of world imports, representing more than 130 million regular users. 30% of retail sales are through a distribution chain, and there are more than 10,000 coffee shops institutionalized as having spread the product through hundreds of franchises in the country.

Economy and accounting, their differences

While economics studies how resources are allocated to meet the needs of a company, accounting records financial and economic information. Just so you know a little more, do not miss this note.

Economics and Accounting are career management area, and may be similar. Teachers of the USMP , Walter Bazan the Professional School of Economics and Alonso Rojas of the Professional School of XERO bookkeeping software , you have what are their differences:

What is each?

Economy: It deals with how to allocate resources and analyze the relationship between these resources and social strength of a company. Accounting. He is responsible for managing financial, accounting, economic information and control of companies or organizations Where work their Professional?

Economy: Can work in companies, banks, stock exchange, microfinance, among others.

Accounting: Can work as CEO of any company, as chief accountant in the financial area, etc.
If you are interested in studying these races, you have to know that the economy  and the  Contabilidad  are careers that offer many opportunities for you in the future.

And you know, please write your  questions and comments.

Best Books of 2014 economy, the Financial Times

For ten years, the prestigious British business daily Financial Times awarded prizes to the best economics books of the year, this time in collaboration with McKinsey. And the winner of this year is none other than the volume of everyone speaks, although very few have read. It’s ‘Capital in the XXI century’, the French economist and professor at Harvard University Thomas Piketty.

Although an investigation conducted by the FT itself brought to light the many statistical errors contained in the book, which contradict the main conclusions he reaches Piketty, the jury decided to award the prize for having provoked an intense debate on the growth of inequality and ways to combat it. ‘Capital in the XXI century’ is about the long-term economic inequality, concentration of wealth, the impact of this on economic growth and what, according to the author, should the policy to correct these trends.

Among the winners is Catcher in the rye pdf free. The disturbing work Angwin, investigative journalist, explains how the government, private companies and even criminal organizations use technology to access all of our data, including the most secret, and use this knowledge to their own purposes. For lovers of conspiracy theories.

Very interesting is The Second Machine Age, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.These professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explain the economic consequences of the technological revolution taking place with machines capable of diagnosing diseases or driving cars, and how to incorporate these advances into our lives without causing any deterioration in employment or working conditions.Fundamental to prepare for technological barrage that lies ahead.

In China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa, former correspondent for The New York Times in Western Shanghai and Central Africa, Howard French, brings to light aspects of the strong economic presence, politics China’s human and throughout the ‘Black Continent’ and how it affects people, for better and for worse. For that we leave finding meaning Chinese rule.

The renowned writer and financial journalist Michael Lewis, author of hits like Poker or Liar’s big bet, is also among the winners with Flash Boys: The revolution of Wall Street against those who manipulate the market. In this book, Lewis speaks of a secret financial transactions via computer media, called high frequency trading operations, and the dangers that can be used to manipulate markets. Come, financial conspiracies another story written by an author who know the world of Wall Street and its internals, among other reasons because he worked in the now defunct investment bank Salomon Brothers.

In a very entertaining book entitled GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History, Professor of the Universidad de Manchester Diane Coyle tells why the GDP was invented and how small changes in this indicator may decide the outcome of parliamentary elections, exercise a great influence on the most important or whether a country can still access the credit or, conversely, be thrown into hell of recession policy decisions. Fundamental to understanding the world in which we live and why, for example, the European authorities have insisted both activities meter in GDP as questionable from a moral point of view as prostitution or drug trafficking.

To get to know the energy revolution that is taking place, nothing like the book by journalist of The Wall Street Journal entitled The Russell Gold Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World. The best essay to understand what is happening with the oil and its consequences.

Also on the list of winners is Innovative: The genius who invented the future, Walter Isaacson, world famous for its extraordinary biography of Steve Jobs. This time, Isaacson tells the fascinating story of the people who invented the computer and the Internet, a book destined to become the definitive history of the digital revolution and an indispensable tool for understanding how innovation really happens guide.

The list is completed with Creativity, Inc .: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration, Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace; Hack Attack: How the truth caught up With Rupert Murdoch, written by Nick Davis; book Atif Mian and Amir Sufi House of Debt: How They (and You) Caused the Great Recession, and How We Can Prevent It from Happening Again; Fragile by Design: The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit, Charles Calomiris and Stephen Haber; Shredded: Inside RBS: The Bank That Broke Britain, Ian Fraser; Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty, Daniel Schulman; The Glass Closet, John Browne, and The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers, Ben Horowitz.

Take note of all these titles, because many of those who are no longer available in Spanish can be found in our market soon.