The political SEO, a new positioning strategy


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is called a whole set of techniques that you can use on a web site or blog to help to appear in the top positions in the results of Internet search engines. Political parties in general and the candidates must in particular have great visibility online to generate image positioning and more supporters, however, most attempts observed so far, and only in the period covered by the campaign are paid banners, videos and ads of Google bombing but potential traffic achieved by organic or natural search optimization is wasted.

In small political campaigns generally is not used properly the seo bangkok as a cost effective way to convey a message and is preferred to save on spending on online advertising, this lack of planning is a chance of improvement important to their aspirations since SEO  is completely free and without time limit to gain exposure with voters. As any other component of a campaign SEO must be strategically addressed so you can achieve maximum results with the always limited resources of a political campaign. SEO often leads to an increase in followers. However, the key is the deployment of the right strategy.

The threat.

What is worse to not have a web site is to have a website that no one can find, also if your campaign website is not found in the first search results voters will find, no doubt, other information about you and that you might not be information that can control, for example, columns or notes journalistic negative tocertain or not, will be there. The time factor, the most valuable resource in campaigns is also a problem for a proper SEO strategy, for day D – day of elections – already is must master the web with your image and your messages, however, when the candidate decides to participate in the election, although in most countries the period is about three monthsThere may be cases in which it has only a month to begin to make the decision to participate in the contest and the d-day campaign and if we add that the implementation of SEO strategies on political web sites, despite its potential, it is virtually unknown in many communities, the candidates and their campaign managers and their advisors cannot see all the potential of political SEO and let alone recognise it asa viable campaign investment.

The consequence.

Address only to the design and implementation of a web site without a calculated of SEO strategy will not give up fruit on a global political campaignstrategy, fast results always tend to be counterproductive since it will need to allocate more resources to paid advertising by having unplanned time of your web site positioning and the solutions offered by autollamados “SEO consultants” in addition to being faces and professional are penalized by search engines, among these solutions of the so-called Black Hat SEOorSEO Black Hat are buying links, creation of duplicate sites, hidden text, among others and that, in a nutshell, only tries to mislead the search engines than later or early penalize your website and will disappear from search results for a long time affecting drastically the number of visits to your site and therefore your presence on the Internet.

The solution.

EO is the usual practice of the companies and organizations, large and small, working to direct the most selective search engines traffic to your products and services, in rational choice applying SEO techniques to the web sites of political candidates in campaign to help them improve and maintain its position in web search results pages, and thereby achieve greater influence onlinethe true SEO is a permanent job but offering measurable results at all times and the proper control of his image is essential to the success of your campaignand, in general, of his political career. The first page of results in a search about you should include ideally your web site, your user name on Twitter, the address of their Facebook page, YouTube channel, your professional profile on Linkedin, its circles in Google Plus etc., the main articles and positive news about you, your press releases and a Wikipedia entry. This is a joint strategy of SEO and Social Manager hardly achieved in a month but, like political aspirations, these are manifested from months and even years ago so the first step in a comprehensive SEO strategy is proper selection of domain name… his name on the Internet, else is a sequential strategic plan.

How to start a business from home computers repair

To advance the and become more important in the daily of people, the need to repair them continues to rise. If you have love for computers, needed to fix and vision of business, you can start a repair company and earn a substantial income. A computer repair business is one big to begin with, which requires only a small investment. You can start it from your home. You can offer your services to individuals and small businesses. Meet the necessary requirements to start a business from home computers repair made by, you will be placed on the right path towards a professional and successful company management.


1. Apply for a business in your state license. Each State has its own requirements about what type of business need licenses to operate. Even if your State does not require to have a commercial license to operate a computer home repair business, such license will grant your company a professional image.

2. Create a space in your home that serves as a place of work. Your home must have a separate area that is exclusively dedicated to your business. You will also need to do this if you plan to claim a deduction on your taxes.


3. Get an insurance for your business. This will protect you, when your lack, something accidental happens to a client computer. Having insurance also will make customers feel more comfortable, because they know that their computers are protected.

4. Attend training classes to enhance your skills of computer repair. Technology is constantly changing, so it is important that you continue to refine your skills. This will keep you competitive in the market.

5. Research your competitors prices. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to bill customers when you just start your business. Call some of the local computers in your area repair companies, information on the prices charged for similar services.

6. Promote your business. Word of mouth is always a good marketing tool, but you can be more successful by placing ads in the newspaper classifieds section or online. Create a web site that fully explain your business and to provide your contact information.

7. Buy a box of tools. The initial cost of a home computer repair business is low. You don’t have to buy a large amount of supplies, or spend a lot of money on advertising. At first, everything you need is a vehicle to visit your clients, Internet, a phone to attend these calls and a box of tools for computer repair.

Tips and warnings

  • It is considered that your prices are slightly lower than the competition to start your business, to compete with those who are already established.
  • If you don’t need a commercial loan to start your business, a business plan is not necessary, although the complete it will help you to be more organized and keep in mind your goals and future plans.
  • Don’t take work assignments that exceed your experience. It allows your clients to know in advance if you can not complete a task.


The TD Bank of Canada slightly lower some mortgage rates

What is most important is to get the right mortgage for each individual’s situation, said Jason Scott, of the mortgage group.

Las hipotecas de tasa fija a cinco años

Another large Canadian bank reduced slightly some of their mortgage rates when the Royal Bank made an initial reduction in late January.

The TD Canada Trust (TD, on the Toronto Stock Exchange) now has a rate of 3.69 per cent discounts for their five-year fixed mortgage, below the rate of 3.79 per cent which was in force from August of last year.

The Bank also made changes to several of their other rates closed.

TD said via email that check their rates permanently to “maintain competitiveness and offer our customers flexible mortgages and an adequate rate options to meet their individual needs”.

The decision was taken after the RBC reduced 10 points rates several rate mortgages fixed, what your special offer five-year closed at a rate of 3.69 per cent.

Followed them to the Bank of Montreal (BMO, on the Toronto Stock Exchange) and Scotiabank (BNS, on the Toronto Stock Exchange).

Scotiabank reduced its discount rate mortgage closed a five-year term by 10 basis points, or a 3.49 percent, up from 3.59 percent registered on its web site.

The BMO, meanwhile, fell the number of rates between 10 and 20 basis points, including its discount rate to five years that passed from 3.89 percent to 3.69 percent.

The changes occurred until the Bank of Canada said that it was maintaining its rate unchanged at one percent, maintaining a neutral posture on whether plans to raise or lower the rate that keeps from more than three years.

The central bank said that while he sees improvements in the Canadian economy, now expected inflation to be lower than expected initially.

Low rate environment

Experts predicted that other lenders will probably follow to the RBC in reducing their rates, but noted that the changes represent relatively small drops in an environment of low interest rates and therefore should not be of much importance to home buyers.

“From the perspective of a mortgage broker and, probably, from the perspective of many homeowners, the real question not necessarily interest rates”, said in Edmonton, Jason Scott, a runner of mortgage of The Mortgage Group.

“It has more to do with what they will do to the Minister of finance and the Department of finance with respect to how difficult that will be to qualify for a mortgage, if you don’t like the fact that rates are low, and are worried about a possible real estate bubble.”

According to Scott, it is unlikely that a small change in rates has a big impact on home buyers at a time when rates are already very low. With a fixed rate mortgages for five years (a popular choice for owners of Canada), are around 3.5 per cent, and variable mortgage rates (based on a variable interest rate based on premiums) are around 2.5 percent.

Andrew Bodnar, seller of real estate of the Re/Max Condos Plus Corp. brokerage from  toronto mortgage, he said that the Government already toughened requirements for mortgages at the beginning of this year, and added it would surprise you to see any movement in interest rates.

“The situation is stable at the moment, and there are natural forces of supply and demand,” said Bodnar.

“Canadians are pretty conservative. The majority of people does not have a new car with large payments and nor are looking to buy a home that is really outside its boundaries”.

At the end, said Scott, owners who try to get an idea of how rates will have an impact on your mortgage payments will be better keep alert about the strength of the U.S. economy and changes in the bond markets, factors which tend to have a greater impact on interest rates that any incremental changes from a lender.

“In the grand scheme of things, small variations in interest rates aren’t so critical,” he said. “What is most important is to get the right mortgage for the situation of that person.”

26 movies for entrepreneurs

Whether it is a story of adventure, comedy or even a documentary, following tapes can inspire any business owner.

No one said that being an entrepreneur is easy. A million obstacles may be in your way every day. The naysayers and budget problems may be sufficient to make the average person raise the white flag.

But you are not the average person: you’re an entrepreneur. That means that even when times are tough, you’re going to move forward.

Even so, all this talk about starting a business becomes very overwhelming; take a break and looking for more reasons. And what better way to find inspiration by watching movies? Whether a rewarding adventure, an irreverent comedy or a documentary that makes you ponder, a film can inspire and motivate the owner of a business. With that in mind, there are eleven films that every entrepreneur has to do. Thus, click to watch movies online for free full movie.

1. Social Networking (The Social Network)
A success at the box office was no surprise that this film was when it came out in 2010. After all, everyone wanted to see how Mark Zuckerberg went from being a Harvard student to a young man capable of launching the world’s most popular social network.

Why see it? Not take into account that it was overly dramatized. The film gives viewers a better understanding of how make a startup to succeed when displaying certain qualities such as flexible and resistant. Whenever I see this tape, it motivates me to be a better entrepreneur.

2 success at any price (Glengarry Glen Ross)
Based on the winning work of the Davil Pulitzer Mamet, this film explores the ruthless world of real estate of Chicago. Closer look at the lies and betrayals that people only supports to succeed in business.

Why see it? Unfortunately, the business world can be brutal, something that you will learn if you’re a seller. This 1992 film illustrates what so vicious may be the world.

3. Pirates of Silicon Valey (Pirates of Silicon Valley)
This film was made for television and was released in 1999. It covers the early days of the core technology of the United States and the subsequent lifting of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.This film, documentary style, gives us an interesting vision of the founders of Microsoft and Apple.

Why see it? Entrepreneurs are still seeking inspiration from these two iconic “pirates”. It definitely provides points to learn and take into account.

4 Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane)
If you’re not an entrepreneur, you have to see this masterpiece of Orson Wells in 1941. Film touches the life of a fictional character, Charles Foster Kane, a media mogul William Randolph Hearst-based and their quest for fortune and power. In the end, Kane understands what is really important in life.

Why see it? While launching a successful business is the goal of every entrepreneur, it is not the only goal in life.

5. in search of happiness (The Pursuit of Happyness) – sic. The Pursuit of Happiness -
Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, this tape Will Smith is one of the most encouraging and motivating for entrepreneurs. If it doesn’t you nothing seeing Chris and his son strive to achieve their dreams, then probably you are not ready to fight for your dreams.

Why see it? Although he was homeless and struggled to provide for his son, Chris never surrendered it to get what I wanted. That passion and sacrifice is something that every entrepreneur should be willing to give.

6 Moneyball: The game of Fortune (Moneyball)
You don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy the role of Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the general of the Atléticos de Oakland Manager. Since the team did not have funding to spend on players, Beane had to discover a unique way to compete.

Why see it? Beane had to be innovative. That’s one of the best known qualities of entrepreneurs: to realize how to do something better. Beane never ignored the pessimists or abandoned his vision.

7 Rocky
This is another film that everyone should see at least once. Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in the story of Rocky Balboa, a man who fights against Apollo Creed to be heavyweight champion.

Why see it? Although the world tells you that you will never have the opportunity to be successful, it continues to struggle. That competitive spirit can take you far. You challenge to listen the classic Bill Conti and not to motivate you.

8. the power and greed (Wall Street)
In 1987, the director Oliver Stone made Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) one of the characters most infames in cinema history with the phrase “greed is good”. The film focuses on the decisions illegal and unethical made by Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) to become a millionaire as Gekko, a corporate invader.

Why see it? You don’t sell only for the money. Remember, being an entrepreneur is not only about becoming rich and famous.

9. Jerry Maguire, love and challenge (Jerry Maguire)
The main character Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) had it all: a great career, many friends and a beautiful fiancée. One day, had an epiphany: sports agents should not be seeking more money but a way to take better care of their customers. Jerry loses everything and adventure on a trip to recover what they lost.

Why see it? When you follow a dream, everything else will fit perfectly both professionally and personally. Jerry Maguire eventually learn this valuable lesson.

10 tangles of office (Office Space)
This 1999 Mike Judge comedy, focuses on Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), who is eventually given account that hates to sit in a cubicle and taking orders from his terrible boss Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).

Why see it? Every entrepreneur hates working for someone else and can sometimes go to extremes to be fired: I’m not saying that you do something, you could go to jail.

This 2001 documentary follows the rising and falling of a promising startup calledGoveWorks. While there was much noise and financing for the company, the founders had to deal with internal disputes and a sprawl.

Why see it? There are many things that you can get out of this tape. First all, illustrates the damaging it can be when the partners are not on the same page. Another lesson is to know how to handle the budget once you aseguraste the investment.

12 flashes of genius (Flash of Genius)
Greg Kinnear portrays Bob Kearns, the inventor of the windshield wipers. While Detroit manufacturers accepted the idea, Kearns never receives credit for the same. The rest of the tape has its battle against corporate.

Why see it? It will help you see the important thing is that a product or service will improve the lives of others, while not receiving fame and fortune. It emphasizes protecting the idea and intellectual property.

13 death at midnight (Gosford Park)
This mystery of Robert Altman film might not be the most obvious choice, but is it sufficiently entertaining to keep you on the edge of your seat. But most importantly…

Why see it? Do happy people, giving them a great service, it is important in any business. The character of Helen Mirren says it perfectly: “what gift you think that it separates a good servant of others? It is the anticipation. I am a good maid, I am better that good, I am the best, I am the perfect maid. I know when they hunger and the food will be ready. I know when you are tired and the bed is ready. I’ll know it until they know it”.

14 Steve Jobs: one last thing (Steve Jobs: One last thing)
PBS, American public television station, took out this documentary little since Jobs passed away in 2011. Captures the highs and lows of one of the most influential entrepreneurs that has existed.

Why see it? You can never learn enough of the life and career of this great entrepreneur.

15. The Godfather (The Godfather)
Here is another film that everyone should see at least once in your life. Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 masterpiece is one of the best films in the history of cinema.

Why see it? For a moment, you forget the fact that is a tape of organized crime. Instead, learn how Michael Corleone (A Al Pacino) took a small part of the family business and transformed it into one of the most powerful and influential of the country families. The Godfather illustrates perfectly what it takes to get to the top and how to stay there.

16 business risky (Risky Business)
In 1983, Tom Cruise became an icon of pop culture after slipping on the floor with a pair of socks and a shirt’s buttons. Although I was having fun when I had the House for him only, things go control once you star the Porsche his dad.

Why see it? The character of Cruise, Joel, have to think quickly about how to raise money to repair the car. Sometimes the best ideas come when we are desperate.

17 wars of beer (Beer Wars)
This 2009 documentary follows a group of friends trying to overcome the large breweries launched its own beer factory.

Why see it? It is challenging to be successful when you enter an established market. However, the lesson we took from here is to know the audience that your product will be much better than the competition.

18 love nonstop (Up in the Air)
George Clooney and Anna Kendrick were phenomenal in this film. The story focuses on Ryan Bingham, who is hired to travel around United States and lay off people. Kendrick plays Natalie Keener, the person who is trying to change this tactic through technology.

Why see it? Clooney’s character is efficient and is carried away by the idea of not to destroy people. However, the most important lesson (learn the character of Kendrick) is that sometimes it is better to understand the business model before playing with it.

19 session 9 (Session 9)
In this 2009 horror/mystery film, an entrepreneur in the asbestos removal business takes a questionable in an abandoned hospital work, while there is where people facing various situations terrifying and chilling.

Why see it? Sometimes, although the pay is good, you should not accept certain offers.

20. the call of the entrepreneur (Call of the Entrepreneur)
This inspiring documentary of 2007 follows three drivers, a banker, a milk producer, and a refugee from China.

Why see it? Nothing gets better than see these three men from different parts of the world risk all to follow their dreams. If they can by what you don’t?

21 cocktail (Cocktail)
Another Tom Cruise movie. This is a culpable pleasure of 1988 in which follow Brian Flanagan on his trip to open his own bar, despite all the obstacles in the way.

Why see it? To begin with, it is funny. But, as an entrepreneur, there are many things that you are going to love this film. Flanagan tries to follow what the books say, take business classes and read guides on how to start a successful business. But when he really learns something is when it gets behind the bar of the bar and discover what customers want to be the best bartender in the city. It also has a mentor who is not afraid to show you the tricks of the Exchange as well as the difficulties that will face.

22 October sky (October Sky)
Homer Hickman, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, and his friends have the goal of building his own rocket after the successful launch of Sputnik.

Unfortunately, it is not supported by the people of the town since it is expected that young people become miners. With passion and help from their teacher (Laura Dern), they reach the stars.

Why see it? You should always pursue your dreams, no matter what you say. You will never go wrong with a mentor that you a push.

23 Tommy Boy
After losing his father, Tommy Callahan (Chris Farley) and an employee (David Spade) leave travel to save his family’s business. Why see it? Tommy never surrenders, no matter what difficult matching things. Although it seems that you’ve lost all hope, Tommy meets its domestic seller and realizes how to save the day. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to want to pay all the time. Don’t do it, go ahead!

24 Something historical
This is a documentary that shows the perspective of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist.

Why see it? Understand the thought process of these capitalists can be a chart useful for when looking for financing.

25. the new American dream (Boiler Room)
You can tell that this is an updated version of power and greed (Wall Street), which means showing the extremes to which people can come to have a fortune, especially when it comes to the stock market. At the end of the tape, however, Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) discovers that having lots of money at the expense of the hard work of others is not a way of life.

Why see it? Again, money is not the most important thing and this film proves that having financial success is not ultimate. It also illustrates that you can trigger your inner seller when you have a goal.

26. the Wolf of Wall Street (the Wolf of Wall Street)
This film directed by Martin Scorsese and it tells the story of the New York broker, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), is perhaps the best example of what greed and excesses can do with a successful person.

Why see it? Noteworthy is the passion of Belfort and their security in itself and in its work.There are countless reasons why this tape is perfect for entrepreneurs, teaches us to sell, to have security as leaders and, among other things, to recognize the talent of the people you know.

3 reasons to hire a business insurance

SMEs are an important part of the country, so they should be protected against any incident with an insurance company . As well as personal insurance such as Personal injury attorney Boca Raton, people do not believe in SMEs protected with a business insurance to protect your assets, lack of culture make sure to avoid economic embezzlement in the pocket, is present in all sectors of our society, Here are three reasons why if you have a business you should hire a business insurance.

  1. Security: 8 out of 10 companies (SMEs) are closed during its first year of operation, mainly due to lack of financial protection against critical situations. There are easily accessible instruments, such as business insurance specially designed to support finance and operation small and medium enterprises there policies that provide coverage for property (fire, wind, theft, etc.), liability (injury of a person in the company or because of their product), suspension of the activities of the company and in some cases, coverage against accidents. The components of each policy are different, therefore, make sure your policy includes all necessary components for your company.
  2. Tranquility: Small and medium enterprises constitute 97% of the companies in Mexico and generate about 79% of all jobs, so the strength of its operations is vital to the functioning of the country. However, 90% of them do not have insurance companies to protect them financially. Today workers can have the comfort of being protected, as several insurers offer insurance designed for enterprise employees, including life insurance, damage for retirement or liability. Like if the strength of the company is in the fleet of cars, there are exclusive choches sure that not only protects the company but also the drivers or people going inside. This type insurance many times cause more loyalty of workers to know they are protected by one means or another. There is also the option of business insurance via payroll that are offered to employees so they can also provide protection for his family, which They will gradually discounting their payroll without being a payment of pocket. These can be life insurance, retirement or medical expenses.
  3. Protection: The 95 percent of small and medium enterprises do not have any type of business insurance that protects your investment in case of theft or a natural disaster there policies tailored to each company, because their characteristics depend on both the turn in which they operate as well as size and location. A business must be protected against fire, explosion, earthquake, weather phenomena like hurricanes, floods besides stormy winds that often occur in parts of the country. Insurance Protection Real Business is a comprehensive plan that adapts to the needs of protection each company or industry against various risks to which they are exposed and the responsibilities arising from its own operation.The assets of the company seek protection against risks such as fire, lightning, explosion, etc. It is convenient to have business insurance professionals. Who perform this function are known as brokers or individuals. These are insurance agents who know the advantages, details and characteristics of the different plans offered by insurers.

Halal food, a business that goes beyond the Muslim world

Cordoba hosts a Conference to address how the halal rite is present in other aspects of life, beyond the food.

Los propietarios de una carnicería 'halal' preparan corderos sacrificados mediante este rito. EFE/Archivo. Robin Townsend
Prepared by the owners of a “halal” slaughter lambs slaughtered by means of this rite. WireImage. Robin Townsend

The term “halal” is still a stranger in Spain, commonly associated with food, although it includes other aspects such as business, economics, and healthy relationships with the environment, and, above all, despite the fact that, in terms of profitability, growing annually at a rate $ 3 trillion. The market, such as abstract entity, does not distinguish in this case of religions, and business halal, which obviously part of the Muslim world, little by little is has been installed in the Western countries and Indonesian food Singapore.

In Spain not so much, but to consolidate it, Cordoba celebrates these days the International Congress “Halal, a global concept”.

“Halal is not just for Muslims, but for people who want in his life parameters of healthy eating and balanced life,” explains the Director of the Institute of Halal, Isabel Romero, who adds that, only in Spain, in addition to the two million Muslims who participate in this lifestyle, there are another 20 per cent of non-Islamic consumers.

Halal: a growing business

Exterior del restaurante cordobés con certificación halal. Foto: EFE / Rafa Alcaide

In fact, only in the Spanish market generates a business volume increased, around 1,000 million euros, and has 300 industries and more than 500 factories, which producemore than 600 products of all kinds, exportable to some 60 countries.

Proof of this is that these days in Cordoba about 70 experts from more than 40 countriesparticipating in a Congress that is conceived as a space for shared reflection from which offer an overview of all the scopes that can deal with halal, as a prelude to future congresses monographs of each of them.

And is made in Córdoba because, according to Romero, this city is “a reference for the world Muslim city of knowledge, science and culture, and it is time again to Córdoba and Islam on those parameters and not others”.

In addition, adds that Cordoba in power can provide virtually everything, besides knowledge through the University, so the city was “the perfect place” from where to boot a halal for Spain project.

The international standardization

These days the speakers are addressing issues such as standardization international market halal, the possibilities of tourism and food in this field, the role of these practices in society and the media, and the behaviour of banking and Islamic finance.

In this last aspect, for example, Islam imposes three prohibitions, the payment of interest, embark on excessive risk-taking and speculation.

Experts believe that even missing a so strong market in-depth projects

“Halal is a way of understanding the economy, more balanced, more solidarity , and just”, specifies Romero, conversa Muslim and President of the Islamic Junta, which believes that by its particular and historical conditions, Spain and Córdoba can be strong in this market, although you miss more strength in one respect, the research.

In this connection, points out that, although in Cordoba and other universities already have been running courses, there are still Fund projects on a so strong market.

Because, until recently, many Muslim tourists did not have spaces in them that eating according to Islamic law, and it was common, therefore, is to bring their certified products in his trips to Spain, as when the Spaniards take ham vacuum in his travels abroad.

Finally and ultimately concludes Serrano, the halal is a “life style”, which has so much to do with what is allowed from a religious point of view, and everything that helps human beings to live better.

Band Saw play an important role in manufacturing industry

Introduction to Band Saws

Introduction of Band Saw



The bandsaw, saw banner, also called huincha saw, is a tool of pedal or electric owning a metal band gear, flexible, long and narrow. The band moves on two wheels that are in the same vertical plane with a space between them. These saws can be used in the works of carpentry and metalwork, as well as to cut different materials, and are very useful in cutting irregular shapes.

This machine is composed of a frame, in the form of gooseneck, supporting two steering wheels balanced and overlapping in the same vertical plane and about which enclosed a sheet saw worm called tape.

Types of band saw

The market offers three types of bandsaw, each with features and specific, according to a type of special work: manual, semi-automatic and automatic, making horizontal, vertical and angle cuts, and which in turn are classified into:

  • Metal cutting band saws: They are those that require a refrigerant to go providing constantly on the band saw blade, while maintaining the saw at low temperature and, in turn, to prevent overheating which cause defects in the courts and shorten the period of useful life of the blade. The lack of refrigeration also produces a slower Court.
  • Band saw blades for wood cutting: It consists of a toothed highly flexible metal sheet that is cut and welded according to diameter of wheels of the machine. It produces cutting continued sliding on the workpiece to be cut.
  • Saws, automated tape: They are those who manage preset power-speed, reverse and clamping of parts. They are usually employed in work environments where it is not convenient to have an operator of machinery for each device. Some of these saws work using a computer numeric control for more accurate cuts.

A band saw parts

The bandsaw comprises seven key parts and these are:

  • Tape: It is that made the cut. It is a sheet with teeth locked up the sides and welded in special machines to the specific length of each machine.
  • Engine: It is which moving machine handwheels, determining the power of them.
  • Flyers: They are balanced in the same plane, which can be horizontal or vertical and which is placed on the saw or blade Auger. The main wheel receives the impulse of the engine and the secondary is dragged by the saw blade screw.
  • Guides: These devices, as its name implies, guide and align the tape when you are in operation with the purpose that does not twist or suffer cracks that might lead to its breakage.
  • Hydraulic pumps: They are which supplied the necessary strength to semi-automatic and automatic machines for packaging presses and cutting head.
  • Cooling pumps: Pump coolant so that this in turn cool and lubricate the tape during the cut.
  • Presses: They exert pressure on the material being cut to make precise cuts.



It is recalled that the entire tape should be protected exposing only the part of the tape that is going to make the cut. The State of the tape should be good and should not be worn. You must use tape for the material that you want to cut.

Belt tension: stress on the tape is very important. When evil pulling the tape on a bandsaw, we will have some problems. In the event that the belt tension is insufficient, we will get bad endings, devious cuts and premature wear of the tape. In the case of envelope stress the tape, can achieve cracking tape. There are tension gauges or monitors of Ribbon leaves, to achieve proper tension.

The use of gloves and safety glasses is fundamental. Verify that the electrical installation is in optimal conditions. The tape must be in excellent conditions, for safety reasons, beyond to achieve a good result.



Soundproofing of premises: first step for the success of the business

Insonorización de locales

Why soundproof a room has to be the first step?

Because for a bar, a restaurant, a pub, a café can develop their activity and become a successful business it is necessary that has the demanded sound insulation that ensures their coexistence with adjoining neighbors to avoid any nuisance by noise to them. It is important to highlight that a room that does not have the appropriate soundproofing corrective measures would transmit noise and vibration to the adjoining rooms (housing, offices and communal areas of buildings, etc.) endangering the continuity of the activity due to the more than possible to order closure of the establishment.

Because to obtain necessary licenses and permits , it is indispensable to perform an acoustic audit that certifying both the soundproofing of the local and the transmission level of noise generated by the activity to comply with the limits laid down in the applicable legislation. To obtain a favourable acoustic audit , it is necessary to do the soundproofing of the premises according to the requirements for each type of activity.

Because If the room is not soundproof and have complaints of residents due to discomfort from noise and vibration or acoustic auditing is not favorable you will need to close and will be obliged to make the sound-proofing of the local to resume activity. In this case the sound-proofing of the local will be much more expensive for several reasons:

First and perhaps the most obvious reason is that you stop generating income due to the cessation of the activity. Furthermore it is possible that you have to continue dealing with part of the costs, for example the local rental.

Another factor to keep in mind is that to soundproofing a room that is already mounted it is to remove it completely or partially. According to the demands of soundproofing for each type of activity, you will need to remove the false ceiling, electrical installation, the installation of air conditioning, the local bar, baths, floor, decoration, etc losing a very important part of the investment that was initially and that also once local soundproofing is made to be able to open it will be necessary to perform.

Because there are many locals who we find that since they have not done the soundproofing initially and have to be done in way obliged with the consequences described above or close down, we recommend performing the soundproofing of the local first to avoid unpleasant surprises and above all unnecessary costs that can jeopardize the viability of the business.

Interior is a secondary glazing company based in London, that is a reliable and recommend address for entrepreneurs who firstly start their business to visit.

Villa for rent – a boom in economy

The real estate boom of recent years was accompanied on villas by a phenomenon of precarious buildings of two or three floors.Progress, coupled with the impossibility of access to decent housing for low-income sectors, enabled the growth of an informal real estate market that regulates access to the villas.

Today, a room with shared bathroom and kitchen in villas in Mauritius ranges between $1,000 and $2,000, while in neighborhoods such as flowers, Constitution, Lugano and Villa Luro by a lower amount can rent a studio apartment with all services.

So you could check it profile in a tour of various real estate properties working with properties of few square meters in some of these areas. The company Brick properties, for example, offers a studio apartment on avenida Entre Ríos, between Venezuela and Belgrano – Congress-to $1,400. The real estate Loria renting a similar apartment in Montevideo to 500 – City Centre – to $1,500. Even lower prices can be found on websites of the sector: the portal Argenprop published properties of an environment from the $ 1,300 in election districts.

According to data from the Annual survey of households, 30% of the inhabitants of the villages are tenants. It is the case of Amílcar González, inhabitant of villas in Mauritius of Retiro, not by choice but because they have no other option. “A warranty I need to go to another neighborhood. As I don’t have it, take advantage with what we charge for a rental, he says resignedly. The case of Amilcar is replicated on hundreds of people who pay amounts greater than $1,500 per room for their families, in general.

“Rents are more expensive near the accesses, because it is the safest area,” said Juan Romero, another neighbor of villas in Mauritius. The variation of prices is mainly, due to the size and location of the piece. In the case of this settlement, the proximity to the city centre and access to means of transport affect the cost of rentals.

The villa does not escape the real estate speculation: in the settlements it is possible to find owners with more than fifty rooms on rent.

A report by the NGO roof says that in the city there are 76.300 families living in 56 villas. The figures reflect the complexity of a problem that worsened during the last few years. In 2008, Habitat for humanity Argentina (HPHA) conducted a study in tenement houses, pensions and hotels. The results showed that tenants paying market value prices homes – in many cases, built without assistance professional-that is driven by the use of precarious materials and lack of services.

“Families have, in some cases, the requirements for such rent in tenement houses include three months in advance, payment of expense, owner warranty of a direct family member and pay stubs with at least six months old,” says Ariel Sosa, program coordinator of HPHA. In addition, if the House is in poor condition or there are debts for services, tenants face charges.

In tenement houses and pensions, the rental of a room of material with bathroom shared round the $ 2,000, while a quarter of wood and veneer costs around $900. In contrast to these places, arrangement for access to a room in a villa does not require any documentation that you endorse the situation of the tenant.

“The problem is not building homes, the problem is to regulate markets,” says Raúl Fernández Wagner, architect specialized in housing technology. And it highlights the need to rethink the distribution of properties. “In Buenos Aires, the housing deficit round 140 thousand households, while, as a counterpart, the last census indicates we have over 340 thousand vacant properties”, he explains. Fernández Wagner raises the need to create a system of subsidized social rentals: “If there is a population that can pay between $1,500 and $2,000 for a quarter, with credit policies and housing appropriate persons could access departments elsewhere”, says the urban planner.

The bad business of life insurance

In the US, the securitization of the benefits of these financial products has not been well received; the great secret of these instruments is that, if you are alive, you will not receive the money to spend.

The baby boomers represent a great market opportunity, and therefore a great opportunity of investment. Some could become very rich over the last six decades (in a very predictable fashion) on investing in companies within the business of clothes for baby, nappies, shoes for child, stationery for school, camping equipment for the summer, University, health centers, plastic surgeries, medical clinics, and finally, in a nursing home. So it should be no surprise that now that the boomers are 60 years of age, the business of death will eventually become a topic of heavy investment.

The securitization of program benefits of death of Wall Street, the cousin of sick program of securitization of mortgages, has not been well received by the media, but individuals have resorted to it. In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that investors bought 12,000 million in insurance to third parties in 2008.

But they are being duped by the banks once more. The journal tells the story of Bruce Porter, an 81 year old man who rushed to the hospital when he thought that he was suffering a heart attack. While recovering (wasn’t a heart attack) visited him his insurance agent, who told him that his poor health was good news, as it had now achieved thatyour life insurance policy of $ 6 million would be very marketable. Mr. Porter had bought the policy with the purpose of selling it to an investor, rather than an investor in particular, just one of the army of experts with open checkbooks ready to collect it after the final judgment.

Fortunately Mr. Porter’s health improved. Instead of finding a buyer for your policy, Porter ended up having to pay overdue premiums of $ 25,000 per month and is tied to a bank loan guaranteed personal of 650,000 dollars that ensures the policy. Now sued its insurance agent, alleging that he was poorly advised on policy and marketing ability.

We don’t know who was the Victor in this sad story. To begin with, is the society that pathetically devalues the lives of its members, to such an extent that make his death trade. As for the regulation of insurance, controlled according to the State, if a person can not buy premium life insurance mississauga to another without a legitimate insurable interest, is purchasing insurance for yourself with the intention of sharing it a fraud?

Seems that Mr. Porter is the main culprit by rushing to invest money in his own death, and history shows that a wave of older people, all with better health than expected, are suing the insurance companies, agents and banks involved in the failed investment in life insurance policies.

The great secret of life insurance is that if you’re alive, you won’t have the money to spend, and if you have the money to spend, are not alive. It is a dilemma that only investment banker can solve.

Capitalize on despair

This market was born from the tragic needs of the terminally ill that had been left without resources. Frequently, the only way to be able to spend his last days with some dignity (and without finishing his family savings) is to sell your policy of life insurance in what is known as per diem agreement.

A policy premium final for an 80-year-old man is far above that of a man of 30 years, and the assistance of agent commissions are much higher, but we wonder if these policies distort the base of insurance forms disadvantageous for other holders of policies. No matter what are the benefits for the insurance industry, this business could be argued as a paradigm of the form in which improper speculation twists the dynamics of the market. Finally, we are surprised that this is not prohibited by law in any State in the United States.

We could defend speculators taking other side of legitimate hedges transactions: contracts in commodities such as sugar, cotton, and soybeans would not be feasible in many cases for the lubricant of speculative money. The first question that the market economists and regulators should be is what is the natural level of prices and liquidity, and how much is distorted in the speculation. The life insurance industry can offer a direct laboratory to see the effects of improper speculation, i.e., speculation in which there are no other legitimate side in the trade.

Bruce Porter did not have a legitimate interest in securing his own life. Its sole purpose was to give his policy to an investor. It’s like people who buy several departments during the housing bubble. Similar to the units under foreclosures clogging the market, these toxic life insurance policies are equivalent to the properties whose owners never intended to live in them: their entire economic value is floating.

Interestingly, sell death benefits produces unique inversion of values that come with a warranty: seller will die. But many people who bought expensive insurance policies to cover his own life are discovering that even in a trade with a guaranteed result, price matters.